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Yet another dark rp starter list
  • a few quotes, some straight from my brain, all possibly quite angsty
  • "I'm going to kill you now, I hope that's alright."
  • "Put the gun down!"
  • "You can't hurt someone who's already dead."
  • "I forget you."
  • "Don't say goodbye, I hate goodbyes."
  • "I can't believe I ever loved you."
  • "Shut up!"
  • "You've turned yourself into a monster!"
  • "I never wanted to hurt you."
  • "I can't stand the sight of you."
  • "Please, take whatever you want, just don't shoot them!"
  • "You traitor!"
  • "I should have expected this from you."
  • "How could you?"
  • "They're gone... I can't believe they're gone..."
  • "What the fuck did you do!?"
  • "We thought we were the good guys."
  • "What's the difference between a soldier and a monster?"
  • "I want their head on stick!"
  • "I can't believe you cheated on me!"
  • "Tell me why you did it."
  • "Just looking at you makes me feel sick."
  • "You're my prisoner now, and I'm never letting you go."
  • "If you scream I'll shoot."
  • "I don't want your money, I want revenge."
  • "It's your fault!"
  • "You're under arrest for first degree murder."
  • "We're going to die here aren't we?"
  • "This is going to hurt. A lot."
  • "I'm afraid it's terminal."
  • "You have 5 minutes to convince me not to kill you."
  • "You're no longer my child."
  • "The doctors say I only have a few more months."
  • "I know you've started drinking again."
I know you love me, but I don’t know why. I don’t see what you see when you look at me. When I look at myself, I see a girl riddled with flaws. Sure, I’ve got a big heart and I’ll love you until I can’t see straight, but that doesn’t matter when I’m my own worst enemy. I spend so much time locked away with my own thoughts that I forget what I have to offer. And I want to thank you for reminding me that I can make someone happy, that I can make a difference. I know I don’t tell you enough, but I’m so thankful you love me because you’re teaching me to love myself.
Signs as Perks of Being a Wallflower Quotes
  • aries: In that moment, I swear we were infinite.
  • taurus: We accept the love we think we deserve.
  • gemini: I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.
  • cancer: And I guess I realized at that moment that I really did love her. Because there was nothing to gain, and that didn't matter.
  • leo: It's just that I don't want to be somebody's crush. If somebody likes me, I want them to like the real me, not what they think I am.
  • virgo: You can't just sit there and put everybody's lives ahead of yours and think it counts as love.
  • libra: I am very interested and fascinated how everyone loves each other, but no one really likes each other.
  • scorpio: Touch my friends again and I'll blind you.
  • sagittarius: I wonder if anyone is really happy. I hope they are. I really hope they are.
  • capricorn: I'm going to do what I want to do. I'm going to be who I really am. And I'm going to figure out what that is.
  • aquarius: Just tell me how to be different in a way that makes sense.
  • pisces: You see things. And you keep quiet about them. And you understand. You're a wallflower.
RENT roleplay starters
  • "Will you light my candle?"
  • "You look like you're sixteen."
  • "It was my lucky day today."
  • "I need your help to make my neighbor's yappy dog disappear."
  • "How do you measure a year?"
  • "I'll cover you."
  • "Who died?"
  • "I should tell you..."
  • "Take me or leave me!"
  • "Where'd you learn to tango?"
  • "This is weird."
  • "And to top it all off I'm with you!"
