i'll take no moreeeee

Okay so now that i’ve come back to stable grounds, or half stable grounds, holy mother of fuck. LOVE, LUST, FAITH, DREAMS would probably be the most accurate album title for this one because you just see it in everything, even if we only know the title of a song.

1. Up in the Air is hands down Mars’s most bombastic, layered song, There’s a bit of EVERYTHING. It’s Self Titled having anal sex with This is War. Just the other day, I was thinking about which song had the most switching in Jared’s voice tone and gave the award to Search and Destroy BUT no Up in The Air Definitely wins.I think if anyone else tried to put those lyrics in that song they wouldn’t get such a lively outcome, some parts i’d describe as a Morrocan Desert Party.(that’s a good thing btw) And i definitely agree with what Jared said about “cutting out the fat.” It’s a high energy song BUT it’s super clean. I think that the best thing about MARS songs to me would be how much energy they have, that’s why the never die out. It’s a “conquer the world song”, IT MAKES YOU WANT.The drumming is really defining of the musical part of the song too too, God Job Muddafugga. I think that without the electronic element this song wouldn’t have gotten it’s energy. I love how we kind of go to space for a second with the “chasing a dream” part, it’s pure magic. AND I SWEAR TO GOD, He ruined me with the TAKE NO MORE part I can’t stop raping people with it and i’m not sorry. And Jared’s choking fetish throughout the whole song yeah and it’s not even just the parts where he’s taking about my neck. And there’s more than just sex and lust meanings to that as well. I’ll get into it someday. 

2. The Song Titles, Pyres of Varanasi, Jared really went there, he never forgets to have really deep and detailed experiences. Mars usually have broad song titles, which everyone forms a personal meaning to, well this is round 4 of that. 

3. The Album cover is really simple but as Sonja put it very “optimistic”. But it’s really special at the same time with it’s simplicity. Part of why I want to buy the CD so bad is the cover lmao.

4. Just a tiny bit of an add on to the bitching. If someone doesn’t like the song, that’s cool, why would you want them to like the song if they didn’t? If they want to hate on it and mars, then ignore them. For each person we lost we gain even more people. Bitching about the Bitchers just makes it worse. But before you tell me it’s all electronic get your hearing straight. Change is a good thing, whether people like it or not, it’s not done for you at the end of the day, at least respect the idea behind it.