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Without light, there would be no darkness.
                     Without you, there is no meaning.

Fresh Eyes // 2:04 PM

Pairing: Reader x Tom

Featuring: Tom Holland

Warning: fluff

Request - could you do a tom imagine based on the song fresh eyes? Like tom invites her to a premiere or something and she gets dressed up really fancy and that’s the first time he sees her like that?


The premiere that your boyfriend had invited you to started in less than thirty minutes, and you were desperately trying to find your shoes. The ones you had decided to wear were tall heels, since you were a foot or two shorter than your boyfriend, you could actually get away with wearing heels without looking like a daddy-long-leg.

Your phone buzzed from inside your clutch. Opening it up to see that it was a message from your boyfriend. You both had agreed to meet each other there. Since he had to be there almost two hours sooner than you could get there. Your work had made you stay overtime, which was something you specifically asked to not have happen. But the odds were never in your favour.

‘T-minus fifteen minutes love’

Your eyes scanned the text over and over again. Only fifteen minutes? You thought your had thirty. Rushing around the vast condo, you quickly found the heels that were hidden under a pile of coats that were thrown on the floor. You got messy when you were rushing.

You slipped on your soft overcoat and put on the heels, reveling in the new height. The car was parked out front, waiting for you. You got down to the lobby in two minutes, the elevator didn’t need to stop.

“Miss (L/N).” Gregory, your chauffer greeted you with a smile as he held open the car door.

“Thank you,” you said as you slipped into the leather seat. Your dress flowing in after you.

You had chosen something elegant, but not to overbearing. It was a dress you had picked out over a year ago, but it sat lonely in your closet since you had no big events to ever wear it to. Though, your boyfriend had never seen the dress, you chose tonight to surprise him. It was spaghetti strap, sparkling, and long. There was an open back, and a slit that ran up the side of your leg, to mid-thigh. It was elegant, really. And it was perfect.

The car came to a stop just outside the theatre. Cars were parked all alongside the walkway and paparazzi surrounded everyone. People were everywhere, except along the clean, red carpet that identified where all the celebrities were meant to stand.

Your eyes scanned the sea of people, searching for your tall, handsome boyfriend. Catching his ruffle of smooth, caramel brown hair made your heart swell. He was dressed fittingly in a blue suit, his smile radiant as he greeted different people. Gregory opened the car door for you as you stepped out, your long dress following swiftly behind. Eyes turned to you, cameras started to flash.

People knew who you were. You were Tom Holland’s extravagantly beautiful girlfriend. Not to sound self-righteous. You had read that line in a magazine once. It made you feel weird, knowing that everyone knew your face. They knew your name, your last name, where you came from, and so on. But you didn’t mind that fact, because you got to go home to an incredible boyfriend.

Tom noticed you almost instantly, his eyes following the swarm of paparazzi as your appearance was welcomed. His features lit up in glee as he pushed his way over to you, leading you gently by the hand to the clear red carpet. Once you made it out of the swarm, Tom rested his hands lightly on your hips, his eyes scanning you up and down in a devouring way.

“You look absolutely ravishing.” Tom said, his eyes finally reaching your face after he took in the dress. Heat rose to your cheeks, knowing only he could make you feel so hot and bothered with only a few simple words.

“Thank you,” you breathed, trying to get accustomed to the mass of people around you. “You look rather dashing, yourself.” You added, bringing your hand up to move aside a stray hair that protruded from the rest.

“We’re the best looking out here tonight.” Tom smiled warmly at you, him still slightly taller than you even in your heels. He then led you further along the carpet. His hand stayed on the small of your back as the night progressed onward.

The night had continued on with cameras and people, you met multiple new actors and actresses that had come to the premiere, each one commenting on ‘Tom’s stunning girlfriend’.

Standing now, almost to the end of the evening, the premiere was just coming to an end, as you and Tom stood outside the theatre, his arm laced around your torso. Gregory was pulling the car around for your ride home. Tom leaned close to you, his lips just brushing your ear.

“You looked so incredible tonight, love. Your hair, your dress. You were completely jaw-dropping.” Tom whispered, sending shivers down your spine as his hot breath touched your skin.

“Thank you, Tom.” You said to him, turning just slightly to place a meaningful kiss on his soft lips. He kissed you back, pulling you tighter into him, your body feeling the fabric of his suit on the bare skin that your dress exposed.

“Now, I can’t wait to get home and take it off.” Tom then said after leaving your lips, whispering roughly in your ear, his accent becoming somewhat demanding, desperate. Your heart began to accelerate at his words, his hand playing idly with the fabric of your dress.

