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Ace Fic Rec List

Hello followers! I got a request to make an ace fic recommendations list so here are some of my favorite ace fics from various fandoms:

The Princess and the Nerfherder by @fialleril

Fandom: Star Wars (PT), Bail and Breha centric
Why read? If you have ever asked me for an ace fic rec you know that this is the first fic I ever recommend. It’s incredibly well written, has wonderful Alderaan headcanons to boot, and it’s one of those feel-good ace couple fics that make me want to cry tears of happiness. (Tbh, if you only read one fic on this list, read this one.)

Aces Trump Kings by @miniongrin

Fandom: Marvel/Iron Man/Avengers, Tony-centric
Why read? Extremely well done fic of Tony discovering his asexuality. Warning that it is very angsty for most of the first one-shot in the series (tho tbh, I still very much enjoy it bc Tony’s experiences/reasoning resonates a lot with me, even if dark) but the second part of the series is a lot of hurt/comfort/fluff that makes me super happy to read.

Judy Hopps, Ace police Officer by Kanaynays

Fandom: Zootopia
Why read? In the series, Judy has to deal with parents who love and support her but just…don’t. get. it. Judy finds support in Nick to stay true to herself which makes me so happy to read. There is angst but it has happy endings and it’s really gratifying to read Judy fighting casual acephobia with her best friend’s support and her parents accepting her for who she truly is. 

And seeing how this is a ml-centric blog, here are a few of my favorite miraculace fics:

Miracul-Ace Ring by @la-belle-et-la-bete

Why read? It’s a super adorable fic of Adrien getting lots of support from friends and family after accidentally outing himself and I love her fics in general so this one just makes me all warm and fuzzy and ahhhh so good! 

Ace Jagged Stone by @totallynotmiraculace

Why read? Bruh, it’s all in the name. Jagged Stone. And even better. Ace Jagged Stone
H e l p
My heart is weak

So these are a few of my favorite ace fics. If anyone has an other recommended a-spec fics (from any fandom) I’d would love to see them and share them here as well, so feel free to reblog this post with suggestions or drop some in the blog’s inbox!

-Mod Cookie