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The Price of Gold

(a fantasy Percabeth royal!au) 

When Annabeth, desperate to help her family, is caught stealing from the imperial treasury by visiting Prince Perseus, she thinks her life is over. But after the guilty prince helps her escape, she soon becomes entangled in a complicated web of mystery, rebellion, and (worst of all) romance. One thing is for sure: her life will never be the same again.

This is only Chapter 1! This will be a multi-chapter. It’s my first attempt at a fantasy or a royal au, so I’m not sure it will be any good…but i hope you like it!

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Snow swirled serenely in the cold air, slowly fluttering down to kiss the white blanket already formed on the courtyard floor.

It almost doesn’t look real, Annabeth thought. It certainly didn’t feel real, because not even in her wildest dreams did she actually think she would have ended up attempting to steal from the imperial treasury. Is it even an attempt if I have the gold in my cloak?

She pulled her hood tighter over her head and continued to walk along the narrow terrace that lined the courtyard. Annabeth could see the large gates up ahead, where she would be able to climb over the fences and run for it. Piper wouldn’t be able to flirt with the guard for much longer; she didn’t have much time left.

Her heart was pounding as she focused ahead of her. The biting, frosty air had been a blessing; most of the guards were inside, and the few outside were more focused on building a fire than investigating any cloaked figures who might be roaming the castle. If Annabeth did get caught, she would simply claim to be part of the visiting Prince’s company. She had timed her heist perfectly.

Suddenly she heard voices from inside the walls. She froze, blood curdling, and desperately looked around. Annabeth had never wished she was a mage more than she did in this moment, wishing she could disappear.

She decided to run for it. She barrelled forward…just in time to collide head on with the man who emerged into the courtyard at that moment.

They both went sprawling backwards. Annabeth hit the stone slabs hard, hissing in pain as her fingers dragged along the cold ice. Too late, she realised the bag had fallen out of her cloak. Gold coins skittered along the icy floor.

The man in front of her quickly got back to his feet, helped by an assistant, two guards behind him. His eyes, a deep sea-green colour, raked over the gold coins on the ground. “Who are you?” he demanded.

“I’m part of the foreign Prince’s company,” she said determinedly. “I’m with Prince Perseus. If you’ll excuse me—“

The man stepped forward, and two guards behind him placed their hands on the hilt of their swords. Too late, Annabeth wondered why he had two guards. She realised her mistake.

“I don’t know you,” the man said softly, before glancing at the coins once more. He looked back. “Guards, arrest this woman. She shall come with me before the King.”

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The Choices We Make - Part Three

The Choices We Make

Part one
Part Two

Part three

A deep ache throbbed in the pit of Sakura’s stomach, causing her grip on the edge of the sink to tighten and her knuckles to bleed white. She slipped her eyes closed against the pain and focused solely on inhaling and exhaling until it slowly dwindled and dulled into a more manageable pang. It wasn’t the first time she had experienced light cramping since she had discovered her pregnancy and just like before, she pressed a chakra-laced hand to her abdomen to ease the muscle pain until she was left with just her usual, hindering morning sickness.

Days like these made Sakura take a second look at her life and question just what the hell she had been thinking when she slipped into bed - or rather onto the counter - with Madara. However, she didn’t allow herself to dwell on the matter this time. She had agreed to meet him this morning for tea before she headed to the hospital for her shift, and she needed to leave shortly to make it on time.

Swallowing back the bile rising in her throat, Sakura raised a hand from where they had been braced against the counter to turn the faucet on. She splashed some cool water on her overheated skin and took a moment to collect herself before she exited the tiny bathroom connected to her bedroom to gathered her paperwork for the hospital. Once she was certain she had everything she needed for the day, she swiped her keys from the counter and headed out into the awakening village.

With the early hour, there were few venders and even fewer citizens out and about, leaving a hushed sense of tranquility over the village. A cool, dawn breeze was blowing through the streets and stirring the dust upon the sun-dried road. It powdered the toes of her boots and swirled around her ankles, but Sakura didn’t pay it any mind as she read through the patient file in her hand, her gaze only drawing up to smile in greeting at the occasional shinobi as they passed.

Her journey to the teahouse was otherwise uninterrupted. Sakura had frequented it with the Uchiha Head on a number of previous occasions and her feet followed the familiar path without her having to stop and recall the way.

Sakura was less than a block away when nausea threatened to overcome her again and she paused under the shade of a shop’s awning to press a hand to her mouth as she tucked the chart safely under her other arm. The bile was thick and hot in her throat but she pursed her lips together, refusing to give into her body’s demands.

