i just want to see stiles in one of derek’s shirts with the thumbholes.

and it mostly fits him, but it’s just a little big through the chest and torso

but the arms fit perfectly, his thumb fitting just as snugly as derek’s, the cuff resting just above stiles’ knuckles

and stiles puts it on whenever he’s at the loft bc the loft is chilly. stiles always tells derek he should make it warmer, but derek forgets sometimes bc he’s never cold, and this whole relationship thing is new, and he forgets things like needing to have the heat five degrees higher for stiles.

but stiles doesn’t mind, bc that gives him an excuse to wear derek’s clothes, and stiles sometimes wonders if that’s why derek doesn’t turn up the heat (well, that and bc it means derek has a stiles-shaped lump attached to him while they sleep)

(but that’s really not the reason; derek really does forget to turn on the heat. it’s a novel concept for him)

stiles’ favorite shirt is the maroon one with thumb holes, and he wears it all the time, and derek doesn’t bother to wash it bc he only wears it for a few hours, and it smells like stiles anyway.

but one day derek finds it stuffed on his side of the bed, and so he decides to wash it, and when he pulls it up, he sees the cuffs have been chewed all to hell, the threading ripped and torn from stiles’ nervous chewing. the cuffs are frayed now, and dried hard with saliva, and derek just smiles and washes it and lays it out on stiles’ side of the bed when it’s dry.

that night, derek notices for the first time stiles chewing on the cuff absently as they watch tv. and there’s something about it, stiles on his couch, derek’s feet buried under stiles’ thigh, while stiles is wearing derek’s shirt and chewing on it, that makes derek realize he’s in love with stiles.

that’s the last night derek forgets to turn up the heat.

i dedicate this post to the 29 muse songs i will most likely never hear live in my lifetime:

ashamed, bedroom acoustics, city of delusion, coma, crying shame, do we need this, easily, escape, eternally missed, exo-politics, fillip, glorious, hate this and i’ll love you, host, in your world, jimmy kane, man of mystery, map of your head, nature_1, overdue, piano thing, pink ego box, recess, shine, shrinking universe, sober, spiral static, thoughts of a dying atheist, twin

my thoughts are with you you are not forgotten


Yurikuma Arashi   ユリ熊嵐

1.10 “The Door to Friendship

“I won’t let a Friend be excluded

The Doctor spent 24 years with River. He loves her and no one can tell me otherwise. He stayed by her side. For him she came here after Manhattan, he knows the Doctor she’ll meet in the Library doesn’t recognise her. He didn’t want the last memory she has of a Doctor that knows her to be of Manhattan, or the last memory she has of ‘her’ Doctor to be of one she doesn’t recognise. So he stayed back. The Doctor stayed still with her for 24 years so that she gets to know this him as much as she’s familiar with Eleven.

And after death, she hung on, as an echo to get a final goodbye from the Doctor she has spent more than a 100 years with. She told him 'Till the Next Time Doctor’ in Name Of The Doctor because she knew he had a next time with her. One that stretches over 24 years and he said 'See You Around Professor Song’ instead of a goodbye because he never gives up hope of meeting her again.

If anyone dares tell me that River doesn’t love The Doctor or that The Doctor doesn’t love River, please feel free to unfollow me because that is one fucking amazing love story. It’s adventurous, beautiful and absolutely heartbreaking. It’ll make you cry, it’s meant for legends.

The most beautiful love story ever written. One that doesn’t need a They Lived Happily Ever After, just They Lived Happily because they did. They finally were linear and spent years together being husband and wife.