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recent episode of LandvogTV in which Sheamus claims to be an 18-year-old.


I’ve made a Navigation page for the blog so it’s easier to find old (especially hq magical au) stuff buried under the new content. It’s out on the sidebar too! Please yell if I forgot something. :) 

Uni is very overwhelmingly busy right now, so please be patient with me until I have time to produce other stuff again. Hopefully I’ll have some sneak peeks to show about City on the Veil soon (as I started production AAAAAAAH!!!!!! I’M ACTUALLY DOING IT!!! sorry I’m super shaky about the entire ordeal) so there will be some panel layouts and other fun stuff to look at if all goes well! :) 

Sad Girls Club Playlist ❥

I Feel YouRedHello BitchesAh YeahStressPippi ❤ Mamma Mia ❤ Heart AttackOh BoyLion HeartSomethingTwenty-threeRed LightIce Cream CakeOoh AahHot PinkHateFire AlarmCrazyLike A CatDumb Dumb ❤ Blacklist ❤ You Think PapiMiniskirt ❤ You’re The BestSting ❤  Someone Like U  ❤ Only You  ❤ Sugar Free ❤ Party ❤

@catty-words replied to your post “things are bad and i wanna talk about it but that urge is why i…”

I feel like a shithead writing a reply here when I haven’t responded to your personal message yet but this is who I am as a person. Anyway! idk if this makes it better or worse, but seeing your angsty personal posts always made me happy??

I’m gonna explain

It’s just that. Even if I didn’t know what to say to you because you’re dealing with some really heavy shit it was soothing to know that you had an outlet. That all your pain was being processed and documented somewhere.

As someone who hasn’t really explored my own trauma…just kinda hides in my stable adult life and pretends nothing happened during my childhood…it really helps to see you grappling with what happened to you.

personally i think hiding in the stable adult life thing is an a+++ strategy but that’s probably because i’m six months deep into this weird mess and would rather be anywhere else as far as headspaces are concerned. i appreciate you saying this though? knowing that my tumblr yelling isn’t necessarily falling on deaf ears or whatever is comforting. kind of. like i’m heartbroken that you even have to feel this way because you’re an incredible human being who deserves the world imo (not unlike our own tara maclay) but. yeah. comforting is pretty much the only way i have to describe it. and proud? i’m having trouble even typing that but idk maybe i’m not handling things™ as poorly as i thought 

if i kiss you where it’s sore,
if i kiss you where it’s sore,
will you feel better, better, better?
will you feel anything at all?

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“I don’t like the Soriel ship because ugh het romance!”

okay but have you considered: bisexual Sans and Tori getting drunk one night and talking about how hot Asgore is. polyromantic Sans coming home from a date with Mettaton to find Toriel waiting up for him with a slice of pie and bunch of robot puns to tease him with. asexual Toriel and asexual Sans cuddlin on the couch like the fuzzy cuties they are. biromantic Tori getting a crush on a girl and Sans has a hayday with more puns. genderqueer Tori. agender Sans. THERE ARE SO MANY WAYS TO MAKE THIS NOT HET YOU GUYS

i didn’t start supporting arsenal to win titles at any fucking cost man i don’t support any of my teams solely because i want to win. i support the teams i do because they represent aspects of the sport i love and respect and that’s not just trophies and glory and it’s definitely not that at any cost.

i love arsenal’s style of play, i love that we have a manager who has consistently denounced homophobia and racism in this sport, i love that we have a core of loyal players who have given us so many years and grown and developed here and made me so damn proud.

i don’t support bringing in a 29 year old racist who has had a single year playing well (HE SCORED FIVE GOALS IN THE PL LAST SEASON OH MY GOD), has no promise of continuing at that level (he’s not even standing out at international level in a very young squad) and given his position has something like 3 more years on him. not only that but his style of play goes against what i believe are the principles of this sport (the diving, the backtalk towards other players and officials), his attitude has consistently been garbage (see previous point and multiple posts detailing this), and it goes against the principles of a club that has always prided itself on cultivating talent not buying it.

you can’t buy class and even if you could, it’s not vardy, not by a long shot.