‘Mind over body, mind over body,’ she repeated mentally. The last thing she wanted was for Madara to learn of her pregnancy by puking all over him. 'Although it would be fitting,’ she realized with a soft snort.

Her sudden amusement chased the worst of her sickness away and she swallowed thickly as she distracted herself by entertaining the comical image. It would certainly be a story worth-telling, that much was certain.

Sakura was still smiling softly when she finally arrived at the small teahouse. The doors were wide open in hospitality and she stepped inside before she scanned the dining room in search of Madara. She quickly realized he wasn’t present in the empty room, and she turned expectantly when an employee approached her.

“Welcome, Haruno-san,” the young woman greeted respectfully. “Uchiha-sama has reserved the private room for you this morning.”

Sakura bit back a snort. Of course he did.

The hostess silently gestured for Sakura to follow her before she led them down a small hallway and away from the rest of the mainroom. They stopped before a traditional shoji and the young woman made their presence known before she slid the door opened and entered. “Uchiha-sama, Haruno-san has arrived,” she bowed.

Sakura followed after the other woman but paused just inside the room as her gaze finally settled upon Madara. He had dressed up for the occasion in a dark grey robe made of the richest silks with the Uchiha fan stitched into each side over his breast bone. The color matched the smokiness of his eyes and complimented his handsome face. He was kneeling before a low-sitting table with his arms folded eloquently across his chest, his normally wild mane of hair pulled back into a simple ponytail that emphasized his strong jawline and broad shoulders.

Sakura swallowed hard as her mouth went dry. Next to him, she likely resembled someone who had just crawled out of bed, and she suddenly regretted her decision not to wipe the dust from her boots before entering the establishment. It felt as if she were in the presence of royalty.

Oh yes, she decided. It would be a very bad idea for her to puke on him.

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Lego Batjokes Prompt #352

J: Brucey? Can we get a pet?“

B: Jay, we talked about this. You’re able to make this house plenty messy on your own. I can’t imagine what would happen if there where two of you.

J: Are you saing I’m an animal!?

B: WHAT!? NO, PFFF! What, uh…what exactly did you have in mind?

J: Mmm…I dunno. A tiger?

B: You know I don’t like cats.

J: A bear?

B: They smell. And could you imagine if it pooped in the house? Try again.

J: What about a shark? Minimal mess and they don’t smell at all!

B: Yeah, a goldfish sounds great.

J: I didn’t-

B: Two goldfish.



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rebeccaravenroth  asked:

Just for you bubbles: Lets have some obiyuki food sharing with FEELINGS

Belling the Cat (Chapter One)

“Are you okay, Obi? Do you need me to carry you back?”

He laughs. Or at least he tries. Pain shoots through him like lightning as he leans back against the tree; His throat feels raw, breath rattling wetly in his chest as he struggles to breathe. Every inhale is a trial, every exhale a release encouraging his surrender. It’s too much effort to turn his head, so he shifts his eyes towards Torou and smiles bitterly at her intent expression.

Ah, she’ll be getting a much larger cut without him in the picture.

“It’s fine,” he rasps. “We finished the job, didn’t we?”

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And I'll Still be a Fool

Requested: “can you write an imagine based on the song just a little bit of your heart by ariana? :) love your writing by the way!”

A/N: So I said a while ago that I enjoy writing imagines based on songs and/or poems and things of that sort. So my next upcoming imagines will probably all be requested songs that you guys sent me! I might do a part 2 for this one but idk. Let me know y'all

I don’t feel the need to know who you’re with

Roses were always your favorite no matter how cliche it was. The petals were soft yet depending on the rose, sometimes they had thorns on the stem. Thorns that could make you bleed the same way love did. You normally hated poetry, and romantic comparisons or things of that sort, but the fact that roses were so beautiful yet sometimes so painful to touch, the same way love was, it was just interesting to you. And somehow someone knew this. Someone knew you liked roses, someone knew you enjoyed the sunset colored ones with the petals you’d rub your thumb against. For the past few months or so someone had been sending you roses every couple weesk. One week it was a huge bouquet of orangey pink petals with a note hidden behind the thorns that you always thought would say something but it never did. Usually just a heart would be drawn on the tiny piece of paper, and occasionally there’d be numbers written on the note, but you never know what it meant. They were long numbers usually, with no spaces in between. You thought this secret admirer of yours was sweet at first and you had kept some of the flowers in vases, but you tended to get tired of it considering they wouldn’t tell you who they were. Your friends had told you it was probably an old friend from high school, and that just irritated you even more. Either way it wouldn’t matter anyway because your heart was already taken.