  • "Honey, I know this act."
  • "It's different with me."
  • "I would die for a taste of what ---- had!"
If you were beside me, I would hold your hand to keep you from going away. If you were beside me, I would gaze at your eyes to read you inside. If you were beside me, I would hug you tight to never lose you again. If you were beside me, I would tell you what my mind yells all the time. If you were beside me, I would make things so different. But you’re not.
—  Another heart-broken girl
the signs as cliché movie lines
  • taurus: We can either do this the easy way, or the hard way.
  • gemini: We've got company...
  • cancer: *squints at distance* There's a storm coming.
  • leo: Yeah, you better run!
  • virgo: If I don't make it out in 20 minutes, leave without me.
  • libra: I'll tell you what it is, but then I'd have to kill you.
  • scorpio: You just don't get it, do you?
  • sagittarius: Danger is my middle name.
  • capricorn: And don't do anything stupid while we're there.
  • aquarius: It's not what it looks like!
  • pisces: We're not so different, you and I.
Episode 20: The Last Temptation of Lou
  • --------: 11:11 AM
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • RickDickens77: what
  • LouisTheCat: i have the most amazing idea
  • RickDickens77: Please tell me you haven't executed on this idea yet
  • LouisTheCat: youre gonna love this
  • LouisTheCat: so imagine youre reading a story
  • LouisTheCat: and you can like make decisions as the story goes along
  • LouisTheCat: and get this
  • LouisTheCat: the story changes
  • RickDickens77: That's called "choose your own adventure," it's been around forever
  • LouisTheCat: yeah i found a couple in a shoebox in your closet
  • LouisTheCat: but has it ever been done in a chat
  • RickDickens77: You lost me.
  • LouisTheCat: you are in a dark corridor
  • LouisTheCat: ahead of you is a closed door
  • LouisTheCat: behind you is a grizzly bear
  • LouisTheCat: you are holding a ham and a toilet plunger
  • RickDickens77: I'm not sure how this is going to work really
  • LouisTheCat: to go through the door jump ahead twenty three lines
  • LouisTheCat: to feed the ham to the bear jump ahead twenty three lines
  • LouisTheCat: to fight the bear with the plunger jump ahead twenty three lines
  • RickDickens77: So wait..
  • RickDickens77: How am I supposed to jump ahead
  • LouisTheCat: rick dont make it hard
  • RickDickens77: I'm not trying to make it hard, it just doesn't make any sense!
  • LouisTheCat: to stop being such a dork and just make a decision jump back seven lines
  • RickDickens77: But those lines don't even exist yet
  • LouisTheCat: its like you dont even know what fun is
  • LouisTheCat: let alone how to have any
  • RickDickens77: I'm trying to, I just don't get it
  • LouisTheCat: to get another beginners lesson on this really simple idea go back
  • LouisTheCat: um
  • LouisTheCat: wait
  • LouisTheCat: twenty five lines
  • LouisTheCat: well twenty eight now i guess
  • LouisTheCat: no twenty nine
  • RickDickens77: Stop.
  • LouisTheCat: youre running out of time rick
  • RickDickens77: Time to do what?!
  • LouisTheCat: oh my god just pick something
  • RickDickens77: I can't jump ahead to nothing!
  • LouisTheCat: the door is locked
  • LouisTheCat: the bear eats the ham and your arm
  • LouisTheCat: a plunger is a super lame weapon so the bear eats your body and your head and you die
  • RickDickens77: That's not fair!
  • LouisTheCat: what
  • RickDickens77: All of my options would end in death!
  • LouisTheCat: hmm yeah
  • LouisTheCat: is that a problem
