i'll stop when this stops being fun

Imagine being juuust an inch shorter than Credence and making a point to stand on objects around him as a “running joke” (but honestly this is not fair?? How dare nature do this to you why does he get to be ethereal AND tall???).

Imagine this sweet boy being so confused at first and starting to hunch down for you but you stop him with ‘that’s not the POINT dammit get back up there’ and he just goes over to Newt like ‘pls help’ and Newt is just like… ‘that’s just how Y/N is, you’ll get used to it’ *goes back to shaking out Nifflers*

And Credence does, but not before you realize that you might have come off rough on him and apologize, and he realizes that you like to tease people you like the most and he just!! Is so surprised!!!! A form of affection, you don’t actually hate him?? You like him that much??????? But when you tone it down on him, he’s comfortable enough with you to start putting everything on higher shelves when he comes over.

He does it so subtly that you don’t even notice it until he’s put half of your cooking spices out of reach and you have to call him over to grab the STUPID SUGAR CREDENCE WHY DO YOU DO THIS YOU KNOW I’M MAKING THESE COOKIES FOR YOU. STOP LAUGHING. Chaos ensues. You buy shorter tables as revenge.

But honestly, being so close in height, you swap each others’ clothes at some point because ffs there are so few stores that have your large sizes and you both like each others’ styles (jackpot!!!!). He steals your comfy shoes but you steal his warm jackets, even if you have to roll the sleeves up and he teases you for looking like a kid (when he actually purposefully leaves his jackets sometimes shhh).

You both just kind of look at each other when you’re sleeping overnight at your friends and both somehow end up with the couches that you know you will never be able to fit your legs on, and eventually just team up and bundle in with blankets on the floor instead.

Defending him viciously when someone calls him freakishly tall tho and telling them that that’s because Credence is fun-sized (and gorgeous and a lot nicer than them so they should feel bad).

the signs sleep-deprived
  • aries: "i swear to god if one more person has the nerve to look at me one more time..,., oNE MORE TIME.,.,,..,.., SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN"
  • taurus: "ah yes how i love to Suffer"
  • gemini: never sleeps anyways so what's the point
  • cancer: "today is a good day to eject myself into the sun! :)"
  • leo: hisses at people that make eye contact with them
  • virgo: runs on 2.7382 hours of sleep a night anyways and has developed an immunity to sleepiness
  • libra: doesn't care when it is, where they are, who they're with; they will pass out on the spot and not even the force of god could wake them up
  • scorpio: "fuck you, fuck this, fuck that, fuck her, fuck him, fuck them, fuck it, fuck EVERYTHING"
  • sagittarius: throws shit and pushes people that manage to get in their "way" and wreaks havoc upon those who cross them
  • capricorn: "i'll pay you big money if you murder me here right now immediately"
  • aquarius: sleep is but a Concept™ for the Weak™
  • pisces: they're really only ever half awake anyways so what's the point

bigfanofpuns  asked:

How did you start liking Papyton? Was it foolishness? Was it fate?

Haha, most likely foolishness now that I think about it. It consumes so much of my life now aaaa.

But! I remember not really being into Papyton when I first joined the fandom and thinking??? But it doesn’t work??? Then I saw some of Yam’s art and fell in love with the pairing.

See, I don’t think it matters that they never interact because there’s so many fun interactions that can play out and their personalities fit so well!

Also, I remember thinking “But Papyrus isn’t gay!” and then replaying the game and seeing the “sexy rectangle” dialogue and thinking 


“Absence makes …”
» Peter Jakes, Trove

we’re gonna hit the wall (hold me closer) - a Jakes/Morse fanmix → [ listen ]

01. anna ternheim - i’ll follow you tonight | 02. cherry ghost - black fang | 03. kenna - vexed and glorious | 04. the leisure society - we go together | 05. incubus - admiration | 06. thea gilmore - ever fallen in love | 07. fever ray - keep the streets empty for me | 08. florence + the machine - howl | 09. keane - nothing in my way | 10. damien rice - rootless tree | 11. placebo - running up that hill | 12. taylor swift feat. the civil wars - safe & sound | 13. crowded house - don’t dream it’s over

#Reclaim the bindi

I just became aware of this happening and wow it’s making me emotional. Not only does everyone look beautiful and amazing, it really strikes something in me. Growing up in a mostly white society, I was always the weird one, not white, not black. My eyebrows and hair and body hair was always thicker than anyone else’s. I was told for a time that I spoke funny and worked hard to stomp it out. On the occasions that my family would actually cook food strong smelling enough to absorb onto my clothes, it would be commented on as a weird smell. And my churidars couldn’t really be worn anywhere without seeming weird so they were forgotten.

So I just came to stomp down something that was a part of my identity. I avoided sunlight to make myself be lighter, tried to dress “normally”, and try to fit into western beauty standards (and for a time, hated myself because I couldn’t).

And honestly I didn’t even have it as bad as some. Thankfully, I wasn’t bullied outright. And I’m sorry for those who weren’t as lucky.

But seeing this movement, seeing all my desi sisters embracing and reclaiming their culture and fighting back inspires me. To stop being quiet when people who pick and chose parts of my culture to make fashionable. To stop being quiet to avoid becoming the “other” again. To stop the impulse of shame and shyness that comes with showing a part of my identity. 

Because you are not allowed to make us be embarrassed of our culture for years, to group us into a silly stereotype, and make fun of us for who we are and then turn the very things you laughed at into some kind of fashion trend.