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In the name of Igor’s nose, we will punish you!

So remember how a month or so ago I started making playlists of various recurring types of LIW episodes? (both for study/essay purposes and… it’s kind of fun?) Well I’ve made some more:

“Holiday Season” Episodes

Episodes that either include characters talking about or celebrating the holiday season or take place in a festively decorated location. A tradition that began with The LBDs.

“Tour” Episodes

Episodes where a character in-world shows the video audience around an important location. Started with Hero’s “room tour. room tour! ROOM TOUR!” in NMTD

“Romantic Advance Fails” Episodes

This one’s pretty hard to define/restrict, but generally speaking episodes where a character makes a move demonstrating an at least fairly obvious romantic/sexual interest towards another character to that character, and it all ends up in tears within the same episode. Started off in LIWs with the “Are you kidding me?” episode of the LBDs, but also sort of just a staple of every story with a romantic element ever.

“Watching Previous Episodes” Episodes

Only found 3 of these so far. Although the suggestion or livetweeting of characters watching or rewatching previous vlog episodes happens very often and has done since the LBDs, AOJE was the first to show this happening on camera.

“Hiding from the Party” Episodes

Episodes that don’t show a party happening but show a protagonist deliberately not being at a party while a party they were invited to is happening, whether that’s by staying at home or hiding in an isolated part of the party location. Started in the LBDs, interestingly one of the few LIW conventions followed by the first season of Grimm Reflections.

“Interviewing a Character” Episodes

Episodes where a character asks another character questions that they thought up in what they intend to be an interview style, although the video may stop doing this fairly quickly. This is different though sometimes similar to Q&As and Internet Memes, and usually but not always different to general introduction episodes. Started with a Maria Lu episode of The LBDs.

note: Please tell me if you know any video I should have included in a playlist but haven’t! I neither watch nor remember everything xD