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KC and 14 "I thought you were dead"

Okay, you have no idea how hilarious receiving this prompt was. I literally came up with a scenario on skype that fits this prompt to the T, the day before I received this one.

KC + “I thought you were dead”

Caroline handed the assignments to several of the journalists. Right after she had graduated, she had accepted a job offer at the Mystic Falls courier, the local newspaper. For now, she was mostly still an assistant, but she had had the chance to write a few minor articles.

While she made sure that everyone got the assignments, she took a glance at the papers in her arms. ‘Weather reports’, ‘local news’, ‘sport section’, ‘obituaries’. She paused her round when a name in the first obituary caught her attention. Klaus Mikaelson.

She froze and quickly read the rest of the message. A few parts stuck out to her. Brother. Only 22. Tragic boating accident. She shivered when she finished reading. She couldn’t believe it. Klaus Mikaelson. Dead.

Of course, she hadn’t seen him in four years. They had been dating since they were juniors, but after their High Schoo graduation, Klaus had decided he had to leave Mystic Falls behind. Travelling abroad and living off his paintings instead of settling for a nearby college like she had. Her feelings for him had never changed, but she knew she couldn’t be the girl that waited in her hometown while Klaus was off who knew where. And now… now he was gone.

She bit back a sob. She still had her work laid out, but how was she going to work through her day, knowing what she knew. She couldn’t believe Rebekah or Kol hadn’t called her up and told her! Oh no, she instantly felt guilty, they had more to think about right now than one of Klaus his ex’s.

She quickly walked towards Mike’s office and when she noticed he wasn’t present, dropped the reports on his desk. He would know what to do with them when he returned. Right now, she needed a moment alone.


Ten minutes alone and she found herself crying, mourning the past she had had with Klaus. Yes, it had been ages since they had last seen each other, but it’s not like they ended things badly. They just had different plans for their future. Even with those differences, she hadn’t realized it until now, she still hadn’t closed their story. A part of her still cared, deeply.

She quickly sent out a text to her boss, explaining how she just heard a friend passed away and couldn’t continue her day. Luckily she got a message right away that she could have the day off, as long as she returned tomorrow. She didn’t know if she could, but at least she had today to grieve.

The first thing she would have to do was go to the supermarket. She needed ice cream. And tissues. And she would have to buy flowers for the Mikaelsons and- in her head she started making a list, trying to distract herself from her emotions.

While she was in the store, she kept going over that same list, making sure that she didn’t miss anything. She didn’t even notice when she bumped into someone.

“Caroline?” a familiar voice asked her. She bit back a sob, it sounded like Klaus. Oh no, now she was hearing things. “Love,” the voice tried again when she didn’t look up.

“Caroline,” a second amused voice asked her and she recognized it as Kol. Oh no! What was she going to say? He must be devastated! She looked up and noticed the grin on his face and looked around confused. The person next to him looked at her with concern and she took a step back in surprise.

“Klaus?” she swayed. “How- I- I thought you were dead,” she stammered and glanced at Kol bewildered. “The- the newspaper. How- I just say your obituary!” she cried out.

Klaus looked at her in confusion, “I don’t know about any of that, but I’m still very much alive,” he assured.

“Then how- who,” a guilty chuckle on her right alerted her to the culprit. “KOL!” she hit him on the head, “You can’t just send false obituary reports to the newspaper! That’s- What if they were published?”

“In my defense, if Klaus hadn’t arrived last night, it would probably be true. Rebekah was ready to murder him when he canceled once again. Luckily for all of us, he had a change of heart.”

“I don’t care why you did it! I almost had a heart-attack when I read it.” She took a deep breath and turned to Klaus, taking him in now that she knew he was really there. The years certainly had done him good. “Okay- okay so not dead,” she told Klaus. “Anything else I have to know before I murder your brother?”

“Virginia still offers the death penalty?” Klaus said, trying to break the tension.

“Right. Yeah, that would make it all a lot less tempting. Okay fine. Not murdering your brother.” She turned to Kol, “But you better call the paper right now to retract that obituary or I swear-”

“Yeah- yeah I know. Death and torture. Although the torture bit could still be fun…” he smirked at her before he ran off, “Nope? Okay seems like I have some calls to make.”

Klaus turned back to Caroline and stood closer to her, “So now that you know I’m not dead, and I’ve learned you work at the newspaper… want to get together and catch up on lost times?”

She looked up in surprise and smiled. “Yeah I would like that,” she admitted and caught his eye, “So first question. How long are you here for?”

“At least a couple of months,” he reassured her. “I have a show in New York in November and plenty of paintings to create before then.”