A close friend of yours had mutual friends with someone who somehow ended up introducing you to Shawn Mendes, and you immediately fell in love just like the rest of the world did whenever they heard his voice. You felt a little pathetic for succumbing to the worlds way of falling for the same guy every other girl had fallen for, but you couldn’t help it. You understood easily why everyone drooled over him. It didn’t matter anyway, he seemed to be preoccupied with his music or other girls which was understandable. You had surprisingly talked to him often, snapchatting and texting small talk. He was a friend, and you hated it. You wanted to be more than friends. You tried not to flirt a lot, you never asked him about his past girlfriends, and you tried not to talk too much about where he went on those lonely Friday nights at 3am after an award show or something. You secretly cared and you always wished he’d come to you whenever he was looking for a little extra attention on those nights, but he never did. You figured because of the fact that you didn’t talk to him about those things, maybe he would like you, maybe he’d seem excited about the fact that he was talking to a girl who didn’t only care about how good he was in bed, or how much money he was making. You assumed most girls only cared about those things, but you didn’t. And you tried your hardest to make it appear that way, and you tried hard to show that you cared for him. But apparently he wasn’t getting that message, and it continued to break your heart, so you-not even caring anymore at this point- threw away another bouquet of roses that you wished were from Shawn.

Just a little bit of your heart, is all I want

“Yeah, they’re all freaking out because I haven’t posted a picture or anything, it’s kinda funny.” Shawn laughed lightly as he told you about his new tattoo that his fans felt teased by since he hadn’t posted about it. He was right about his fans, and you remember seeing plenty of comments and tweets talking about how much of a tease Shawn was. It was all true, and you wished it wasn’t. There were so many times you wondered if Shawn was flirting with you, and he’d give you tiny bits of what it was like to be with him, only to rip it away from you by taking two days to respond to a simple text, or not talking to you with the same tone. He really was a tease and it drove you crazy. You were currently wrapped up in your thoughts as you looked out the window next to you, watching the busy lives of strangers on the street. You wondered who else was going through what you felt, who else had such strong feelings for someone who didn’t feel the same. The day had taken an unexpected turn and you ended up walking into this fancy restaurant for dinner after work because you felt like you deserved it. It was the weekend after all so why not? You had posted about it on Twitter or something and almost two minutes later Shawn favorited your tweet, and texted you saying he was in that area. So here he was now, sitting across from you with food in front of him. You wanted to call this a date, but of course you didn’t and you assumed it was just a friendly dinner with a good friend. That’s what adults do all the time right? He was chewing on his finger, and that button up dress shirt he was wearing complimented his hazel eyes, along with those curls of his that needed to be cut. You scratched the back of your neck and forced yourself to stop looking at him and to finish your food.

“You okay? Do you not like your food? You can have some of mine if you want or something.” He caught you off guard and his voice melted in you ears like honey being poured into a sweet cup of tea.

“Oh no, I’m fine. I like my food, I’m okay! Thank you though.” You smiled at his kindness to share with you and you shoved some more of your food into your mouth. You really did like what was on your plate, you just found yourself struggling to concentrate on anything when Shawn Mendes was sitting in front of you. You don’t remember being so flustered just by being with him. You’ve been friends with him for some time now and you had talked to him millions of times without getting this nervous. Your feelings were blooming like flowers in the spring, and you wished so badly you could reach across the table to grab him. Grab his face, and kiss him. Grab his chest, to feel his heartbeat. The insides of his heart were most likely just as beautiful as his face. You knew him, and you knew his personality was amazing but you didn’t know him enough, and all you wanted was just even a tiny piece of his heart to learn about. What does he think about when he can’t sleep? Who does he think about the most? His family? His friends? His fans? Himself? Another girl? You chewed on your now cold food and continued to wonder these things, and think these thoughts as he kept talking about who knows what now. You weren’t even listening anymore.

I heard a little love, is better than none

Wind blew around your hair as you walked up to your house, and right as you placed your foot on the step to your door, you almost completely crushed a single rose with your shoe. If you didn’t love flowers so much you wouldn’t have stopped yourself and you would’ve stomped all over the damn rose until it was in pieces. Although you were head over heels for someone else, it was still a little sweet to you that this other stranger was still sending you flowers. But today, you were going to end it. You picked up the rose and walked into your house, placing it on the kitchen table. You pulled out your phone and went to Twitter, you figured this secret admirer of yours was following you ( or so you hoped ) so why not post about this, and ask them to stop sending you roses? You started typing but from the corner of your eye, something caught your attention. You hadn’t even noticed before but there was a small note attached to the stem of the rose like usual, but this time it wasn’t just a heart or some numbers. There were actual words written on the small piece of paper. You almost dropped your phone, picking up the note and tearing it off the little string tied around the stem.