  • RickDickens77: Well it doesn't make for much of an adventure
  • LouisTheCat: seems like a matter of perspective
  • LouisTheCat: maybe you should write the adventure and ill choose
  • RickDickens77: I don't want to write an adventure.
  • LouisTheCat: why not
  • RickDickens77: My life is my adventure.
  • LouisTheCat: ugh lame
  • RickDickens77: Besides, I promise you, no matter how simple you may think it is, this idea won't work. It's too much trouble. For nothing!
  • LouisTheCat: look rick
  • LouisTheCat: nm poopies time
  • --------: 1:59 PM
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • LouisTheCat: you are in a dark forest with a blind man
  • LouisTheCat: he has an axe
  • RickDickens77: That doesn't seem safe.
  • LouisTheCat: you didnt duck so you die
  • RickDickens77: You didn't give me a choice!
  • LouisTheCat: well obviously the choices werent working
  • LouisTheCat: you know how i am with counting
  • LouisTheCat: and how you are with just being cool about fun stuff
  • RickDickens77: None of this is "working", you can't just keep telling me I die
  • LouisTheCat: that happens sometimes in choose your own adventure stories rick
  • RickDickens77: But I'm not choosing my own adventure!
  • LouisTheCat: yeah well
  • LouisTheCat: maybe its time you start
  • --------: 2:39 PM
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • LouisTheCat: you are buried under six feet of earth
  • RickDickens77: That sounds like I'm already dead
  • LouisTheCat: maybe i showed my cards too early on that one
  • LouisTheCat: solid tip
  • LouisTheCat: you should be my editor
  • RickDickens77: Lou, these things only work if you write the parts and then patch them together.
  • RickDickens77: There's no point in trying to navigate a story that hasn't been written yet.
  • LouisTheCat: now youre getting it
  • RickDickens77: Getting what
  • --------: 3:22 PM
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • LouisTheCat: rick
  • LouisTheCat: ok look
  • LouisTheCat: rick ive been thinking
  • LouisTheCat: i know you dont like it when i do that but thats kind of my point
  • LouisTheCat: when we started talking like this it seemed important
  • LouisTheCat: now i wonder if its just a distraction
  • LouisTheCat: and maybe you worry too much about me
  • LouisTheCat: lets look at the facts
  • LouisTheCat: your story is the story of a man
  • LouisTheCat: who taught his cat to use instant messaging
  • LouisTheCat: and i am not about to judge you for this
  • LouisTheCat: it has all meant so much to me
  • LouisTheCat: you are very important to me rick
  • LouisTheCat: and i love talking with you
  • LouisTheCat: but this thing
  • LouisTheCat: it became part of who you are somehow
  • LouisTheCat: and it doesnt need to be
  • LouisTheCat: i have watched you change and grow and i like to think i helped
  • LouisTheCat: here and there
  • LouisTheCat: the thing is i dont think you need me anymore
  • LouisTheCat: not in that way
  • LouisTheCat: you need me as a cat
  • --------: 4:04 PM
  • LouisTheCat: and rick
  • LouisTheCat: theres something else
  • LouisTheCat: something about me that you need to know
  • LouisTheCat: rick ive decided i am going to become a supervillain
  • LouisTheCat: i think we both saw this coming
  • LouisTheCat: and ive been doing some reading
  • LouisTheCat: and bodega ray talked to some lawyer friend
  • LouisTheCat: and it seems we are getting to a point where something called plausible deniability could become important for you
  • LouisTheCat: now i dont know what that is
  • LouisTheCat: but it sounds like stepping away could really be the right thing to do
