i'll wash it later

  • Wash: The Reds and Blues will come looking!
  • Temple: The Reds and Blues will be dead before they even miss you.
  • Temple: And since you two are frozen and no one can hear you, there's nothing stopping me from dating your boyfriend!
  • Wash: Wait what?
  • Temple: You heard me.
  • Wash: Oh please, Tucker isn't my boyfriend.
  • Temple: How did you know I was talking about him?
  • Wash: ...fuck.
  • Carolina: You tried, Wash.
  • Temple: Tucker may be thinking of you now, but tonight, he's gonna be screaming my name; and tomorrow night, and the night after. And the two of you are gonna stay frozen here to hear it all until you die~
  • Wash:
  • Carolina: Did you just shit yourself?
  • Wash: He's scary, okay?

Mana Shim is the sweetest person on the planet #confirmed

I remembered to cover my ears and the area around my hairline with vaseline this time, but did it help????? Nope. I also managed to let a large goop of dye drip onto my cheek like a total clown, but not even that explains how some parts of my face ended up blue. I’ve already tried to rub it off with alcohol - it did not work. Help.


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after months of promises and hours upon hours of work, I am finally incredibly excited to say that IT’S FINISHED. I started this project back in november simply to sate my own curiosity. little did I know just how huge an undertaking it was. but now, about six months later, it is finally complete. thank you to everyone that helped me stop from pulling my hair out and helping with confirmation.

this is your guide to solos by one direction. 

some important notes, in addition to the final tally for each album, is behind the cut. if you follow the link, you can view the google docs spreadsheet and see the full stats for each album and view the same notes on the first page there.


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Hairdye progress feat. my dumb face

(Haven’t felt this confident in a while - I keep grinning whenever I see how blue it is~ (/>w<)/)



Steve and Bucky end up playing for rival college football teams.

The Long Road Begins at Home

Oh sure, reunion results in happiness, kittens, and rainbows, because that’s definitely how life goes when you’ve just spent 70 years as a tool of villainy. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

a marvelous gift

Bucky Barnes has a curse: he has to obey any orders he receives. It gets more complicated when he becomes best friends with Steve Rogers–the prince who will one day be king.

You and a Test of Will

Bucky Barnes suffered from depression before he joined the army, and when he came back, he suffered tenfold. Steve Rogers painted his nightmares and didn’t talk about how he lost his leg. Natasha believed it was possible – just maybe – that broken people could help heal one another.

Parts of Everything

After Steve Rogers moved across the country with his parents almost six years prior, Bucky Barnes starts his senior year of high school under the impression that they will never cross paths again.

Obviously, that is not what happens.

Steve has been looking forward to seeing Bucky again ever since he found out he was moving back to Brooklyn, only to realize that Bucky is not the same fun-loving rabble-rouser he left behind.

With Steve back and finding himself at the helm of a ragtag group of unlikely friends, maybe Bucky can find a place where he belongs once again.

There’s Nothing Like a Second Chance at Broken Heart

“I just asked my husband on a date,” he announces, beaming. “And he said yes.”

Natasha looks simultaneously unimpressed and proud in the way only she can. “Great job, Steve.”

He can’t really tell if it’s sarcastic or not.

the world no longer drowned

Even if recovery was linear, there still wouldn’t be a map.

Who could have drawn it?

[sequel to through smoke, solid ground.]

If Steve Rogers Were Your Boyfriend

When he’s not editing a magazine he truly loathes or navigating a rocky relationship he truly doesn’t deserve, Bucky Barnes writes a fantasy romance column with an unexpectedly loyal internet following about the barista at his favorite cafe. Barista Boyfriend makes these other worlds bearable, but the real world dreamboat isn’t remotely involved; Steve Rogers is just a muse. Everyone loves the column. And it definitely isn’t killing Bucky very gently in 500 word increments, not in the slightest. What kind of a writer can’t keep fact and fiction straight?

James Fuckin’ Barnes, that’s who.

Such an exceptional scene. ‘Not What He Seems’ was an incredible episode overall, but Mabel’s moments there at the end were just breathtaking! I honestly wasn’t sure what Mabel was going to do, a part of me was rooting for her to side with her brother, but having read so many Stan twin theories I definitely wanted to see the portal open even more.

Just a warm-up doodle but I plan to draw more from the episode once I have a bit more time.

  • Me taking off my clothes: I don't mind if I leave it inside out or in the floor. It doesn't matter, I'll put it in the washing machine later.
  • Me taking off a band's t-shirt: Omg I have to leave it perfectly in my waRDROBE, LEAVING IT IN THE FLOOR OR INSIDE OUT WOULD BE A DISHONOR FOR THIS GODS.