“Don’t forget me, and I won’t forget you.” 6317

What the hell is that supposed to mean?? Next to the one sentence there were numbers written. No lines, no dashes. You re read the sentence and stared at the number trying to figure out what kind of game this person was playing. You looked at the numbers one more time before realizing what the date was today. It was June 4th, 2017, and yesterday was June 3rd. 6/3/17 was yesterday. Right? The numbers had to be a date, what else could it be? You were confused and frustrated either way, so you decided to finish your tweet.

“If you’re sending me roses, please either tell me who you are or just stop. Its very nice of you, but this game is getting tiring.”

You hit send and the tweet was officially posted to everyone. You hung the note on your fridge, hoping maybe you could eventually tell who’s hand writing it was. It was sloppy cursive, that you could barely read at first. You didn’t know anyone who wrote like that, did you? You tried to forget about it and see if anyone responded to your tweet. You figured you’d wait to see if you received anymore roses this week or the next. So you ended your day by placing that red rose into a vase near your window, admiring it as much as your secret admirer admired you.

And I’ll still be a fool for you

The sun woke you, as you turned over to get more comfortable, your bed was always your favorite place to be. But now the sun was keeping you awake and so you reached to your nightstand grabbing your phone, to do the daily social media check. You scrolled through Instagram, Snapchat, and finally Twitter. You scrolled through people tweeting about Shawn’s upcoming tour which saddened you a little to know that he was going to be leaving soon. You guessed it didn’t really matter anyway though right? Without even thinking about it you clicked on Shawn’s Twitter account, just to see what he was up to. He hasn’t texted you or talked to you since you two had lunch the other day. You scrolled down, to see his most recent tweet and you almost dropped your phone on your face.

“Don’t forget me, and I won’t forget you.”

He literally tweeted the same thing that was written on your note. You sat up and rubbed your eyes, looking at the tweet again. People tweeted him back asking him if that was a new song lyric or something and you just sat there, eyes wide. The stranger sending you roses couldn’t have been Shawn, there was no way. Maybe he just found the same quote your secret admirer found. Your brain was tired but you slowly were trying to put the pieces together. And so you ran down stairs to the trash can in the kitchen looking for more notes with numbers on them. After digging through mini pizza boxes and used tissues, you pulled out two notes from several weeks back. One note had the numbers 52217. May 22nd 2017. May 22nd, was the day Shawn came over to play you an idea he had for a song. You remember this because you pretty much marked in your calendar whenever you spent time with him, but if you were so in love with him how could you be so blind? The other note you found read the numbers 43017. April 30th 2017.. What happened April 30th? You pulled out your phone and looked at your calendar to see if there were any events marked, and of course there was. April 30th was one of Shawn’s shows you attended, and you brought him roses, you were starting to remember now because he used the roses to give out to some fans after the show, and you thought it was so sweet, you weren’t even angry that he got rid of your roses. Roses.

Reality was hitting you hard, and it all made sense now. Shawn had remembered these days just like you did. It was Saturday morning, 8am and Shawn was probably already on his plane to who knows where, you couldn’t even remember where his tour was starting. You texted him a couple times and called, but there was no reply. You stared at the notes on the table in front of you wondering how you were going to handle this. This whole time you thought you knew but you really had no idea. You wondered if Shawn felt angry at you now for your tweet, or if he felt bad. You didn’t know but either way there was one thing you did know, and that was that no matter how far away Shawn was from you, you’d never forget him, and no matter how many roses you threw away, your heart would still belong to him, and it probably always would.


Mirror - Loose ends [pt 5/6]

The Werewolf gave them the directions, and said that his pack left human, M21, alive. Frankenstein hurried to find him, after Raizel confirmed he should go alone. Then both Raizel and Werewolf moved to the city outskirts.

?: You don’t have to be on guard. I don’t intend to attack you.
D!R: And am I supposed to believe you? What else would you be after?

The man snorted.
?: With you? Many things… But, I want to talk with you. I came looking for you in Lukedonia but you weren’t there. I heard some rumors, that your Nobles came after you again not so long ago.
D!R: And had not succeed as you see. You must be so disappointed. Why would you care otherwise?
?: Why, I am the one sworn to destroy you with my own hands. I can’t let someone do the work for me, when I’m away on business. And I regret not seeing how you turned them to dust.