“Mmmh so all work and no fun?” Caroline teased while they walked towards the registers. It surprised her how easy it was to fall into old habits with him. Two days ago she had barely thought about him, an hour ago she was crying about having lost him, and here she was… teasing him.

“I think I can handle some fun in between,” Klaus said while he teasingly bumped against her hip. “So my turn.”

“Do your worst, Mikaelson,” she challenged while she paid for her groceries.

“Are you seeing anyone?” he asked, asking the only question he really cared about.

She let out a startled gasp and turned towards Klaus. “No,” she admitted. She felt butterflies when he moved a step towards her. “You?”

“Nope.” They shared a nervous smile while he leaned forward. He looked at her, making sure she was okay with his next movement and after her small nod, captured her lips with his.

She was the only thing he was looking forward to when he decided to return to Mystic Falls. He had never forgotten about her, and he hadn’t dared to assume they could just pick up where they had left, but when he saw her in that store, tears staining her cheek because she believed he had passed… He knew whatever was between them was still here. All they needed was the time to explore it all.

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Chapter 500 (or, Mashima really wants to hurt me I guess)

This isn’t something I usually do (and I don’t especially have any plans to do this again in the future), but Fairy Tail’s landmark 500th chapter left me so utterly bewildered on so many counts that I didn’t know what to address, how many posts I should make, what to do, that I just decided to focus on the three big issues that bothered me and address them chronologically. Because… wow, Mashima, you drove me to pure frustration. Under the cut, as usual.

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1.) because you’re here, right now. alive, breathing and you’re not smiling, i know that, but you still exist.

2.) if every lover was ‘the one’ and they all fucking stayed, we’d never grow up to be parents who showed our kids how to love someone right, even if it feels wrong. if everybody was perfect, we wouldn’t be human. remember that.

3.) just because he left you for someone else, does that mean he still holds your heart? yes, of course he does. you gave him that power, now give yourself the ability to smell smoke, fire and tragedy. everything hurts worse at 3 a.m. get some sleep, drink some water and love yourself. sweety, i know it hurts, but sometimes you just have to say fuck it.

4.) it doesn’t matter if you were in the wrong or if he was, if he moved on… then you should too. you have what he doesn’t have, you. you are strong, even if you have a couple cracks inside. even if you’re a shattered teacup trying to refill itself. you may be empty, but you must keep telling yourself that you are lovely. if not, i will. you are lovely.

5.) some people stay forever and i don’t mean physically. i mean mentally, emotionally and spiritually inside of your fucking soul. you can’t erase them. you can’t delete them. you can’t forget them. you can’t sleep. the least you can do is embrace the best parts of their undying memories. smile because you guys happened and move on. i believe in you. i do, i do. stranger of mine. because some love never leaves.

6.) i’m almost certain that you’re crying. can you feel it? you smell like rain. want to know why i love the rain? because it’s natural. baby girl, it’s natural to be a part of the earth. to love yourself enough to be emotional. you are loved and it doesn’t have to be romantic to be loved. i love you, dear human of mine. you are nature. remember that. we came from the earth before we came from our parents, you are natural. it is a natural response to cry.

7. it is a part of the soul. what is? the need to understand. to know why. to know how. to know when. to know what. i’m here to tell you that it’s okay to be confused. to be damaged. to be a bird that fell from the nest, you did not die. you’re simply injured. you will fix your own wings and you’ll make it. that’s called hope. have you hoped for anything lately? if you haven’t, here’s to hoping that you’ll smile today.

8.) i’m probably the worst person on tumblr to ask what to do and how to do it. i am, i fucked up my last relationship pretty bad, but you still mustered up the courage to message me. that makes you brave to me. you are strong. solid. as unmoving as the mountains. as unwavering as the ocean. as life-giving as the sun. you are sturdy, supportive and warm. remember that. now give it back to yourself, okay? you’re special too.

9.) has anyone called you pretty lately? yes? no? it doesn’t matter. idk what you look like or how you are, but it doesn’t matter. we need to be open. change happens everyday. i think you’re pretty even without your face. it’s a reminder to be proud of who you are for how you are. don’t let a guy decide your worth, you’re better than that. if all 8 reasons failed you so far, let this be the one to pull you back. you’re gorgeous. you’re beautiful. you’re amazing. now tell yourself those things. we all need a boost. insecurities hurt worse than heartbreak. that, i know.

10.) i know it feels like you can die at any moment because he was your arms, legs, fingers, hands, wrists, shoulders, tongue, lips, eyes, thighs, waist, bed, blanket, sun, star, moon, pen, paper, favorite color, favorite smile, and he gave the best hugs too probably. i know it hurts, i know darling, but i love you because we’re all human and we need affection. i know it isn’t quite like his, but stranger of mine. you can have my arms. you will survive this. some smoke needs to escape. some fires die out. some oceans dry out. some universes doesn’t hold much life. some hearts don’t beat as quick as ours. some lovers disappear quicker than when they appeared as true love, soul mate, or the one. i’m here to say you are the one. the one to keep yourself sane. to love yourself. to improve. to forget him. to be you. you are you and that’s all you’ll ever need to be. i promise.