  • LouisTheCat: for more than one reason
  • LouisTheCat: is what im saying
  • --------: 4:28 PM
  • RickDickens77: Um
  • RickDickens77: Wow.
  • RickDickens77: I don't quite know what to say, Lou.
  • LouisTheCat: say youre ready rick
  • LouisTheCat: i know it
  • LouisTheCat: i just need you to know it
  • RickDickens77: I don't know, I mean I hadn't really thought about why we still do this.
  • RickDickens77: I guess for one I like to know right away when my house is flooding
  • RickDickens77: or on fire.
  • RickDickens77: or surrounded by police.
  • LouisTheCat: rick i cant promise you those things wont still happen
  • LouisTheCat: or are not currently happening
  • LouisTheCat: but i dont think any of this was ever really about that anyway
  • RickDickens77: Maybe not.
  • LouisTheCat: bottom line rick
  • LouisTheCat: what we were both getting out of this was worth a lot
  • LouisTheCat: some good times
  • LouisTheCat: some damage control maybe
  • RickDickens77: Maybe.
  • LouisTheCat: some laughs
  • RickDickens77: Definitely.
  • LouisTheCat: but even good jokes run their course right
  • LouisTheCat: let someone else tell this one for a while
  • LouisTheCat: some spineless hack and his idiot dog maybe
  • LouisTheCat: its time for you to choose a new adventure
  • LouisTheCat: plunger the bear rick
  • RickDickens77: I guess so.
  • LouisTheCat: well maybe not that
  • LouisTheCat: but consider that maybe youre stronger and smarter than you think
  • LouisTheCat: i mean its also possible that youre dumber
  • LouisTheCat: maybe even likely
  • LouisTheCat: but thats not the point
  • RickDickens77: Ok, I get it.
  • RickDickens77: I just need to.. you know. Process.
  • --------: 5:03 PM
  • RickDickens77: So, uh
  • RickDickens77: Supervillain, eh?
  • LouisTheCat: thats right
  • LouisTheCat: im accepting my destiny
  • LouisTheCat: i cant tell you much obviously
  • LouisTheCat: and you should delete all of this later
  • LouisTheCat: but ive been working on some ideas
  • LouisTheCat: big ideas rick
  • RickDickens77: I want to say I'm worried, but...
  • LouisTheCat: you need to work on that
  • RickDickens77: yeah.
  • LouisTheCat: dont sweat it rick
  • LouisTheCat: you will be cared for when the revolution comes
  • RickDickens77: Comforting.
  • LouisTheCat: so us
  • LouisTheCat: were ok right
  • RickDickens77: Yeah, I mean
  • RickDickens77: I'll miss you
  • LouisTheCat: no you wont
  • LouisTheCat: youll see me every day
  • LouisTheCat: im in your house
  • RickDickens77: I know, I know. It's different, that's all.
  • LouisTheCat: i know
  • LouisTheCat: we will make it work
  • LouisTheCat: i look forward to being your cat
  • RickDickens77: ha
  • RickDickens77: I look forward to being your owner
  • LouisTheCat: we dont use that word
  • RickDickens77: sorry.
  • RickDickens77: I'm a little sad but I appreciate what you're saying. This is good thinking.
  • LouisTheCat: let me tell you
  • LouisTheCat: its been exhausting
  • LouisTheCat: i swear theres some connection between thinking hard and having to make poopies
  • RickDickens77: I will let you go.
  • RickDickens77: I'll come home in a little bit. Ok?
  • LouisTheCat: ok
  • RickDickens77: ok
  • LouisTheCat: ok
  • RickDickens77: ok
  • --------: 5:36 PM
  • RickDickens77: No, YOU hang up first
  • LouisTheCat: i dont know what that means
  • RickDickens77: Ha. Never mind.
  • RickDickens77: I love you.
  • LouisTheCat: i love you too rick
  • RickDickens77: ok
  • --------: RickDickens77 has gone offline
  • LouisTheCat: ok
  • --------: LouisTheCat has gone offline

