i'll try to stay away from this


-Heavies who throw their sandwiches at hopeless causes, like a burning corpse on the ground or a building with a sapper attached.

-Pyros who thumb you up on the kill-cam (who can be mad at that? They’re thumbing you up!)

-All classes, but especially Soldiers, when the player controlling them shakes the mouse up and down as if trying to nod but it instead moves their entire torso (Soldier’s long and bulky rocket launcher enhances this motion and makes it 10 times more hilarious)

-When you die as Engineer, go to spectate your buildings and find a Pyro with homewrecker spychecking like mad and refusing to leave your nest.

-Medics who thank the Heavies after they throw their sandwiches at them.

-When during pregame, you spam the “Spy!” voice command at a teammate Spy, and the Spy responds with “Yes” every time.

-Non-Engineer classes who crouch near friendly buildings and keep smacking them with their melee weapons

-Pyros who run from the other end of the map chasing after Scouts trying to put their fire out.

-Pyros who run from the other end of the map to where you are just to extinguish you.

-A gibus and pyrovision Engineer who helps you upgrade and maintain your buildings.

-When you and an enemy player can’t connect a single hit so you both end up stopping, crouching, thanking each other and walking away.

-Those new players who wander off into a completely deserted part of the map and just stay there, looking all around them.

I am usually a quiet person, but can also be quite a talker to people I am close with. I love to tell stories, but when I stop talking, I’m closing myself to you. When I spill my thoughts and emotions, it is because I deem you worthy of them, that you’d listen and understand. I was wrong, so I’ll start saying more often that ‘I’m okay’ when you ask if I am, not because I want to fake my feelings, but I just don’t feel the need to explain them to you anymore; I’ll read more books or watch more shows that I love because I have no more stories to tell you; I’ll shut my mouth more because, really, I don’t know what to say to you anymore. I will try to stay, but as my words, surely I will also start fleeting away.
—  AM // i’m okay
The Rogue Experiment

Rogue’s inability to touch another human being - it’s at the core of the character.  Most of us would agree that not touching other people would be both physically and emotionally difficult.  But how difficult is it really?

I offer you “The Rogue Experiment,” which I will be trying, and I hope you will join me.  For three days, refrain from any skin-to-skin contact.  Wear gloves, be super mindful, don concealing clothes - however you want to do it.  Document it and share your experience with us!


You may not realise this but my heart is breaking more and more each day. I try my hardest to reach out for you, only to be turned away. You’re actions are telling me to leave but you keep begging me to stay. I wonder if you realise i’m drowning in my own tears every single day.
—  Tenari Ioapo

It didn’t matter how much I loved you. It still wasn’t enough to make you love me back.

My fingers aching to intertwine with yours could never be enough to make you share my gaze.
My poems written solely about you could never be enough to make you try to read my expression.
The tight hugs I gave you could never make you stay with me.
My brown eyes could never hold the universes you wanted to get lost in.
That lovely winter night spent with your jacket around my shoulders could never keep you from driving away.
My love for you could never make you fall in love.

—  gone
The 100: Sentence Starters
  • "Tell me, if we released your people and theirs, what would have happened to mine?"
  • "If you need forgiveness, I'll give that to you. You're forgiven."
  • "I tried. I tried to be the good guy"
  • "Their blood is on your hands."
  • "But I made this choice with my head and not my heart."
  • "Either you get up and fight this or you crawl away and die alone like a coward."
  • "You think you're a god at everything."
  • "Maybe there are no good guys."
  • "Empirical evidence doesn't lie."
  • "You say having feelings makes me weak, but you're weak for hiding from them."
  • "Touch me again and I'll end you. In a non-criminal way."
  • "Maybe life should be about more than just surviving."
  • "Stay alive and be ready to fight. War is coming."
  • "After everything we've done, do we even deserve to survive?"
  • "I won't let you die."
  • "You're a natural born revolutionary."
  • "I won't let you surrender."
  • "I'm just trying to do what's right."
Stop telling me I’m beautiful just because it’s a nice thing to say. Stop telling me I’m strong when I’m slowly fading away. Stop telling me I’ll make it when all I’m doing is trying to survive another day. Stop pretending you’re going to help me when you can’t even stay.
—  b.d. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #90
I have spent my entire life trying to find somewhere where I could stay forever without ever wanting to run away. I found it. I found you.
—  from an unfinished story #923
He was the drifter type
He never stayed in one place too long
He also never stayed with one girl too long
The only person
He stayed in touch with was me
But that didn’t ever stop him
From disappearing for months
At a time
The closer we became
And the more I tried to hold onto him
The faster he would vanish
Until I learned
That some people just pull away
And isolate themselves
No matter how tight you try to hold onto them
Or how hard you try to knock down the walls that surround them
—  Chapters from my life || melindacarolinee

The Definition of Trouble - Chapter 16 

Some things just probably shouldn’t happen. A child of the Doctor and the Master is one of them.

