i'll work on it for 30 more minutes

keith: shiro can we meet at the entrance?  I mean…you don’t have to come all the way to my classroom.
shiro: why?
keith: …… *face red with a frown, staring at him*
Shiro: I like picking you up from your class, though. C:
keith: *shakily sighs*

More Modern AU with Keith and Shiro!  Time set when Keith is attending college.  Rain or shine, Shiro always picks him up after his last class (whenever he’s home from deployment, of course) so they both can walk home together.  It happens so often, some of Keith’s classmates playfully tease him about it.  He partially addresses it to Shiro, but his boyfriend is too old school traditional (and Keith just can’t tell him no.)


Started drawing again after 20 years. Damn rusty, but i’m having fun. My husband of 15 years just told me that he never actually saw me draw. He knew that i could, but seeing me doing it is a bit of a shock to him. 

well, that’s that. 

  • me: ok, it's 2:12pm. I'll start doing work at 3 cause that gives me almost an hour to goof off.
  • 3.00pm: K, not really in focus mode yet. I'll start at 3:30
  • 3.30pm: just like another half hour wont hurt.
  • 4.00pm: ... 20 more minutes
  • 7.00pm: Oh god... what have I been doing. I have to start working like now... or like in 5 minutes...
  • Midnight: Jesus FUCK. I need to sleep soon. Ok I SERIOUSLY am going to start doing work nOW.
  • 4.00am: Fuck it, I'm going to bed. I'll do that shit it the morning.
  • me: I have finals in two days. I should probably start studying.
  • me: *30 minutes of mostly staring into space later* Woah. I need a study break.
  • me: But I have to keep studing! I've only been sitting here for 30 minutes!
  • me: Well, yeah, but everyone needs to take study breaks. You shouldn't overload your brain with information or it won't remember any of it.
  • me: fiiiine. *logs onto tumblr* okay. Only five minutes and I have to stop and go study again.
  • me: *30 minutes later* oh please i still have loads of time to study. I'll just scroll through my dash for 10 more minutes.
  • me: *3 hours later, still on tumblr* ugh I'm tired. *looks at clock* 1 a.m.
  • me: Should I study or sleep? If I study right now I'm just going to fall asleep, so I might as well just go to sleep. Besides, if you study while you're really sleepy, you won't remember anything anyway. So what's the point? Okay. I'll study tomorrow!