i'll survive; somehow i always do

          ❛   that’s rich, sista’. real rich coming from you.  ❜  the long lost mikaelson snapped once he had turned back around to look at her.  ❛   so what? little poor henrik dies & “oh he was good while he lasted” but as soon as kol dies, or dear ole dad, hell even mother, & you guys do everything in your power to bring them back. but you never once thought that maybe i can be brought back? that maybe out of all of us i was the one who had the witch blood coursing through my veins? not even once that thought ever popped up into any of you lots’ heads. after all these years. i understand when i died things got dark, i get that. but that was centuries ago. nobody ever thought maybe henrik was waiting on the other side?  ❜  he spews out, the hatred & annoyance clear as day in two toned hues and husky tone, her jaw clinching tightly.  ❛   you guys left me to rot, sista’.  ❜

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