It was Raizel’s turn to smirk at these words. But what he heard next, was confusing.
?: I’ll let you have this one.
D!R: You do not want to fight? Was not that your request?
The man chuckled.
?: You’ll owe me. And you honor your word.
He hold Raizel’s gaze as the Noblesse nodded lightly.
D!R: You want something in return for your generosity.
?: Hmm… that way I have some control over you, yeah? And you won’t say ‘No’ when I’ll be back and collect what’s mine.

He came closer to Raizel and stopped inches from him.
D!R: Do not push your luck, werewolf.
?: It’s Muzaka, darling. Remember it next time, when you’ll- whoa!

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Tano and Kenobi: A New Assignment

Previously on Tano and Kenobi…

After a tense duel between Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano for the right to train Senior Initiate Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano emerges victorious. After their apprenticeship is approved by the Jedi Council, the two take part in the ancient Jedi ceremony that binds a Master and a Padawan Learner together in the guiding light of the Force.

We rejoin our heroes, two years into their partnership, Obi-Wan determined to become the best Padawan Learner in the Order and Ahsoka determined to prevent the cruel future that threatens to destroy the galaxy once more…

First | Previous | Next | AO3

“When you are ready, please begin, Padawan Kenobi.”

The Northern Solar training room was filled with the brilliant light of midday sun filtered through the high, arched stained glass windows that looked out onto Coruscant and the speeder bay three levels below. A group of padawans, none older than fifteen standard years, were assembled in the far left corner of the room, milling about as they each waited their turn to tackle the complicated obstacle course set up by Master Ki-Adi-Mundi. Three padawans had already made their way through the course with decent times and only a few falls and one face plant but that had been because Quinlan Vos had been showing off again.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padawan Learner to temporally displaced Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano, was next in line and he had every intention of blasting through the obstacle course with a perfect score and the fastest time of the day. He shot a glance over at his master, who was sitting on the benches that lined the side of the room, her legs crossed and her posture relaxed and confident. She gave him a bright smile and two thumbs up as pride and faith flowed across their training bond.

You’ve got this, Obi-Wan. I know you do.

Obi-Wan took a deep, full-body breath, practically levitating up onto his toes with excitement and nerves. He exhaled and relaxed down into a starter’s crouch, waiting for the Force to sing.

Ki-Adi-Mundi watched the boy with an arched brow but said nothing, trusting Kenobi to know when the time was right.

The Force swirled and let out a note of cheerful harmony and Obi-Wan was off like a shot, his gait smooth and even as he sprinted up an incline and into the obstacle course, adrenaline flowing through him as he vaulted both legs over a low obstacle and moved on to a complicated piece of machinery that was supposed to swing him over a chasm that could have played host to a river, a congested skyway or vein of red hot lava on a volcanic planet somewhere.

Ahsoka watched Obi-Wan breeze through the first two obstacles, cheering him on from the sidelines. There were a few other masters there, observing their own padawans and gossiping about the latest rumors floating around the temple. Apparently Qui-Gon Jinn had managed to improvise his way to a diplomatic solution on a Mid-Rim planet that had been plagued by infighting between powerful dynastic houses. He would be heading back to the Temple after he officiated a few royal weddings and was made a minor deity in the local state religion.

Ahsoka shook her head, her lips quirked. It seemed the Old Glacier was up to his usual antics and she was glad Obi-Wan hadn’t been forced to tag along, especially given his tendencies to rush blindly ahead into danger in his drive to help others and bring peace to the Galaxy. Knowing Obi-Wan, he would have gotten himself betrothed on accident and Qui-Gon would have made things even worse trying to extricate the boy from the unwanted union.

The combination of Jinn and Kenobi might have worked before but Ahsoka was confident that she and Obi-Wan were a much better team this time around. Obi-Wan was already more confident and less critical than when she met him and nearly two years into their pairing as Jedi Master and Padawan Learner their time together had brought a new kind of stability to them both.  Ahsoka’s nightmares of Vader, the Empire, and her lost friends were fewer and farther between and Obi-Wan’s outbursts of righteous anger and destructive self-criticism were slowly coming under control. No one in the Temple could really say they were the model of a perfect master-padawan pair but they were a fiercely devoted team working together to become better than what they were.

To be ready for the darkness when it rose up and threatened the peace of the galaxy yet again.

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Be Her Valentine [1/2]

Levi’s not all that great at being a Cupid’s Angel, but Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to redeem himself. It would go a lot better if Eren’s plans for the Angels’ most important day didn’t go directly against his though.

Now with part 2 here :D


Silence hung over the throne room. Queen Historia was trying to go easy on him, Levi supposed. But there was no way around it. His results of the past year had been, quite frankly, terrible. Terrible enough for his Queen to have most likely considered revoking his title and sending him back to the Superior Council for reconsideration of his assigned functions. The sleek white wings folded on his back stiffened.

