New Russian Holmes Watch Party v6.0

Episode 6: Halifax

Get ready because this episode is fucking awesome

Featuring such Classic Moments as:

  • Holmes & Watson on a tandem bike
  • Lestrade being a total BAMF
  • News of Watson’s Hot Fanfics starts to spread
  • Lestrade taking a piss saves the UK economy
  • Sherlock cries, literally sobs
  • Pike Crab Octopus man is in the house
  • L E S T R A D E
  • Literally I cry at Lestrade every time look at this precious angry man who is done with Holmes’ shit

When: Friday 9th June, 11pm BST/GMT+1 (6pm EDT/ 3pm PDT)

Where: Rabb.it - I’ll post a link on my blog to my room before the start of the stream.

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My Own Private Gym - Part 4

(Part 1, 2, 3)

Lena thought it over for a second or two. “Alright, it does sound better than these dreadful machines.” Shaking her head in disbelief at what they were about to do, Lena grinned as she made her way closer to the punching bag. “Show me how it’s done, Miss Danvers.” 

“Alright!!” Kara said excitedly, running over to where Lena was standing on the mat. “Can you copy my stance?” She asked, as she moved her feet apart, -left foot in front of the right one- knees slightly bent, and her fists in front of her face with the elbows tucked in.

Lena did her best to mimic the stance, “How does it look?” she asked, waiting for Kara’s approval.

“Looks good, but-” Kara stepped closer to Lena, gently correcting some minor things with her hands’ positioning, and then moved behind her, putting her hands on Lena’s waist. “You need to spread your legs just a little bit more…” she said absentmindedly, as she used her own foot to push Lena’s feet apart until she was satisfied.

When Kara finally moved back to stand in front of her, she noticed her friend was blushing slightly. “What?” she asked, already feeling her own cheeks getting warmer.

“Nothing… You’re just very cute.” Lena said easily, as if she was simply stating a fact. She didn’t want to explain how she found it completely adorable that Kara could say things that would sound like an innuendo coming from anyone else, but from her there never seemed to be any ambiguity. 

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Gilmore Girls sentence starters - s1 part 3
  • "The clock stops ringing when you throw it against the wall, giving me ample time to fall back asleep."
  • "I told you to turn left at the giant rooster statue."
  • "You have strange passions."
  • "We're picking out paint colors tonight so it's going to be hours of "yes," "no," "yes," "no," "yes," "no," until my world-famous perseverance wears him down and he winds up in a ball on the floor crying like a girl."
  • "Hey — tomorrow, if you have time, I'm planning on despising everyone who says, "Hey, how's it going?"."
  • "No, I believe you. If you say there's no reason for the mood, then there's no reason for the mood."
  • "You're simply nuts."
  • "Unbelievable! She’s here five minutes she has a date."
  • "I highly doubt that she's going to remember everything she ever bought you."
  • "I thought we already had this conversation."
  • "I'll be dead tomorrow."
  • "It could hurt somebody."
  • "I mean, where do you even live? What do you do for a living?"