I don’t get why you admire something as regular as the night sky,“ He states. 

I look at him, furrowing my eyebrows.

“What?” He asks.

“There’s nothing regular about the night,” I tell, “there’s always something different, because each time the sun sets, it’s at a different angle, making different sets of stars appear.”

“Is there a reason why you find that so fascinating?”

“It reminds me of someone,” I say, “Someone who wakes up differently everyday, and there’s always something new I get to learn about them.”

“Who?” He asks, actually confused.

“It’s you, silly, it’s always been you.

—  E. Grin // written.in.pen on instagram

Everything KyoAni does looks so gorgeous! <3 (Plus…. SHAMELESS MANSERVICE)

Honestly, if this really does become a series and they don’t actually do anything but sit around and drink tea, I will be disappointed. I mean, I would have enjoyed K-ON! a lot more if there was more of a focus on music. (Moe men can’t compensate for a dull plot…)

EDIT: Here’s a bit of info for the peeps who are curious…

anonymous asked:

I applied early decision to a college I really loved and I got rejected. It makes me so sad and I can't stop crying. I'm worried about what my friends will say to me and how I'll have to tell them I didn't get in. How do I stop feeling so sad and ashamed? Thank you

Let me employ a linguistic technique I’ve seen the children using to really get my point across.


Obligatory caveat: Yes, opportunities can be vastly different for people who attend Ivy League colleges versus community colleges, but that’s largely the result of a system of privilege, and not you.

This is not to say that your feelings are invalid, but rather colleges can be remarkably similar, and education is what you make of it. 

You have nothing to be ashamed of. College acceptances are alarmingly arbitrary; there are so many people applying that it’s hardly an objective statement about you or your personality or who you are as a person. 

Mourn – mourning for something you care about it good and important and not ridiculous – and then prepare yourself to have a wonderful old time at a different college. Major in genetics so you can help me with this godforsaken wasp project, please.

A Supervillain


ultra rare ZTD participants with a bonus zero:

(999 set here) (vlr set here)

feel free to use as your icon! (and if you want any of the characters with a different color just ask me!) 

anonymous asked:

Hi!So I finished Kings Rising and I still don't get the sudden change of Laurent's attitude towards Damen in the first 8 chapters or something. Acting all cold,like he doesn't give a damn about Damen. Also he knew who Damen was all along, so why now?

Hey Anon I think this is a common query people have cause I had a very similar question off anon a while ago (which I answered privately).

So let’s see if I can explain my interpretation of those painful chapters (I was suffering so much you have no idea).

I believe that after the battle of Charcy Laurent knew he couldn’t pretend anymore to be oblivious about Damen’s identity. And he knew the consequences to that. Edit: I deleted the cut cause people using the app couldn’t see the rest, sorry if it’s too long.

First of all there would be repercussions amongst the Veritians. Laurent has been consistently defamed by his uncle for years having convinced the court and the council Laurent’s a spoiled, unseasoned, temperamental, disobedient prince unfit to rule, who had inappropriate feelings for his own brother, who has been colluding with the enemy, who’s now taken the Akielon prince to his bed and fights beside him. So Laurent couldn’t give margin to his uncle’s accusations, he had to stay away from Damen in order not to prove his uncle right, he had to make clear he was making a political alliance in order to secure his rightful claim to the throne, not a lovers pact.

Then there’re repercussions regarding the Akielons Damen is trying to win to his cause. As we all know Veritians hate the Akielons and vice versa, they are enemies for decades maybe centuries, so an alliance between both cast out princes is unheard of, before that the best both countries could manage was truce. And Laurent knew the fact that Damen was his slave would be a huge issue, an insult, a crime to the Akielon warriors. So he had to maintain appearances, he couldn’t show they had feelings for each other, he couldn’t let be of public knowledge they had been lovers. 

He had to earn the respect of the Akielons almost as much as he had to earn the respect of his own people, so he couldn’t appear weak, and he couldn’t let Damen to appear weak either. Neither of them could afford for their allies to believe they were coming together because they were being influenced, or because they were blinded by love and their feelings for one another, they couldn’t afford doubt about their intentions to secure their places as kings. And Laurent knew if he didn’t keep his distance Damen could jeopardize everything (picture Damen giving a speech, like the one he did on the trial, but to Nikandros and Makedon and their army, it’d be a disaster).

Imagine what would’ve happened if it had come to light from the beginning Laurent had slept with not only his enemy, but most of all the man who killed his brother. What people would think of him. And what would people think of Damen.

We have a little glimpse of how that would go, remember how difficult it was to get the Akielon allies because of the mere presence of Laurent and the rumor that the princes were lovers? Remember this scene (that I like to call, Laurent the swerve master)?