Truth be told, Levi never understood why, as a young Angel, he had been offered to Queen Historia’s Kingdom. Why it had been decided that he would serve his eternal existence as a Cupid’s Angel. He had thought his main ability was to stay strong in the face of adversity, and therefore had expected to become a Guardian Angel. Sure, he had lacked in multi-lateral planning skills, which might have made him miss that calling, but then surely his sharp tongue and wit could have led him down the path of the Quarrel Spirits. Not that he wished for that either, though.

But a Cupid’s Angel? Now that had been downright laughable. No one had dared laugh though, it remained a highly respectable function after all. Levi certainly didn’t have time to laugh before being none too gently thrust into training, to become an expert in all things sappy, cheesy, and other representative variations of the word “sentimental”.

Empathy, care and a genuine desire to expand the horizons of inner happiness. So were the values that defined the typical Cupid’s Angel. And so were not the values that stood out in Levi’s personality. Or at least he thought not, but hey guess he fooled the Superior Council.

“I believe you are aware of… your weaknesses, Levi. And if you do know what went wrong this year, you should be capable of sparking and influencing many happy and lasting relationships in the year to come. In any case, you’re going to need to convince me you can.” Queen Historia was finally getting to the point, what would be done with him now. After a whole year without a single successful match to his name, Levi was not sure he’d be capable of much though. He awkwardly adjusted the quiver hanging off his shoulder, and his fingers tensed around his arc, symbols of his allegiance to her.

Queen Historia had spoken so far in her well known angelic tone, and had made her request in the sweetest of voices known in the realm. Her smile was as warm and beautiful as a summer morning’s first sunrays, and her pastel gowns flowed around her and blended with the cloud-like texture of the throne room floor, completing her image of a Goddess as splendid as dawn. Queen Historia, the Goddess of Love, flawless inside and out. So her people believed her to be, and so she strived to appear day after day.

She had most everyone fooled, but not Levi. If she really were made of sugar and spice and everything nice, she would not care so blatantly much for Ymir, who really should have been stripped of her status as Cupid’s Angel after all the crap she pulled last Valentine’s Day. There was nothing sweet about Ymir in his opinion, and the fact that Queen Historia kept her close for reasons other than training was a sure sign that there was more to the Goddess than met the eye. The thing was, Ymir’s status was probably the only reason Levi still got to keep his right now. Queen Historia could not banish him from her Kingdom without raising questions about what should be done about Ymir too.

“Levi… This might be a bit difficult to hear, which is why I decided to make this audience private. I have addressed the Superior Council to see if there might not be more suitable options for you in the future,” Queen Historia announced.

Levi bowed his head in shame. He’d expected it, but it was a terrible blow to hear that he truly was failing miserably at his calling.

“However, they insist you are indeed meant to remain under my care. They have decided you are to remain a citizen of my realm no matter what. Do you understand what this means, Levi?”, his Queen asked him. Levi’s eyes widened in horror.

As long as he kept his status as Cupid’s Angel, all would be well. He’d keep his wings, his stupid bow and quiver full of arrows, and would carry on floating in and out of realms, dimensions and planes, free to spread love wherever he went (joy). But if he didn’t, and couldn’t regain standing somewhere else, he’d be trapped within the Kingdom. Sure, it was a vast Kingdom, there would be plenty of places to go, plenty of people to meet. He’d find a job in the administration or in the academy. Lead a quiet life.

The exact opposite of what he wanted for himself.

While he still had to learn to enjoy his job (and actually do it properly), it meant the cosmos to him to be able to cross through lands far and wide. Having known that freedom and having it revoked… Levi was beginning to panic.

“Levi, I do not believe giving up your status as one of my Cupid’s Angels is anything you’d desire. It does pain me to have to consider it. It is a title you should bear with great pride, and your successes reflect on this Kingdom as a whole. You know that. So,” her voice gained strength as she spoke her next words, “I would like you to redeem yourself.”

Levi’s eyes shot up. Queen Historia smiled at him. “Nothing terribly complicated,” she said, leaning back into her throne of flowers. “Just very traditional. On Earth, certain areas will be celebrating Valentine’s Day soon enough. You know what would look perfect on your record? I think it would be very sweet if you could get someone to ask someone else to be their Valentine before the actual day. What do you think, Levi? Won’t you do that for me?”

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Two months flew by and now the Halloween One Shot Countdown is finally finished.

I just had a look, because I was curious. The series had all in all 54901 words, which is a lot more than I expected. I have no idea how I managed to write this much, especially since there are still drafts I didn’t managed to finish. But enough talking.