11.) you are pure. simple as that. even if you lose your purity. virginity. mind. body. heart. soul. if we lose that light inside, we’ll all surely burn sweety. keep yourself going. sometimes we get dirt in our eyes, but you need to wash that part away. move past it. you need to feel your want to be better. you need to believe in yourself.

12.) the best things in life hurts us in the worst ways when they are no longer around. that’s why it’s called memories. you remember the stories. the light moments. the way you cried alone. how he was there in her arms and not yours. what’s this called again? oh yeah. maturity. you will grow from this. again… i promise. i promise. you will be amazing with this growth thing.

13.) if you made it this far and still crying, hey. you’re still cute and wanted. you just need to find yourself among the pile of tears. it stings to be unloved, trust me, i know. the image of him kissing someone else probably runs through your mind every night, but you know what? you aren’t running across his. remember that. you are not. you are not. you are not. but you know what? you’re all over these reasons. a stranger cares for you and you need not return anything but a smile and have some faith in your ability to thrive within this depression. some people die before they live, does that make sense? i still believe in you. little stranger of mine.

14.) it’ll take days to stop the texting. it’ll take weeks to stop calling. it’ll take months to stop answering. it’ll take years to not need them and even then? you’ll still be spitting out his poison, but remember he also holds the cure. who he was when he held your hands and never let go. who he was when he kissed your lips and only wanted you. that is the one you keep forever. not the one that let go, that isn’t him. what do they call this again? oh yeah. change. sweety… he changed. you should too. because loving him is swallowing you into the abyss and i heard demons don’t drown well in the dark. try one of my poems, i drown those fuckers every day. every day. i believe in you. even if you have doubt. hate yourself. want to die. swear you won’t make it to tomorrow. can’t get out of bed. crying on that cold restroom floor. thinking too much. eyes swollen from tears. upset and kicking. eyes blurry from sleepless nights and restless a.m. crusades to find his fingers. i know it hurts, but he let go and so should you… my brutal truth to you. but you already knew that.

15.) you are more than how a man sees you. more than how i see you. you are more than how they see you. you are a star. a galaxy. a universe. a bleeding heart. a kindred soul. a lover who is learning to let go. you are passion. you are human and my god, you’re beautiful. okay? i love you if nobody told you today. sleep tight sweety.

—  15 reasons as to why you are good enough
Rule 47

Previous part can be found here. This chapter might also help.

Thanks for sticking around and reading all of these words. You’re all lovely.

Part Twenty-Two [final]

“2:30 means 2:30. Not 2:33.”

Grace doesn’t even wait until she’s opened the door. She’s so nervous she’s practically shouting through the door from the next room. She might be excited. She’s not really sure. All Grace knows is that she’s definitely running on adrenaline. And coffee. So much coffee.

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Tomorrow I'm going to meet someone I haven't known for long and all I can think is that I'll lose my virginity for him. I know this is wrong but I can't stop myself. Will God stop me? I don't think He loves me enough to stop me doing this thing which I know I'll regret later. I know I'm going to hurt my feeling&maybe my future husband's feelings, and God's too. I'm looking for someone to talk about this but I don't know where to find one, til I saw your post and decided to ask. So,please? :( -s-

You wrote a second message which said:

I’m looking for your answer for the next 3-4 hours. If I don’t get any answer from you, or anyone, I’ll take it as a permission and I’ll surely do it. Thanks before. -s-


First of all: No. As in, no, you do not get to hold me hostage with your demands to absolve your irresponsibility with my permission.

Second of all: You know perfectly well what you’re doing and you can’t blame God or anyone else for what you’re about to do.  So honestly, I don’t believe you believe what you’re saying about God, because none of that has to do with God.

And third of all: It usually takes me a few days or a few weeks to reply to a message, but since no one has ever loved you enough to tell you the cold hard truth, I’ll be the a-hole to do it, and it will be the hardest rebuke I’ve ever given.  I’m sure some will unfollow me, so okay.  Normally I’m all about grace and nuance and thoughtfulness, but your messages were so outlandish that I’m going to give you my backhand. 

In the last few weeks: I tried to talk a girl out of slitting her wrists (I was too late), I had coffee with someone who just got out of jail, I consoled my mom while her schizophrenic brother was being arrested for trying to stab her with a piece of glass, I consoled another girl for her eating disorder and suicidal thoughts, I prayed for a homeless guy at the local homeless ministry who will probably never quit his drug habit, and I’m helping a friend whose friend just died from cancer.