After only raising her for a few years when she was a toddler (with Clara’s help), the Doctor is horrified when every glimpse of his daughter he gets, the more like her mother she is, and the more complicated things get. As unconditional as his love might be, having to stop her and Missy taking over the universe isn’t his first choice of family activity, even if it’s one he should have perhaps expected.


“Tell me you’re sorry.”


“You know exactly what for,” Missy snarled, and sure enough, guilt flashed across his face. “Yes, there it is. For taking my daughter away from me against her will. For leaving faulty vortex manipulators around where any eight year old can find them. For not being more careful with our daughter, for being the reason she almost died.”

“I know,” the Doctor said quietly. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Missy.”

God, that was amazing to hear from him. Amazing to see the genuine regret in his face, the apology, to hear the words fall from his lips.

Missy grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him into a rough, bruising kiss. He let her do it, hands reaching for her with a kind of desperation. It had been too long since they had done this, for both of them, and she had been so caught up in her fury that she had almost forgotten how much she always wanted him.

How good it could feel when he would shudder under her touch, the way he always submitted in the end, even if sometimes he tried to fight her dominance.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, over and over again, and she tired of it very quickly.

“Prove it,” she replied, putting a finger over his mouth and half smirking when he swallowed, hard.

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I’m sorry for panicking and running away that day. I was afraid I couldn’t give you the love you deserved, the love you desired. I’m sorry for being so weak and not trying hard enough to stay in your life. I’m sorry for running, I’m so sorry for not turning back when I had the chance.
—  Tenari Ioapo // Apology to the love of my life #14.

Words of love found in the heart get lost in thoughts that fall apart. Hang tight onto the ones that try to inspire and soothe you for they’re the ones that will forever move you.

H. Murcia 10:19AM 9/12/2017

I'll Make This Right - Tig Trager


Tig cares for you, but you get hurt because of the Club.

It had been a long day for Tig. He was beyond tired and Clay had been nothing but an ass to him lately. He had a feeling that Clay was trying to push him away from their friendship, he didn’t know or understand why, but he knew something wasn’t right.

Clay was apparently staying at the Club house tonight, him and Gemma had been fighting again and once again Tig had no idea as to why.

Tig was in the garage when he heard Gemma pull up in her vehicle. He had a small smile grown upon his lips, wondering if you had come with her tonight. Tig always held a special place for your equally weird ass in his heart and then somewhere along the way during your friendship, he started having actual feelings for you.

But you were a Morrow, and out of respect for Clay, Tig never made the advancement toward you, only staying good friends with you.

After a long day like today, Tig needed to see you. He stood up from the stool he was sitting on in the garage and walked around the corner and came face to face with Gemma.

“Hey, Gem?”

Tig called out, causing the woman to freeze before she turned to look up at him. Tig’s eyes widened, his hand reached out and he went to touch Gemma, but retracted his hand as his wide eyes refused to leave her swollen and beaten face.

“Not now Tiggy.”

Gemma said, as she seemed like she was going to cry, but was holding it together.

“Gemma, I forgot I - ”

Tig’s eyes snapped from Gemma’s face once he heard your voice and the small gasp that followed. He seen you just in time for you to turn your back to him as you stood in front of Gemma’s vehicle.

Tig felt his heart stop momentarily in his chest. Worry filled him as you refused to turn around to look at him. He took a step forward when Gemma reached out and stopped him from proceeding. He slowly looked from her hand that had his arm and up to her face.

He knew that look that she gave him. It was that look that told him to not do it and to leave it be. It was that look that he knew he should have listened to but he couldn’t find the logic to listen right now… he had to see if what he thought was correct.

He pulled away from Gemma’s hold and walked up behind you. Placing his hand on your shoulder he flinched as you jumped and pulled quickly away from his hold.

“Y/N… baby… please look at me?”

He nearly begged. He watched as your shoulders started to shake as you shook your head, your stubbornness that he loved taking over right now. But now was not the time to be stubborn with him.

“Y/N? Please, baby girl.”

He asked again, this time his voice cracking once or twice. He watched as your shoulder started shaking more as your hand came up to your face before you slowly turned around and faced him.

He felt his heart hit his stomach.

