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I’d like to make a note about a girl called Kellie (a.k. a http://merlin-and-castiel.tumblr.com), a lovely blogger that has a lovely blog and is all around lovely. Unfortunately, she’s gone through a lot of bad things and openly admits that she cuts and has very negative thoughts about herself. And, as most tumblr people are very nice, she gets some nice anons now and then.




How the FUCK can someone dare send something like this to another human being? It’s SICK, DISGRACEFUL AND CRUEL. How is it that in this modern age, with stories on the news about people killing themselves over stuff like this, people like these sickos STILL SEND THEM

This girl, obviously she’s not perfect and has some negative flaws, does not deserve this. No one does, especially on a place where you’re meant to feel save and secure about yourself. This girl has done nothing but be honest about herself and look at the abuse she’s getting from her peers. It’s disgusting.

So please, show your love to Kellie. I don’t know her personally but I know that she hasn’t done anything wrong and does not deserve this. Show her she’s not alone and just now beautiful she is. No one deserves that much hate 

(I was a little bored so I made a whole new page for all the artwork I received of Skye! Commissions, gift art, it should all be there :) You can see it here. It’s quite a bit too, but I love getting art of my space babe so :3)

I drew @igoatfish’s OC. I hope it’s okay. You drew something for me, so here’s something for you <3

I know nothing of this character, yet I loved their design enough to draw it ;u;

#( lemme tell you about ducky. )#( ducky is a darling ball of fluff. )#( who’s gone through a lot but is still here and is so incredibly strong for it. )#( she is creative with not only her ocs but her takes on canon characters that explore them deeply. )#( and is stubborn and brave enough to continue to play them all through ups and downs. )#( plus she calls you duckling and bestows some of her cuteness on you. )#( what more can you want? )

@defiantcharms I said ‘say something nice’ not ‘please make me cry’