And you: You’re struggling with the decision to lose your virginity.

By your carefree nonchalant rationalizing tone, I’ll tell you a few things about yourself.  You’re most likely a bored, over-privileged, entitled, spoiled, selfish zombie.  Some of this is not your fault.  You’re a hollow shell enslaved by your emotions and the cultural cesspool around you.  You’re a copy of some lyrics you heard or a movie you saw or some crappy book you read.  You’re a symptom of a world where people act destructively on impulse without caring for another human being in order to gain maximum pleasure as a constant consumer removed from the needs of society. 

Again: some of this is not your fault. But that does NOT mean you’re outside a responsibility to your own dignity.  It doesn’t mean you get to live a selfish life where the only struggle you have is whether to have sex with someone.

Listen: Our American culture is entrenched in a self-centered epidemic of careless stupidity.  I don’t say this with relish or anger.  I say all this with total heartbroken grief.  I say this damn near in tears right now.  Because you could be so much more and actually help people and serve God and do what you were created for, if you could just snap out of it long enough to quit thinking of what you can get for yourself.

This is not even about the “sex” or anything.  This is about the way you asked me that reeks of a serve-me mentality, and something about it is just killing me.  It’s making me feel absolutely sorry for you, because you’re blind to your own value.


So here are the ways you can react.

1) You can get mad at me and call me a real mean jerk.

2) You can cry about this and call me a real mean jerk.

3) You can make another demand, which I will ignore, and then call me a real mean jerk.

4) You can can still call me a real mean jerk: But you can use all the energy you want to use against me and instead take a long serious look at your own life and how you got here and figure out why you think the way you think and get to the bottom of who you are.

My guess is, you won’t do Number 4.  Most people never do.  I mean I hope you wake up and walk out of your own self-slavery — but I hardly ever get surprised this way.  So maybe, you know, surprise me.  Take a look at yourself.  Take a look at what Jesus did.

I’m sorry if I misinterpreted you; perhaps you genuinely want me to stop you.  But even if I did stop you — then so what?  What about the next time and the time after that?  Maybe it will take you sleeping with this guy to realize how vapid and empty your soul is, but I hope it doesn’t come to that.  I hope you don’t need some blogger to tell you what to do.  I hope you fall on your face and repent and cry out to God in a slobbery mess and look at what Jesus did on that hill.  I hope you figure out you have a purpose beyond getting pleasure for yourself.  I hope you see how much He loves you, because that’s the only thing that will ever set you right. 

— J

I'll be the Light in your Eyes
Here’s Chapter 6, Part 2 (: Thank you for being some-what patient, Things have been crazy at home. Haha love you ;* Hope you guys enjoy!!Chapter 6 part 2: “Come with me, hurry!” Cameron grabbed my arm, we got in the car and we drove off. We got to the side of a road. I spotted Gilinskys car. Cameron stopped the car and I ran off towards Gilinskys car and found Johnson and Gilinsky sitting next to Sam. Sam looked like he got beat up. He had bruises on his face, and even then he still looked handsome. He looked lost and confused. “SAMMY!” I ran up to him and embraced him. He slowly placed his hands on my waist.  I saw Johnson and Gilinsky glance at eachother.  He seemed confused. “Are you okay?” I asked, releasing from the hug. “Im fine.. but I’m.. sorry.. I dont remember you..” Sam said, quietly.  Cameron raised his eyebrow in confusion. Gilinsky grabbed my hand and pulled me away from Sam. I was confused.  “Sam seems to have lost his memory.” Gilinsky said, quietly. I felt my heart sink down to my feet. “Wh-What do you mean?” I asked, dumbfounded. “Johnson and I got to a conclusion that maybe he got drunk, got into a fight, and hit his head so hard, it knocked him out and got amnesia.” Gilinsky said, quietly. “Does he remember you..? or Johnson? Or Y/F/N?” I asked. “No one..” He said, softly. “Hang tight. We’re gonna try to make his memories come back.” Gilinsky said, softly. We walked back to Sam, who had his head in his hands. “Why, Can’t I remember anything?” Sam asked, with a hint of annoyance in his voice. I couldn’t look at him, I knew I would get upset. But I felt his eyes on me. I looked back at him.

“You’re gorgeous. I wish I can remember who you were.” Sam said, looking at me. “Me too..” I said, quietly under my breath. “We’ll see you guys tomorrow at school. We’ll be taking Sammy home. Hopefully he remembers somethings once he’s home.” Johnson said, killing the silence. Y/F/N stood in front of me.  “I know you want to cry.” She said, softly. I stood there, then I broke.