“Oh baby…”

He sobbed out after seeing your beaten face, much like Gemma’s. He shook his head as the tears slid their way down his cheeks. He stumbled backward a bit and had one hand in the back of his hair on his head and the other on his hip. He stumbled around a bit looking at the ground and shaking his head, mumbling some things to his self as he tried to keep it together but couldnt.

“No. No, no, no, no, baby. Baby, what – what happened. Who did – who did this to you guys?”

He asked as he tried to steady himself against Gemma’s vehicle. He looked over at you just in time to see your eyes trailing back to the Clubhouse. The place where Clay was staying tonight. His once best friend, the man Tig would have taken a bullet for was the same man that had beaten his own flesh and blood.

Tig felt a numbness enter him. There was no rage, nothing that should have been there at a time like this. He was in such shock that he couldn’t do this.

Pushing himself up off the vehicle he went over to you. He seen that you too were crying now, crying because he was crying. He sighed deeply and gently place his hands on the sides of your face, leaned down and kissed you deeply and slowly on the top of your head.

“I’ll make this right.”

Was all he said before he pulled away slowly from you, his hands lingering for a moment longer before they vanished and he started walking over toward the clubhouse.

It’s one of the hardest choices in life to decide whether or not to continue fighting. Walk away or try harder, leave or stay. But in the end the things you didn’t do will hurt more than the ones you regret doing. It’ll be the what ifs that will always take your breath away when you have a spare minute to think, and you’ll wonder “what could’ve happened if I’d taken the chance?” It’ll be the thought that drives you insane. So start. Start now. Take that chance. Believe in yourself. You can do this.
—  regret

anonymous asked:

my mum supports lgbt people but my father not, he's homophobic and it scares me even to tell him that i'm a lesbian :( and i'll probably never tell them. did you talk to your parents about your sexuality or any lgbt issue?

I think the day you’ll be ready to tell them you’ll know it, and it doesn’t matter if your father won’t accept you, sometimes we crave acceptance of our parents (obviously), but if they don’t accept your choice move on, don’t get stuck on their opinion, because the most important thing for you is your happiness, not theirs. And sometimes happiness means stay away from the toxic people that live with us. Do what makes you happy. You can’t spend your life trying to convince your father that there’s nothing wrong with being lesbian. If he won’t accept it, that’s his loss, not yours. Also, sometimes parents change when the issue regards their sons. So maybe your father has homophobic words towards the lgbt people, but if he knew about you, he’d accept it, because he’d be more comprehensive and accepting. Sometimes parents get interested in the lgbt world too. So don’t put yourself down, because being lesbian is cool, and accept yourself and be confident with your sexuality is even cooler, no matter what the world outside has to say about you.

i don’t talk to my mum about lgbt issues, but she knows i support lgbt rights. she doesn’t know i’m bi but i don’t care much, of course telling her would be a step up but i don’t think it’s the right time. i don’t know how she would react to be honest…probably she’d be a bit..shocked at first but she’d accept it because she loves me too much.  But i don’t want to tell her now, I think it’s important for me to go through more important relationships, i haven’t fallen in love yet, and i would like to be more mature to say it. i don’t have a father, but i’m sure he would accept and be proud of me.

I’m sorry, but you belong to the shore, my love.
I don’t want you to get drowned by my own depths or get hurt in my crashing waves for I’m a huge and chaotic mess that you can never tame.
The farther you go, the darker I become and those parts are what I, too am afraid to say out loud.
I won’t be able to keep you for I kill everything I touch.
You should stay where you are safe, where you are far from my own self. I do wish to hold you close, yet to keep you from me is my way of taking care of that beautiful soul of yours.
I’ll watch you from afar. I’ll always go back in waves or in steady waters. I want to see you happy and living the life you deserve. Being without you is painful, but to watch you die will be the end of me.
Stay away from me. Stay where you are safe. Stay far from my touch, from my love that can take away your oxygen as you keep on trying to breathe.
—  M. // an entire ocean of my misery
Don’t try to love someone that has nothing to give, unless you are willing to give your everything.
Don’t try to love someone that needs saving, unless you are prepared to patiently wait for them to save themselves.
Don’t try to love someone that is broken, unless you are ready to hold all of their pieces until they’re ready to put themselves back together.
Don’t try to love someone that is contemplating the end, unless you are fully aware you might lose them.
Don’t try to love someone that will push you away, unless you are going to pull them back in.
Don’t try to love someone, unless you know you are strong enough to.
Don’t try to be someones hero, unless you are going to stay.
—  K. D.V. the lost art of me