No words could be said, as he knew you were thinking the same thing. The both of you raced into the car as Gregory pulled up along side the walkway.

“Home! Gregory, home!” Tom nearly shouted, his bubbling laughter following the chime. You couldn’t contain your own laugher as Gregory easily pulled back onto the road, the both of you forgetful to put on your seat belts.

You fell clumsily into Tom’s lap, where he swiftly grabbed hold of you by the waist, not letting you get up, your eyes became level with his as you hovered above him.

“I love you, (F/N).” Tom hummed, he was breathless. His eyes searched your face, he took in every detail and every feature.

“I love you more, Holland.” Your own voice had escaped you as your hands found his jaw, pulling his face up to connect to your lips.

hope you like it beb - Xx

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Day One: Least Typecast Fave

Song Ji Hyo

From Emergency Couple to Ex Girlfriends Club to Princess Hours and My Wife is Having an Affair this Week, no two of her roles have every felt the same. Sometimes quirky, sometimes untouchable, she is always engaging on screen. While not all her shows have been my personal favorites, I still enjoyed watching her subvert expectations. With an even more prolific array of movie roles plus her versatility on Running Man, she moves from embodying model standards to every-day working life with ease that the industry finds hard to label.

Photocredit: dramafever, google

Going Slow / Haz drable

Pairing: Haz x Reader

Featuring: Harrison Osterfield

Warnings: LIGHT smut

Request - can you do Harrison with #s 25 and 47? And can it be light smut.

So yes, it’s light smut. 

25 - “Bite me.”

47 - “God, stop doing that.”   “Doing what?”

Originally posted by harrison-osterfield-appreciation

The street lamps lit the side walk as you strolled down Park Avenue with your hand clasped tightly in your boyfriends. You both had went on your usual Friday-night date, something that became sort of a tradition since you’d started dating. You looked up to see Haz’s hair waving slightly in the wind as you headed home, his hand swinging yours back and forth in a rhythmic motion. A smile slipped onto your lips as you drank in the beautiful sight of your boyfriend. It always melted you inside when you had time to admire his jaw-dropping looks.

You knew he always bugged you for staring, but you couldn’t help it. He was a gorgeous human being.

“Love…” Harrison drawled suddenly, his sweet voice luring you further into your daydream. 

“Hm?” He snorted as you shook your head lightly to clear your thoughts. Heat rose to your cheeks in embarrassment, like it always did.

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└ Sakurai-san! Why must you tease like that!

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January 11th
Happy Birthday Eisuke Ichinomiya!

Haz Drabble // 2:56 PM

Pairing: Reader x Haz

Featuring: Harrison Osterfield, Tom Holland

Warning: fluff

Request - 31 and 45 with Haz please xx

31 - “What are you doing in here?”

45 - “You stole my bra?”   “It’s not what you think.”

You hadn’t been feeling very well all week, and your boyfriend, Harrison, had decided to play nurse. You stayed out in the living room for most of the day because it had the only TV and you liked to see the sun, and the rest of England. He had been junking out the bedroom anyhow, you wouldn’t like the mess in there.

You were snuggled cozily up on the couch, your favourite tea in hand and the best Marvel movies on repeat. Harrison had disappeared into the bedroom almost an hour ago, usually you’d be able to hear him accidentally knocking something over, or he’d become bored of cleaning and come sit on the couch. But, Tom had come over earlier. And now the two boys were eerily silent.

It made your body hurt to get up, but concern washed over you. What if they were rough-housing and one of them had gotten hurt? Were they still even in the condo, you wondered.

Slowly, you got up from your comfy spot on the couch, placing your hot tea mug on the table in front of you. You crept along the hallway, coming to the door to the bedroom. There was no sound coming from inside. You opened the door, pushing it open to reveal the unruly mess of the bedroom. Boxes were scattered around and clothes littered the bed. The walk-in closet, which was where you kept all your belongings and clothes, was wide open.

Anger started to build-up inside you at the sight. You had specifically told Haz to not go in there. Since you were keeping his birthday present hidden under the clothes rack. He’d most likely found it. You stormed over to the open door, since you figured that’s where the boys were hiding.

Peering into the closet, you spotted the two. Both their backs were to you as you cleared your throat. Which was a stupid move on your part, since you were sick. It stung, but you didn’t show weakness. Harrison looked alarmed as he saw you, Tom only stared wide-eyed. They looked like deer’s caught in headlights.

What are you doing in here?” You asked the two, both of them shaking their heads.

“Nothing.” Harrison said hotly, his cheeks a new shade of pink. You glared at the two of them, completely aware that they were up to something. Nothing was out of array in the closet, but you knew they had been snooping.