She pulled me into an embrace and I cried on her shoulder. “Everything will be okay, Y/N. He will remember you.” Cameron said, with a smile, walking up to me and Y/F/N and rubbing my back. Cameron drove me and Y/F/N home. We said goodbye and went to our own houses. The next morning, I got up earlier than everyone else. I got read for school, and threw my bag over my shoulder. I walked downstairs. Empty. I sighed and started walking to school. I messaged Luke, telling him I’m walking to school. Once I got there, I went straight to class. Let’s just say I was really early. The day went on, and it was now third period. Y/F/N, Gilinsky, Matthew, and Johnson came up to me. “Are you okay?” Johnson asked, concerned.

“I’m fine.” I said, faking a smile. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t too convinced.

“How’s Sammy?” I asked, looking at the boys.

“He still has no memory. I honestly think it’s eating him alive.” Matthew said, sighing.

Taylor was walking with Sam, showing him his classes. They spotted us and walked up to us.

“I’m sure you know, Jack J, Jack G and Matthew.” Taylor smiled.

“Yeah. My bestfriends right?” Sam smiled at them.

“Yes, Good. Now, you remember Y/F/N and Y/N?” Taylor asked.

“I saw them yesterday, but that’s all I know about them.” Sam said, quietly.

~A few weeks later~

Sam still hasn’t gotten his memory back. We’ve been talking again, and all I feel is love, and sadness. I’m glad he’s back, but I wish he remembered who I was. If he did get his memory back, I’m sure he’d hate me, because of what happened with Cameron. I’d risk it all for him to at least know me, and know what we had.

Suddenly, Johnson called me.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Y/N!! Sam got himself into a car wreck! We’re in the hospital! Come quick!!” Johnson said, his voice cracking.

I dropped my phone, grabbed my bag and my mom’s car keys and drove to the hospital. I knew I was gonna get in trouble but I didn’t care.

I got there, only to find Gilinsky and Johnson in the waiting room.

Gilinsky got up and grabbed me before I made a scene.

“Wh-What happened?!” I asked.

“Sammy thought that maybe if he got into a car wreck and hit his head hard enough, he’d remember you, and everything else he hasn’t yet remembered.” Johnson explained, shaking his head.

“That’s stupid!” I cried. I felt panicked.

“He’s in surgery and they don’t know if he’ll make it out alive.. We’ll just have to wait and see.” Gilinsky said, quietly.

I sat in the waiting room for a good while. Gilinsky brought Johnson and I hot chocolate. Tears forming in my eyes. 

I couldn’t even take a sip. A tear formed. “This is my fault.” I said, sobbing with my cup in my hands.

“No, It’s no one’s fault.” Johnson said, Wrapping his arm around me.

“Let’s just wait and see what the doctors say. Sammy is a strong boy, He’ll make it.” Gilinsky said, staring at me.

Sorry if this wasn’t too good! :( It will get better!! (-: ;* Sorry for so many cliff hangers……

Author: limitlessmonster
Title: Texting Blunders
Pairing: AoKise
Genre: Fluff/Slight Angst/Fluff
Word Count: Approx 2400
Summary: Aomine learns the hard way just how easy it is to misinterpret text messages from Kise.

Based off of this prompt and partially inspired by this song.
A/N: Since our muses started off their relationship with text messages, I thought this was appropriate. :D This was supposed to be posted for the muses’ official one year anniversary on 01/30/15, but it’s a little late because I’m a shit who can’t stop procrastinating. I hope you enjoy the fluffy anyway. ;D

Always for this pos, the Kise to my Aho.

On AO3.

It’s a funny thing, going from friends to something else, something more confusing, more overwhelming, just… more.

When it starts, Aomine isn’t sure what it is exactly; he feels odd and awkward and suddenly more self conscious when Kise is around, and Aomine Daiki doesn’t get odd, awkward, or self conscious. Kise seems just as oblivious to it then as he does now. Except now, Kise is more popular with both girls and guys and Aomine really has a hard time accepting the random times he feels like he wants to punch something whenever he’s forced to be around it.

It used to be that his world consisted of two things: basketball and his impressive collection of gravure magazines. He can handle those things, the easy things. He’s learned to live in his bubble perfectly happy with his limited scope of interests. And then one day, Kise Ryouta isn’t just his friend, isn’t just someone he plays one on one with when he needs something more challenging than whatever drills Imayoshi has him doing during practice. Suddenly, Kise Ryouta becomes Kise Ryouta, and Aomine feels a little dizzy and maybe a little sick when he realizes that maybe he doesn’t mind the change at all.

