i'll trade anything for the love again


My part of the art trade with the very lovely @tsurakerusartandcraft​ ♥ ♥
Hope you like it!! qwq I’ll draw you something better soon I swear ;; v ;;

I did a cute chib just for you look at him love is blind zfdzfdzfdqsdd

I love him so much
He does so much for me
He’d give me his last 20 bucks
He holds me when I cry
He builds me up
He makes me feel like I can do things
He makes me smile when I don’t want to

“Honeyyyyy” he says
“I love you.” He says as he gives me a kiss.

We bicker
We make up
We laugh uncontrollably.
We are two weirdos together.

I’ve waited so long to have something so special.
I’ve had my heart broken so many times.
But I would do it all over again,
As long as it brought me back to him.
I wouldn’t trade his love for anything

—  Chapters from my life