Part 1: City Witchers

Pairing: Kanda/Lavi/Allen.

AU: modern, witchcraft.

A glimpse into the daily life of three young men. Spells, potions and witchcraft.

Part 2: Take a Risk

Pairing: Kanda/Lavi

AU: modern, vampires.

Kanda is addicted to danger and he knows that it’s going to kill him one day, but he doesn’t care. Risk makes his daily routine colourful, the long days on work less tedious. Therefore the encounter with Lavi in a cool autumn night is one of the best things that have ever happened to him.

Part 3: Endless blue

Pairing: Kanda/Allen

AU: modern, mermaids

He keeps hearing movement in the water and catches glimpses of something light and then it’s gone. He has often the uncomfortable feeling that something is watching him. Or someone.

Part 4: Walls of Fog

Pairing: Kanda/Alma, Kanda/Lavi

AU: modern, ghosts

Dead doesn’t mean gone.

Part 5: A Lilin’s Heart

Pairing: Lavi/Tyki

AU: modern, incubus

In his dreams he doesn’t get pestered by anybody, he doesn’t have to work and he needs no friends. All he needs is right there. Lavi.

Part 6: Stolen Steps

Pairing: Kanda/Lavi

AU: modern, divination/clairvoyance

“Maybe it’s a kind of balance. Maybe somebody has to die when a child gets born, somewhere on the world.”

Part 7: Autumn’s Smile

Pairing: Lavi/Allen, Kanda/Alma

AU: modern, dryads

The new resident looks kinder and softer. His hair has the colour of autumn leaves and his eye, only one of them, remembers him of dewy meadows in spring.

Part 8: Unkindness

Pairing: Kanda/Lavi

AU: early modern period, witchcraft

For the first time Lavi sees him up close. He’s afraid, but even in his fear he has to cast his eye down. The witch is beautiful.

My personal favourites are “Unkindness”, “Stolen Steps” and “Autumn’s Smile”. I had so much fun sharing the series with you and want to thank you for your comments, kudos, hits and kind words.

Thank you so much!

estelofimladris  asked:

I just have to say I'm losing my mind about this whole Defenders book thing. New Avengers (Vol. 1 & 2) is my favorite book in large part because of these characters and your writing of them. Its the series that brought me back into comics many years ago now. We might not have gotten you doing Heroes for Hire, but I'll gladly take this. I can't wait.

It was never going to be called heroes for hire. One of the delays was coming up with a name that wasn’t heroes for hire because as you will soon see they are very rarely hired :-)

 thank you. And I’ve got so many notes here because of my long ass defenders post. we will start to do press next weekend the free comic book Day story launches on the 6th of May.

here’s another sneak because I’m plotting over here!~

I wish I would’ve been addicted to your laugh, your kindness, your loyalty, the spark in your eyes after you had told your favorite joke or the way you watched your brothers play. But there was no way I could be addicted to those things, because that was a part of you I never got to see. Instead I got addicted to your lies, the way you made fun of others when you were with your friends, to fighting with you in the middle of the night, to you not texting me back and to crying over you when you were right next to me. I guess I got addicted to all the parts of you that you were ready to offer me. I wish I would’ve realised that I was worth so much more than that.
—  What had to be different about me for you to give me your best?
Blue Roses and Salted Caramel: Part 1
written by AsheRhyder, read by sksninja
Blue Roses and Salted Caramel: Part 1

Part 1 of Blue Roses and Salted Caramel by AsheRhyder (shared author blog here)

Author Summary:

“Hanzo hated Valentine’s Day and everything that went with it. This got exceptionally awkward for a man whose courier service saw business triple in the lead up to February 14th.

A series of ‘special deliveries’ between Mr. Jack Morrison and Mr. Gabriel Reyes drew his attention. Initially, it was because he wasn’t sure if it was the world’s most polite form of hate mail or the world’s most awkward flirting…

But then there was something about Mr. Reyes’ son, Jesse, that kept him coming back…”

Fic Rating: General     Length:  15:14 

Ship:  McHanzo

Next Part

Blue Roses and Salted Caramel Tag

I read this fic and thought, “That would be a good one to record for Valentines Day!”  So yeah, couldn’t wait I guess. 

The entire fic has been recorded and I’ll be editing/posting parts (3-4 parts total?) over the next week or so.  Enjoy!

“I’d like to be
A plane ride away,”
I sigh, despite the knowledge
That I will die
Right here.
“I’d like to go
Someplace so far
And full of people
And full of noise
And full of who I could be.”
I whisper this part.
It’s no use.
If going home means
Throwing myself away,
Do I really have a home at all?
If home is where
The heart is,
I must have neither.
I’ll be three hours away
A click away
A phone call away.

