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Alana sings some Sincerely Me

((Well, here ya go, me singing a bit like I said I would for 100 followers.

Also, that ending bit refers to my own sister, not Zoe))

               quick shoutout to the two tifa-bae’s following me – @meiliva & @lockedfighter, because not enough people realize how much these two girls respected each other? or acknowledge how Aerith immediately jumped into helping Tifa, how Tifa was so torn up over Aerith’s death and generally just how good they were to each other? sure, they might have had interest in the same person ( which is debatable and let’s be honest it’s not like Cloud was in the right headspace to be with ANYONE ), but that little love triangle NEVER affected their friendship? Tifa was most likely one of – if not THE first female friend that Aerith ever had? do you know what that kind of relationship means to someone??  

               my first big meta post was gonna be on Aerith & Zack, but naaaaah I think it’s time to give some love to the scenes that my two main ladies had together and analyze how that was played out. tbh my only gripe is that there weren’t enough scenes between them, but what we got painted a clear pictures of two strong women who found comfort and companionship in each other’s presence. neither is better or worse than the other, they’re both beloved in their own right.

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As the holidays roll around and the year comes to a close, I’d like to announce that Madeline will be hosting a Holiday Party Event lasting from December 21 - January 9.During these days, you may ask another muse to go with you as your date, or you may go alone! 

Post pictures of your muse in their fanciest holiday attire, as the party is very grand and formal. 

In order to be invited, you must like or reblog this post. Reblogs help get the word around too, so two birds with one stone ;). Once you’ve done either, you’re free to participate! If you post pictures of your muse(s), tag it as “HetaHoliday 2k16″ so I’ll be able to find them! 

**By the way, this only applies to Hetalia ask blogs. Any other blog may join, but I plan on drawing a few things for the muses attending and I wouldn’t know what do to with any other blog.**

Thank you all so much for another great year and I hope you can participate!

Also from here (5/23) on out, everything on both this blog and Chyla’s will be on a queue. I’m going to tag it differently; vacation queue will be the tag. I’m mixing meme replies, starters, drafts, and various aesthetic stuff all in it. If there’s something you want me to bump towards the top, let me know! If there are any threads you particularly love and want me to live reply before I leave on my trip, let me know! It’s all good and I don’t mind. If there’s also anything you don’t mind dropping, send me that. I know there are threads I’ve missed in my drafts, so if you think of anything, check in on me! I’m still not really sure what I’ll be able to reply to while I’m gone, so I’m going to try and fill the queue for the full five weeks as much as I possibly can. This might (and probably will mean) you’ll get a reply weeks later or a meme answer weeks later. Just a heads up. <3

tl;dr (or haley you’re just confusing): I’m running 95% on a queue from here until I get back from Italy (July 8th). I will be gone gone from May 30th-July 8th. If there’s anything you want me to drop/bump towards the beginning/don’t mind them being bumped towards the bottom/anything you want to make sure I have/live reply, just send me an IM!

hello everyone! i’m kelsey, i’m 21 & in est. sorry i’m so late to the party!!! since i have three characters i’m going to be writing up separate intro posts for each  & posting them shortly. i apologize in advance for the little dash spam && wanted to say i’m looking forward to plotting/rping with all of you!! stay tuned for those posts! :)

hey everyone !! thank you for all the welcome messages, ily all so much omg. if you don’t know i’m kelly, also the writer for acayug ! so, because i’m such a lazy butt and also a mess rn, i don’t have a plot page up yet ( but hopefully coming soon ! ) but if you like this post i’ll message you on here or on twitter ( @kgyeoms ) so we can brainstorm some stuff for yj and your muse. lil things about yj under the cut !

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This post is a free invitation to reply with cute headcanons from your favorite ships. All ships are welcome, and you can tell me as many as you want. Just be respectful. ^^

For Clay & Klavier, once Clay is comfortable with announcing that he’s dating Klavier, they most certainly take lots of adorable selfies together and post them on Klav’s twitter. For the most part, the Gavinners absolutely love Clay and all of their pictures together and are elated to see that Klavier has found someone that makes him happy. ^^


Another detail about this KAITO that I don’t get to really emphasize on this blog.
You can tell I don’t know jack about audio jacks. Or ports.
The blue input is for charging, but as long as Kaito eats and sleeps to the same extent as a human does, he shouldn’t have to utilize it. The other inputs are becoming less and less useful too, what with the increased use of wireless technology. 

          this is a test post to see how things look on my blog, but let’s just throw some canon dialogue in here.   ❛ you’ve got a plan? okay, first of all, you’re copying me from when I said I had a plan. ❜   I’m not copying you, I have a plan, that’s not that unique of a thing to say. and secondly, I don’t think you even have a plan.    ❛ that is the most real, authentic, hysterical laugh of my entire life because THAT IS NOT A PLAN !  ❜