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Mistakes, part 7. (Neymar imagine)

His p.o.v

If i ever thought i had felt pain before, i was wrong. Nothing hurts as much as remembering how it is to kiss her, to touch her and to hold her, and not being able to do it again. Hell it even felt amazing when she called me ‘babe’, even though i know she didn’t mean to call me that. You’d think that her kissing me would make me happy, but i feel miserable. I realize it’s because i know she regrets it. No matter how much she wants me, she won’t give in to me, and that hurts. She feels like a drug. You can’t give a heroine addict who is recovering 10% of what he usually would get, because you know his desire for more will slowly kill him.
I just put Davi in bed, and hugged him a little longer knowing he’s the reason she is still in my life. I need to get her back, i think when i get into my own bed. I need to win her back, and make her mine again, and i will do anything to make it happen. I drift off into a sleep, with dreams about her.

She was the last thing i thought of when i fell asleep, and the first thing i thought about when i woke up. I’m in way too deep. I watch as Davi eats his cereal, and go in instagram. I’m pleasantly surpised when i see pictures of her and Davi ice skating yesterday. I rub my temples and try to think of an excuse to go to her. Instead i text her, but as soon as i press send i regret it.

Her p.o.v

I got sick the moment i stepped into my house. It’s been almost 3 years since i was ill, and it feels like hell. I blow my nose in a kleenex and pull my blanket back to cover me. It’s 57 degrees in my house and i’m still cold. I sneeze and feel my eyes water. This has got to be the worst day ever. I wonder what my friends would think if they saw me like this. They’re used to my perfect make up face, and my prefect outfits and hair. When i think about it like this, i  realize that i don’t really have any real friends. In the show business everyone pretends to be your friend, and you feel like you’re really popular. But at times like these you realize how lonely you are. My only real friend was Neymar, but now i don’t even have him. I could call David or Oscar but they are somewhere far away from me, and busy with their own lives. I get startled when i hear some weird sounds from the kitchen. Is there a robber in my house? I stand up cautiously, with the blanket wrapped around me and go take a look. I freeze when i feel wetness down at my feet, and i see how there’s water coming out of the dishwasher. The washing machines are in the basement of my apartment building, so the dishwasher is literally the only thing that would ruin my house if it broke down. And it did.
'OH GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK!’ I yell throwing away my blanket. Now i have to call someone to fix this mess and who knows how long it may take? When i pick up my phone to call someone i see that i have a text. Somehow i just know it’s him. I open it.

We need to talk.

I sigh and delete the message.
'No we don’t.’ I say aloud, before calling a plumber. 
About 4 hours later i’m checking in to a hotel, close to my house. The plumber said it would take at least three days to fix my dishwasher and fix the water damage. The people who lived below me came to yell at me and were suprised when they saw a famous person had been living above them. Irritared i give my credit card to the guy at the lobby, and he takes it cautiously. 
'How many nights?’ He asks, and i sigh.
'I have no idea, at least a week.’ Now that people know where i live i have to find a new house, on top of my new movie being filmed and all the problems with Neymar i feel like exploding. I feel like killing him for bringing me all this trouble. 
'Alright, if you don’t check out i’ll keep your room reserved for you.’ He smiles at me and nod.
'You’ve got room 203, which has a nice view on the skyline of London. It’s on the 6th floor, the last room on the right.’ I thank him, and walk towards the elevator with the guy who carries my bags and my two trolleys. I take one from him, and by the time i arrive in my room i’m sweating and puffing. I organize my clothes in the closet, and put my toiletries in the bathroom. After that i’m exhausted, so after i take a shower i collapse on the kingsized bed. I get a text from my agency, telling me that everything had to be stopped at the set today because i cancelled last. Which m minute. Which means i have no choice than to go tomorrow. I groan and set my alarm before drifting off into a restless sleep.

I don’t know how late it is when i hear someone banging on the door. I think it’s a dream, and turn around pulling my covers with me. But the banging continues, and i stand up, irritated and mad. I’m ready to slap the person who’s responsible for disturbing my sleep. But when i open the door, confusion takes over and i forget how to speak. Neymar is standing in front of my door, yelling at the guy who helped me with my bags earlier. 
'Sir if you harass people i’ll have to call the police.’ He says, holding his hands up, but Neymar has stopped screaming and looks at me now.
'What the hell do you think you’re doing?!’ I snap, and his face looks angry again. 
'Is everything ok miss?’ The younger boy asks. He looks a little pale and intimidated by Neymar but i nod and he leaves.
Neymar rudely walks into my room, and i wonder why he’s here.