[[I’m preparing a presentation on kung-fu for a Chinese class, and let me just say … Dingo would highly enjoy practicing the southern styles (they rely mostly on punchs, whereas the northern styles rely on kicks) (ง •̀_•́)ง

I know that taking inspiration from a culture that has nothing to do with his own is making a bit of a stretch, but there are so many facets of practicing martial arts that he’d probably appreciate, and we never got any details on what his village’s ‘martial arts tournament’ was really about, so … maybe it would make sense for Dingo to have at least basic knowledge about it, and maybe even lots of interest in learning more ;w;

This all links back to my latest drabble - maybe instead of having him practice western styles of boxing, I could have him lean more towards styles like Wing Chun and Choy Li Fut …]]

I just wrote like 1.7k words for AIW and though it may not be a lot considering I’m not anywhere near done with pt. 5, I’m so happy because before this I had only been able to write about 100 words before giving up. Slowly dealing with everything and it seems like I’ll be out of this semi-hiatus soon!

Help me decide which WIPs to start working on

Since editing the new chapter seems to be going well (though I still have the trickiest part to do, gulp) I’m thinking about what to do next since I’m really enjoying this fic-writing thing again. I probably won’t be able to dive straight into the next chapter, so I thought I’d work on one or more of my long-neglected WIPs.

Because I enjoy writing stories that people want to read, and because I’m not feeling particularly passionate about any one WIP, I decided to ask my followers which one(s) sound most interesting to them. So reply and let me know!

Please note that I’m not making any guarantees that any of these fics will get finished, or when it might happen. But I’ll try! And I’ll try harder on those fics that anyone expresses enthusiasm for.

(Conversely, if you reply to this, you are of course not obligated to comment or even read a finished fic. Though of course I hope you will at least give it a chance.)

Fics of which I have a substantial percentage written already and would thus probably complete more quickly:

  1. Finrod/Amárië. I have a messy selection of half-finished scenes written about them, ranging from their first meeting as children to Finrod leaving Aman to their eventual reunion. Romance
  2. Further parts of Alasselië’s story (Noldorin seamstress from Eagerness and unrest): adjusting to life in Hithlum and then Himring, also deals with Maedhros’ recovery. There are several almost-finished chapters which are Gen, but I also have material for romance (Maedhros/this OFC. I have no idea if anyone would read those, and if it would be better to stick to Gen with this OFC)
  3. Teenage Maedhros and Fingon discuss grandmothers. Short oneshot. Gen
  4. Lothíriel, queen of Rohan born princess of Dol Amroth, reminisces about her long life at its end. Oneshot. Gen with dashes of romance
  5. Curufin & Netyarë, horseback riding and bantering and rolling in the grass. Oneshot. Romance with attempts at something approaching smut

Ideas I’ve thought about but haven’t written more than some messy sentences:

  • 6. Curufin and Celebrimbor have a tense discussion in Nargothrond about power and weapons and metalwork, while avoiding talking about blood in all relevant senses. Oneshot. Gen. (Kind of related to Crowns and sons, gold and blood.)
  • 7. A fic from Indis’ POV that is as much about the relationship between Míriel and her and Míriel and Finwë than it is about Indis and Finwë’s love. Oneshot. Romance/Family/Friendship themes


Alright alright alright.

Now that Cauterize is finished, I’m mentally preparing myself to get back into writing some time next month. In the meantime, here’s some of the stuff I’ve been jotting down ideas for…so be on the lookout.

  • The final chapters of Saint Is A Sinner Too!!!!
  • A continuation of You Don’t Understand Me (I believe it’ll go up to 5 chapters)
  • Part 2 of Sucker Shot
  • A decently filthy Jason Crouse series
  • Part 2 of Unbreakable
  • A one-shot (or mini series) starring Sam from Desierto (but a way less racist version of him)
  • Super emotionally exhausting backstory for Lucille based on one of my favorite songs (I haven’t committed to that one yet because I’m not ready to torture myself by writing it)
  • Charlie Peters (Shameless) mini-series that I started months ago and just never finished/posted
  • Sons Of Anarchy-esque fic with Luke Vaughn (Heist)

I’ve also been ass-over-tits obsessed with Bill Skarsgård and the new It movie recently so I have loose plans for fanfic in that area, but I’m undecided if that’ll end up on this blog.

So yeah, this is a thing that happened… Idk what to call it… Jimin at the Gym? Pt. 1: 1,841 words, you x Jimin; rated: lame? idek 


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