i'll try to do every day i promise

I said I was going to try drawing Ameya but all I ended up with was a lousy head + shoulders doodle. Why am I like this.

I’ll definitely draw her better in the future, but for now I guess I’m just figuring out how to do so? Anyway, I certainly had fun sketching this beautiful waterbender~

This lovely oc belongs to @toomuchpineapples! I hope I didn’t ruin her! ^^;

I can't promise that I’ll never piss you off, or that I’ll never let you down again. I can’t promise to always say the right things, or even to pretend that you always say the right things. But I can promise, and I do promise, that I’ll wake up every single day and try like hell. I can promise you that I'll give you everything in me.
—  Steph Campbell, Beautiful Things Never Last