'Are you gonna answer me or what?’ I ask, crossing my arms. He looks around, and turns around to me.
'YOU’RE STAYING AT A FUCKING HOTEL?!’ He yells, and i flinch.
'My dishwasher.. it-’ I start. 'I KNOW!’ He disrupts me and i’m honestly a little scared of him. 
'Do you know how i had to find out you were spotted in town at 2 fucking am?! I read it on twitter! I had to go to your appartment to find out what happened!’ I shake my head in confusion.
'Why were you looking for me?’ I ask, my voice sounds small and i see how he relaxes a little.
'I’ve been calling you all day, you left me no choice!’ He says, throwing his hands in the air. 
'I was too busy moving all my stuff. You can’t expect me to come running to you everytime you need me.’ I snap.
'And i’m ill, so i didn’t have the energy to talk to you.’ I add. His expression softens.
'You’re ill? How are you now?’ I sigh, and walk over to the bed to sit down. I’m wearing nothing but my underwear and  robe so i pull it down to cover my legs a little.  
'Not exactly great. Considering you just barged into my room.’ I say, looking up to him. He’s wearing jeans, and a tight white shirt and it looks amazing on him. He kneels in front of me. 
'Why didn’t you come to me meu amor? You could stay with us till your house is fixed.’  He says, and something inside of me snaps when he does. The fact that he acts like nothing happened, and we’re besties. Like i’m his puppy, who does everything he asks from me. I stand up, pushing him away and he stands up too.
'Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?!’ I yell at him, placing my fingers on his chest and pushing him away. He’s startled by my sudden mood swing.
'We broke up Neymar! We aren’t together anymore, and it’s all because of you! Because you couldn’t stay faithfull to me! You ruined everything we had, all because of her and you don’t even care about her!’ I dramatically grab my head. All my anger, my confusion and sadness comes together in one big ball of frustration and i’m glad it happens now. I’m not even finished yet.
'Because of you i had to move out in the middle of shooting a movie after months of hearing no, everytime i went to a casting! Because of you, everytime i see Davi i get reminded of what could have happened! We could’ve been happy!’ My eyes start to water, and i don’t care.
'How could you do this to me?’ I ask, and my voice cracks. Great..
'I loved- love you so much. I would have done everything for you! I would have moved to Brazil just to be closer to you, but you ruined it.’ I finish, with a sob, and Neymar’s hurt look satisfies me in the weirdest way possible.
'I’m sorry i ruined everything.’ He says, and i see the tears in his eyes.
'You gave up everything for me and i threw it away. I just want to ask you for one more chance baby. I miss you so much.’ His voice cracks too, and we’re a mess. 
'I don’t know why i didn’t realize this before but you are the red string in my life that keeps everything together. You were my first girlfriends Davi liked, and i’m so stupid for not seeing it before. Please give me one more chance.’ He says, getting down on his knee for me. He takes my hand, and i get the crazy idea he’s going to propose to me but that can’t happen. He wouldn’t do that. That’s crazy even for him. He can’t do that. I thought.. Because Neymar reaches for something in his pocket, and when he opens the little velvet black box, i feel all the blood drain from my face.

