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I LOVE your Anders headcannons. What about self-care headcannons? And Hawke relationship ones? -Shy

The number of self-care headcanons I have for Anders is approximately so many. It’s gonna be a little shorter than that because I have only so many spoons.

I headcanon that when he was in Amaranthine he’d treat himself after long days by lounging over a whole couch– he’s easily taller than the piece of furniture and his knees hook over the end, leaving his feet to dangle as he props himself up with pillows and a book that he is sure would have been confiscated in the Circle. The little rebellion of knowledge he shouldn’t be allow into, added into the comfort of soft cushions against aching muscles helps after dealing with Hurlocks.

I headcanon he got into the habit, in Amaranthine, of sleeping in either a hammock or a blanket nest with Ser Pounce. He doesn’t like dark, close spaces, but the weave of the fabric is breathable and the little creature purring against his chest is soothing.

I headcanon that, after fusing with Justice, neither know what self-care is for quite a while because a spirit doesn’t know how to care for a body and Anders is still just finding out how to care for himself at all over the time with the Wardens. 

When they’re in Kirkwall he pushes himself to his limits because they don’t know them, or ignore them. 

When Hawke befriends him, he takes more time to breathe– to sleep, remembering to eat and drink water more often. To shave when he notices he’s getting to have a little less scruffy stubble and more of a beard. Washing his hair when it’s greasy and smells. 

For relationship headcanons with Hawke.. again, you may need to be a lil more specific because no matter what type of Hawke i play their relationship with with Anders can be summed up with a combination of “My Friendly Nerdmance” … I’ll show myself out after the post.


I headcanon that Anders and Hawke make stupid bets while travelling to and from things they take him on. Like “we’ll see more than 6 birds this trip” and then swearing when Anders asks if his pouldrons count when he’s losing. 

Hawke making sure to bring any food they can to him during Act 1 because they grew up in a series of small towns where the people looked out for one another. Anders trying to give the food to patients and Hawke having to watch him eat it. Later it turns into more of a routine– Hawke comes to the clinic with extra food, helps out, and they both eat together when there’s downtime. 

I headcanon that Hawke uses some of their money in Act 2 to get Anders new clothes and convinces him to spend a day every month with them treating himself and relaxing. They have a tendency to get into a conversation about magic theory/mage rights, either because they are a mage or they are interested. Occasionally he falls silent and Hawke will glance over only to realize he’s dozed off while letting his feet soak in warm water. 

I headcanon that Hawke and Anders have enough inside jokes to fill a library, all stemming from some silly thing either has done on a job or while playing cards. They will reference them constantly at the most horrible moments to make the other laugh.

I headcanon that Hawke always gives Anders a key to their house and tells him he’s welcome at any time and often sends Orana down with baskets of food when they can’t go down themselves.

I headcanon that a romanced Anders generally ends up in a blanket burrito with Hawke when it snows and is entirely content with the fact they’re lazy then. Well, until Justice wants to get up and then Hawke pouts about it. 

I headcanon that a romanced Anders lights up like a sunrise when Hawke says “I love you– both of you” for the first time and holds him close, because some part of him was sure Hawke was ignoring Justice being part of him. 

I headcanon a romanced Anders feeling a swell of emotions from inside when Hawke smiles at him in the morning when he says “I love you” and they say “I love you two, too”

I headcanon that an unromanced Anders resists the urge cry when they ask if he and Justice are alright the first time they have an episode and pass out. Hawke’s eyes full of worry as they explain that they thought the Templar dispelled something and they didn’t know what that would do to either of them– are they ok?

I headcanon that Anders and Justice fiercely defend Hawke after Hawke defends them just as much and refuses to call him an abomination, romanced or not. Hawke throwing themselves at his defense out of friendship and support for his cause, or just because he’s helped them before. 

I headcanon that Anders and Hawke are close friends and spend time together, either Hawke helping in the clinic or proofing Anders’s manifesto.

I headcanon that romanced Anders and Hawke spend a lot of time touching when they’re together– holding hands, pressing their foreheads together, linking arms. Anders likes the closeness of it, the intimacy he could have that wasn’t sexual like it had to be in the Circle. He could play with Hawke’s hair and they with his. Its nice. 

I headcanon that a romanced Anders likes to cuddle and be a bit spoiled, though he wouldn’t admit that because Justice feels they are being selfish. Hawke likes to then lavish him by washing his hair and make him take the time to sit still in a bath to be pampered. It’s usually the only relaxing he gets. Also massages. Yes.

I have a loooooot of headcanon ok.