“I told you my closet didn’t need to be cleaned.” You said Harrison, who nodded rolling his eyes back in exaggeration.

“Right! I had completely forgotten.” He said, eyeing Tom quickly before looking back at you. You were confused and a little angry.

“C’mon, Haz. That room won’t clean itself, then.” Tom spoke up, his hands stuffed deeply into his back pockets, his own ears were burning with heat. What had they been doing? You wondered.

“Okay!” Harrison said, clapping his hands together. Tom brushed past you out into the bedroom, giving you a small smile when doing so.

“Love,” Harrison drew your attention from Tom. “You should be laying down, resting.” He said, coming up to you slowly. His hands rested on top your shoulders, heat radiated through your thin shirt from his large hands.

“Sure,” you mumbled, your throat starting to sting from all the talking. Haz nodded softly at you, giving you a heart devouring smile. He leaned forward to kiss your forehead before guiding you back out to the living room.

“We’ll try to be quiet, OK? Get some sleep, babe.” He said, helping you back into your comfy spot on the couch. You only stared up at him and gave a slight nod of your head. He then disappeared back to the bedroom, your suspicious eyes following his back.

Something wasn’t adding up, and you knew it. Those two were always getting up to no good, and you were going to find out what it was. You were only hoping that Harrison hadn’t found his birthday present. It was the only reason you didn’t want him in your closet. Plus, he was cleaning the bedroom because he was always leaving it messy. Your closet was clean, because you liked it organized.

Thinking of different ways to spy on the two boys, your eyelids slipped closed. The energy that it took you to get off the couch was slowly draining. The sickness was really taking it’s toll. You eventually slipped into a soundless sleep.

The sound of something crashing jerked you awake. Your head spun as you lifted it too fast, but everything else seemed okay. Sleeping really helped give you more energy. It was still daylight out, since the sun was still shining down over England, and through the windows into the living room. Warming your blankets.

A laugh echoed from the bedroom, making you cast your focus to the hallway. Another burst of laughter made you curious as you staggered to your feet, gaining complete consciousness. Wadding down the hallway, you found that the bedroom door was closed, once again. Listening for any more sounds of laughter or something breaking, you opened the door, poking your head inside.

There was no body in the room, so you walked further in. Your closet door was shut now, leaving the only other place to be the balcony. The balcony doors were wide open, revealing the fresh air and hot wind from the summer breeze. Laughter echoed in through the open doors, you walked out to see the two boys again.

Only now, they were causing trouble.

“Is that my bra?” You asked in astonishment, making both the boys jump in surprise. “You stole my bra?”

It’s not what you think.” Harrison chuckled nervously, your hot pink bra was being held in his hands. Stretched, and inside was a filled, neon-orange water balloon.

Tom looked anxiously around, averting eye contact with you. In his hands were even more water balloons. You peered over the railing of the balcony, looking down at the innocent people below, getting nailed with water balloons for new reason at all.

“Are you twelve?” You asked the two incredulously. Staring bewildered at their faces as neither of them spoke.

“Well, no-” Harrison started, his hands falling from the railing in shame. Tom still looked uncertain. You could tell you were ruining their fun. You didn’t want to be that annoying girlfriend that always ruined the fun. Actually, you were more hurt with the fact that you weren’t invited to bomb people with neon water balloons.

“I can’t believe you didn’t ask me.” You said suddenly, staring up at your boyfriend. He looked confused for a moment before breaking out in a cheerful grin.

“Ma’lady.” Harrison spoke lightly, bowing down to you while holding out the make-shift sling-shot and water balloon. You took it from him happily, leaning over the railing, getting ready to ruin someone’s mood.

As you leant over the railing, Harrison came up behind you, holding onto your waist firmly. It sent warm tingles to shoot through your spine and along your body. He leaned in closer to you, his front pressing you against the railing, his face becoming level with yours. He then let go of your waist to bring his hands around you, clamping them over your won as you held up the bra.

“Ready?” He asked hotly into your ear. You could only nod, feeling perplexed by his closeness. His hands moved your own as he readied the sling-shot. Pulling it back and aiming downward, the balloon was sent flying diagonal across the street. Barely missing a pedestrian by a second. They turned around in shock, looking around for the culprit.

You, Tom and Harrison burst into a fit of laughter. Harrison had stepped back to let you step away from the railing, shielding anyone who noticed you three as the culprits. Though, they were sure to hear your laughter as it echoed throughout the busy street.

hopefully this is what you wanted! - Xx

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Give me your hand. Don’t be afraid, Nasir. It feels good, right? Like silk.