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Shawn Jackson and Hasse Bernfield, better known as Whit and Slug.  These two are Nana’s adopted grandsons, and certified little shits– ESPECIALLY Whit.  Both of them have spent most of their lives on the planet too.

Whit came to the planet with their (rich) family to live in one of the colony.  They got their nickname because of the old Whitworth rifle they carried around: it’s a family heirloom and they would always brag that they would inherit it and use it one day.  They’re kind of annoying, 110% sass, and a joker.  It was them who told Nana all that dumb shit that she totally believes.

Slug’s parents died in a mining accident and he became a bit of an outcast in the community.  He wouldn’t let anyone near him and ended up bullying kids out of food and money.  When he tried to steal from Whit, an outcast in their own right, they became fast friends.  He got his name from his weapon of choice: the shotgun.

Also Whit is totally pining for Slug.


and there we go. i have finished playing every single quest ever released in hwu. i didn’t miss a single one; not even a rerelease of an old quest or date
and in the most satisfying turn of events ever, it appears that im the first/only person to have done so and will FOREVER be at the top of the hwu global leaderboard

AWW Day 3: Ship Love

I’ve had a few nasty weeks lately so I haven’t really had the chance to work on new art *sad sigh* BUT I had finished this one a few months ago, it’s meant to be part of my crazy art project, and this event was a great reason to post it.

Based on the scene from Gladiator’s 93rd chapter, where Sokka tries to dance with Azula and… well, let’s just say the result is mostly humorous because that’s how most things are when Sokka takes the lead xD I just love it when my favorite dorks are all smiles together…

finished the bonus illustrations for my kurotsuki book 💕