i'll wait then

can I get some good vibes, pls?

I sent in my application (about a week ago) to a job at one of the libraries in Tulsa. it’s full-time, includes benefits, and pays a salary that would let me afford a NICE apartment. not just like, nice-for-our-broken-millenial-dreams


this bitch has a pool, a yoga studio, a fitness room with exercise equipment, a tv lounge / mini library / open kitchen space

every apartment has a 17 x 9 balcony I could put planters in for flowers

all stainless steel appliances AND pets are allowed

I would only be 1 mile (~5 min by car) away from the library, right next to the riverside with jogging paths, and tulsa is a very liberal city in a very red state!

so yeah, this could be life-changing and a huge improvement for me and I’d really appreciate prayer, well-wishes, just any sort of positive thought you could send out for me

I’ve just finished the episode and I understand that most people find it disappointing because Guardienne didn’t react violently to the situation but I think that her reaction was logical, as she said in her conversation with Leiftan, she is a prisoner, she doesn’t have any home to go back to and she can’t run away given that she is on a dangerous world that she knows nothing about, she even told him that she would live with the kappas or with Huang Hua if she was given the choice but at the moment she doesn’t have that option, so she tries to put that issue aside and be helpful to the Guard, you could even make her avoid the guy that kissed her and be passive aggressive towards him and the other boys and miiko besides it was mentioned in the end of the episode that she still avoids him which mean that she actually didn’t forgive him, she’s trying to avoid thinking about it and confronting him with her feelings, but I think that bottling these feelings up will lead to a breakdown in the future episodes that might be even more violent than when she slapped him and Miiko, I still wish they will solve this problem properly in the next episode/episodes because what happened in the last one didn’t seem like the end of it.

happy selfie night! this has been the longest week of my life and it’s only wednesday :)))) but i still found time to look cute so i guess that makes it worth it

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hey fam, guess who! it’s me, sacha. i’m rkrose / rkjuyeon, and my third and final muse is im changkyun. look, i was gonna bring changkyun to rookies back during like, their first comeback, but i ended up killing that idea. but i’ve decided to bite the bullet and bring him. anyways, i have japanese class at like … 2pm and it’s 1:30pm now so, i’ve gotta go soon. information on his page is lacking but i’ll be putting that all up in good, short time.

in the mean time, like this for a short, random charisma starter. love y’all.


at first i just wanted to practise expressions but then it got out of hand :D

do any of you other asexuals call someone hot and then regret it because people will think it’s sexual but you really just meant that they’re a step up from cute in the aesthetic attraction department? because you both don’t mean “hot” the same way??

And the award for my favorite part of YOI episode 5 goes to:


This blatant misspelling of the name of the country where this entire show was made:

  • 707: I changed my password on everything to "incorrect".
  • MC:
  • 707: That way when I forget it, it always reminds me that my password is incorrect.
  • MC: ...Aren't you supposed to be a professional hacker?

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