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Some of my characters that will show up in No End in the distant future at some point. Not main cast but important characters in some story arcs either way. May not be final designs, it’s the first time I’ve actually drawn some of these lol they’ve just been… fully fleshed-out characters with vague appearance in my head.

Okay. Stop.

Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t.

All the people around you can and will (which is normal), including the ones you care about the most, of course.

But you? Nope. Absolutely not.

Why? Because you’re wrong.

You can do it. You can.

Sure it may look like you’re at the end of the line but just stop for a minute. Look at where you’re standing now, and look how far you’ve gone.

All that crap thrown at you and that you’ve trudged through all this time.

You did that. YOU.

And I don’t know about you but, that is awesome.

And you know what else is awesome about that? You’re still here.

And if you’re still reading this, then I’m willing to bet that you’ll still be here later. Or tomorrow. Or the day after that. Or the day after that. Or the day after that. Or the day after that.

People will doubt you. Maybe not at first, but once they do, it’s usually a continuous downpour from there. The people you love are usually the last ones, too, because they’re the ones closest to having the patience of saints. Terrible timing, isn’t it?

And it hurts. GOD, does it hurt. To have all of them look at you and think that all the effort you’ve made wasn’t worth it? That everything you did was ‘exaggerated’ and ‘unnecessary’? Nothing can literally make you feel more like shit than that.

But here’s the thing. You’re still here. I know, I said that already, but that fact alone is what makes this all so amazing.

Despite everything, you’re still pushing yourself. You’re still reading this and you’re still fighting.

That is amazing.

You are amazing.

So please don’t doubt yourself. You may not know it yet, but pretty soon, everything will be okay.

And if you really feel like giving up, then okay. Sure. But I certainly won’t. (And trust me, that’s gonna be annoying as hell so better just forget about giving up entirely)

Don’t doubt yourself. If you do, then that’s unfortunate because I don’t.

I believe in you.

You can do it. :)

Musicals Described by Someone Who's Only Heard a Few Songs (pt 2)
  • Grease: They met sometime in the summer and hit it off but then got separated only to discover that the girl moved and goes to the same school as the guy. It's High School Musical.
  • Beauty and the Beast: Everyone either hates her or loves her I'm not sure which
  • Les Miserables: PEOPLE SING. Also horses maybe. And slavery?
  • Hairspray: Everyone loves Baltimore way to much considering it's crime rate.
  • Sound of Music: The hills are alive! OH GOD THEY'RE ALIVE *runs away screaming*
  • Little Shop of Horrors: Is there like a subplot about a girl and some guy named Seymour? I hope they get together.
  • Singin in the Rain: Some guy spends 8 minutes making fun of somebody's closet but then tries to get on their good side by saying that at least the judge will be impressed that's not working out there, son.
  • Waitress: She's... she's a waitress...
  • Newsies: They liked their job, then something happened and now they don't.
  • Avenue Q: Life sucks but not as much as Gary Coleman's.
  • American Idiot: Wait is this just Green Day? What? How is this allowed??
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show: I don't want to know, guys.
  • Falsettos: HOMOSEXUALS!...and Judaism
  • Bonus-
  • Falsettos Revival: Alternate universe Jewish gay Elder Price

the boys + first lines


battle against a true hero !


“I don’t see it.”

Am I the only Shamy Shipper who watches the show for… more than just Shamy?

#sour cream has this gender of the day/night thing going on #where whatever is currently raveable is also the Gender (tags from ummmwine)

as someone who is that kinda person i Absolutley see sour cream being that kinda person

especially with a name like that, someone asked ‘so are you a boy or a girl?’ and dear ol’ sour cream looks down to his plate of potato wedges and lil tub of sour cream dip and says 'im sour cream’ and the Cool Kids all laugh Transly and he’s known as that forever

Alright, girls and boys and those who are neither, I am here today to bring you what I like to call more colloquially, “The Voltron ages from Comicon are garbage and here’s why!”  In fact, consider that my thesis statement because things are taking a turn for the (informal) essay here, my friends.

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