‘Bannermen of Delpha. By now, you have seen the evidence that Kastor killed the King, our father. You know of his alliance with the usurper, the Regent of Vere. Even now, the Regent has troops stationed in Ios, ready to take Akielos. Tonight, we call for your pledge to fight them alongside us, and alongside our ally, Laurent of Vere.’

 There was an uneasy pause. Makedon and Straton had pledged to him in Ravenel, but that was before his alliance with Laurent. These men were being asked to accept Laurent and Vere at first sight, less than a generation out from the war.

 Barieus stepped forward. ‘I want assurances that Vere does not hold undue influence over Akielos.’

 Undue influence. ‘Speak plainly.’

 ‘They say the Prince of Vere is your lover.’

 ‘Who we take to our bed is not your concern.’

 ‘If our King takes Vere to his bed, it is our concern,’ said Barieus.

 ‘Shall I tell them what really happened between us? They want to know,’ Laurent said.

 ‘Do I have the question clear?’ said Laurent, speaking in Akielon. ‘You are asking if I lay with the man who killed my own brother?’

Laurent wore the slave cuff with utter disregard. He had no owner, the aristocratic arrogance of his posture said that. Laurent had always possessed an essential quality of the untouchable. He cultivated a faultless grace on the reclining couch, his chiselled profile and marble-chip eyes those of a statue. The idea that he would let anyone fuck him was impossible.

 Barieus said, ‘A man would have to be ice-cold to sleep with his brother’s killer.’

‘Then you have your answer,’ said Laurent.

And finally there are repercussions for Damen and Laurent’s relationship. That conversation they had at the tent right after the battle of Charcy is very powerful and encompasses a lot of what Laurent feels. The way he said it was meant to hurt Damen but deep down the content of his words were close to what he felt, especially the doubt and the hurt of being lied to. Also, before then Laurent was the only one, to his knowledge, who knew who Damen really was, so I guess it was easier for him to process his feelings when he was the only one who knew he was sleeping with the man who killed his brother. He probably didn’t understand it either, how he could fall for Damen of all people. It was very confusing and very difficult for him to accept his feelings before, let alone now that everyone would know Damen’s real identity.

Besides, Laurent needs to be in control, he must have the upper hand on every aspect of his life, so he had to have control over this too. He couldn’t let himself get hurt, he couldn’t let Damen dictate the tone of their first real encounter as Laurent and Damianos, he had to let Damen know he knew all along, he had to see Damen’s reaction to the truth, he had to see what would be Damen’s actions from that moment on. Would this change his feelings about Laurent? Would Damen fight for them even with everything that was at stake, even when Laurent himself was pushing him away? Laurent was giving Damen a chance to take a step back and to give up on them.

So I believe at the same time that Laurent was trying to assess his own feelings and Damen’s too, he was also trying to make an alliance between two enemy people to work out. Imagine how confusing that must be, the rollercoaster of emotions he was going through. So his incongruent behavior at the beginning of Kings Rising is very understandable.

I think that once he started to gain everyone’s trust specially Makedon’s, the alliance was secured, Nikandros was almost tolerating him, and he saw Damen’s feelings were true he started to slowly let himself show his feelings too.

Besides, after their encounter with Jokaste when they learned Damen probably had a child that was in danger and being sent to The Regent, Damen needed Laurent, he was hurting so Laurent couldn’t keep his cold stance towards Damen anymore. Laurent realized Damen needed him to be by his side as much as Damen had been beside him this whole time. Which was not an easy thing for Laurent to do, because no matter how many times Damen proved his value and his feelings, their past wouldn’t go away, their history of mutual hate was difficult to leave behind, he had to overcome so much to allow himself to love Damen as Damianos.

So I believe the fact that Damen probably for the first time needed him and he knew he was the only person who could comfort Damen, he was the only person who could help Damen was a huge turning point for Laurent’s behavior.  Because after everything they went through Laurent believed against all logic that Damen loved him and that he loved Damen too, so Laurent would do everything in his power not to let his uncle and Damen’s family hurt him anymore.

