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“Rumor has it you cannot look bad when Bokuto takes a picture of you.”

You’re damn right I’m not done drawing things for this series yet. This one was kinda quick, and I’d originally intended to do it in watercolor but apparently that was not to be. I’ll probably give it another try later, I just wanted to put something up tonight and this still came out pretty well, I think. 

Photography major Bokuto from @sturlsons‘ fantastic college AU jaywalkers. …Somehow, every time I draw this guy I end up crosshatching and my hands and various pens hate me for it.

SUGA Wings Album ‘Thanks to...’

Scan credit to BONBONNIERE9397 on twitter ~

(Please take out with credits to jeonheart@tumblr if you use! Feel free to correct me if you notice any mistakes ^^)

SUGA Thanks to…

 To my father, mother, and older brother, who are always the first to stand by me and give me strength – Thank you and I love you.

To Bighit’s heart, Bang Sihyuk PD-nim, Vice president Choi Yoojung, Dr. Yoon Seokjoon, Dr. Kim Shinkyu, Dr. Leehyuk, Dr. Chae-eun – Thank you for letting us make such a great album.

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SunshineSiblingsWeek: Day 1 - Baby Sister/Big Brother

  • Annabeth: All you need is for my family to like you. If they like you, they’ll trust you!
  • Thalia: Fine, how do I get these morons to like me?
  • Annabeth: ...
  • Thalia: Don’t call them morons?
  • Annabeth: Good instinct!