Wedding Series: The Night Before
  • A S H T O N: You loved your bridesmaids to death, after all, they were your best friends. But after a night of drinking, they got super loud and quite obnoxious, so you had to sneak out the door to your hotel suite for a minute of silence. You knew Ashton's room was somewhere in the hotel, but the boys and your girls refused to give each other the room numbers. You pull out your phone and shoot him a text anyways. can you meet me outside? I wanna see you. Ashton immediately replies. of course. see you in a minute. :) x You go to the lobby and out to the back where the pool glowed in the dark. Soon, the door opened behind you, and you felt your heart flutter when Ashton strode out, looking anxiously around for you. You rushed into his arms and felt them tighten around you as he pressed multiple kisses to the crown of your head. "Are you okay?" He asks in concern, holding you at arms length to examine your face. "Yeah, I'm fine," You chuckle. "My friends can just get.. annoying." He leads you to one of the deck chairs before sitting down. He pulls you under his shoulder before speaking. "Have you met my band?" He jokes. You laugh quietly before sighing and leaning into his embrace. Ashton looks down at you before tucking a piece of hair behind your ear. "You're not getting cold feet, are you?" He asks hesitantly. "No?" You reply, reaching up to trace his hairline. "Are you?" Ashton shakes his head. "Of course not." "Good," You smile. "Because you're not getting away from me." You wrap your arms around his waist and tickle his sides just as the pool doors slam open and a couple of your friends march out. You and Ashton immediately separate like you'd been caught by strict parents. "Excuse me, who gave you permission to see each other?" Your best friend demands, grabbing your hand and pulling you away from Ashton. You stutter for a response, trying to hide your laughter. Ashton pouts as you continue to be dragged back inside as you look back at him. "See you tomorrow, my love!" You call dramatically right before the door shuts.
  • L U K E: You're the last one awake at your batchelorette party as all your girlfriends sleep heavily around you, passed out from the few drinks they had. You're about to dose off yourself when you hear a soft knock on your back door. You sit up and eye the shadow of a person, quite terrified, until you saw the tall quiff and baby giraffe like legs. You step over your sleeping friends and open the door quietly. "Luke?" You whisper, stepping outside and shutting the door. He smiles sheepishly at you. "Hi," He mumbles. "What are you doing here? Where are the boys?" You question. "They're back at Michael's," He sighs heavily. "Mikey's idea of a bachelor party is so bad. Like, I came home and there are pictures of boobs everywhere. Oh my god. And he locked me in his room with fucking porn on the flat screen and said it was gonna be "my last good wank". So i just kinda… left… without them knowing." You can't help but chuckle, thinking back to the large bowl of dick shaped chewy candy your friends got you. "How'd you get out?" You ask him. "I went through his bedroom window." Luke admitted. "My prince in shining armor," You joke, reaching up to pinch his cheek. Luke grumbles and swats your hand away. "But I wouldn't have really cared, if that's what you're worried about. God knows what you do on tour when I'm not there." Luke's cheeks flush pink as he grabs your hand. "But I don't wanna watch that shit anymore. I just- I like us better… you know? I'd much rather have you than watch a screen and jack off." You can't help but giggle as his cheeks continue to redden. "Well, all the girls are asleep down stairs…" You inform him suggestively. "and-" "and your bedroom is upstairs," Luke interrupts. "And thats where we're going now." You two stumble upstairs, trying to contain your giggles. "What about the boys?" You ask him as you two fall onto your bed in a mess of limbs. Luke breaks away and rolls his eyes. "They can fuck themselves to Michael's big screen porn."
  • C A L U M: You knew Ashton was a good enough friend to keep you updated on your husband-to-be the night before your wedding. At first all was good, until you suddenly got the frantic message that Calum had disappeared during their movie marathon, and was now nowhere to be found. He wasn't answering the boys' calls, so Ashton suggested you try to reach him. You quickly dialed up his number and waited anxiously for him to pick up. "Hello?" He finally answered, releasing a sigh of relief from you. "Hey, where are you, babe? The boys said you disappeared on them." You ask him. The nerve wracking fear that he no longer wanted to get married was rattling your brain as you held your breath waiting for his response. "I just.. needed some fresh air and some time to think." He informed you. His voice still didn't sound positive, and you seriously felt like he was backing out. "Are you okay? You're not… you aren't backing out, are you?" You question hesitantly. "No, no of course not," He replies instantly. "It's just… I guess I'm worried you know? I'm worried that we'll be happily married and suddenly you'll meet someone and realized you settled for me when you could do so much better. And I'm just afraid you won't be happy with me." You frown, wishing you were in front of him so you could grip his face and shake some sense into him. "You don't think I think about that too? I mean, you go around the world, there's definitely going to be more pretty or more interesting girls than me, I know that. But the thing is, marriage is about trusting one another and being happy with each other. I wouldn't have said yes if I didn't truly believe I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, Calum." Calum sighs, and you can hear his smile through the tinny phone speaker. "You always know the right thing to say, don't you?" You smile, now reassured he was going to be okay. "One of the many perks of marrying me, I suppose." "One of the many, many, many perks," He repeats with a large grin. "Thanks baby. See you at the alter tomorrow night."
  • M I C H A E L: "fucking shit- how do people even do this in movies?" You grumble to yourself as you scour the ground for another pebble. It was nearly impossible due to the fact it was almost the middle of the night, and you were outside in the dark. Finally, you found one and aimed it at Michael's bedroom window. The pebble successfully hit the glass, and you prayed your fiancé heard it. You listened as the window slid open, but your hopeful grin fell when a head- that definitely wasn't Michael's- popped out. "(y/n)?" Calum called out once he spotted you. "You aren't supposed to be here." You looked up pleadingly at the dark haired boy. "I know, I know. I just really want to see-" Your sentence is interrupted as the back door flings open and Michael dashes towards you, nearly knocking you off your feet when he embraces you. "…Michael." You finish, smiling into the fabric of his t-shirt. "Michael!" Luke exclaims. "Get your ass back in here!" "No!" He calls back, his voice muffled by your hair. "This has been the longest night of my life," He whispers to you. "I just wanna be with you and get married already so no one can separate us ever again." You can't help but twist his shirt in your fist as you smile. "Aw, that's so cute, baby," You coo. "I can't wait either. But you know what they say- distance makes the heart grow fonder?" You could hear Ashton groan from inside. "It's only 24 hours you fucking children!" You chuckle to yourself, reaching up to press a short but sweet kiss to Michael's lips. "Less than 24 hours until we're forever and ever, babe. I'll meet you at the alter."