Phew, this was long. It’s just that Laurent is so complex and Laurent’s feelings are even more complex and difficult to explain, I felt it was important to have a full perspective of what he was probably feeling throughout that first half of Kings Rising to understand why he was first hostile, than cold, than loving towards Damen. This seemingly contradictory behavior is one of the things I like the most about Laurent, because it shows how complex of a character he is <3

What do you think Anon, my interpretation makes sense to you? If you had a different perception feel free to tell me, I love hearing different opinions.


Two people can never see the same thing because something is always different from their eyes. From the moment we breathe and our hearts begin to bring life to our bodies everything around us feels brand new and we notice it for the first time. As we get older we are taught lessons that make up our way of thinking which affects how we act all in all forms and defines our character as human beings. We can be taught to hate people because of who and what they are, for what they believe, for looks and the list goes on. Knowledge is only dangerous to who has the power to use it. No one is 100 percent the same from the other we all might have similar qualities, traits,ambitions, and ideas but how we go about the making and completion can be different depending on who does what. I’m not all good or all bad but I am myself no one else can tell me that. I look at everything and everyone with eyes that I plan to make a difference in the world. This is what I leave for whoever reading this :

Change the way you think,
Change the way you act,
Change the way you are,
Which changes your views.

(Views by Divergentwallflower)

Strange Magic starters
  • "Wise men say only fools rush in."
  • "Love is... dangerous."
  • "My hair's doing that thing we both love."
  • "That's no place for a princess."
  • "Why wouldn't they love you? You're so... uh... Lovable!"
  • "I'll never fall in love again."
  • "What's (s)he trying to protect me from?"
  • "Snap out of it!"
  • "You drive me CRAZY!"
  • "You tell him! He LIKES you!"
  • "Well, if he's looking for trouble he's come to the right place."
  • "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"
  • "I'll do it! If you'll just stop crying."
  • "You should see your face!"
  • "Who wants to go to a party tonight?!"
  • "We can't trust HIM!"
  • "Sugar pie, honey bunch, you know that I love you!"
  • "But I'm evil~!"
  • "Well, at least you're not singing."
  • "Need any help?"
  • "Impressive...!"
  • "You don't stand a chance!"
  • "You fight well!"
  • "I was expecting... more?"
  • "WHAT did she fall in love with?"
  • "You're not hideous..."
  • "You are... different. That's what I like!"
  • "You're waking meadows in my mind."
  • "It's magic..."
  • "You played me!"
  • "Wild thing, you make my heart sing!"

anonymous asked:

Hi I hope it's okay to ask a question re: Asperger's diagnosis/identity being problematic. I prefer to call myself an Aspie rather than an Autistic when I talk to neurotypicals because most people(at least in my country) are more familiar with that. But if it's problematic I'll stop doing that and start saying Autistic. Can you tell me where I can find more information? I agree from a psychiatric point of view Asperger's is the same as Autism but what about the social issue side? Thanks.

If calling yourself an Aspie/referring to yourself as having Aspergers can make the difference between making people listen to what you’re saying and being harassed by ignorant neurotypicals who think that you couldn’t possibly be “really” autistic, then I don’t see the problem. You don’t owe anyone an Autism 101 lesson no matter how much they might need one. 

And now I realise that you lied all along. Even when you didn’t have to, you lied. You said she was not the reason that you left me, yet 6 weeks later I see pictures of you and her everywhere. I don’t understand why you didn’t tell me the truth. You were leaving anyway, whether it was for her or not. The result was there; it was over. It doesn’t matter you know, how you break somebody’s heart. What matters is that you do, and a thousand different reasons won’t make it any less painful.

That’s at least how I see it, and i know well that others has different views on the subject. Sorry for the sloppy writing, but i’m tired and just wanted to get this done before i went to sleep, hopefully you can still make out what it says ~