i'll stop making these all look the same now

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Three things. 1) Your lineart is so smooth and clean that it actually makes me wanna cry. 2) I am IN LOVE with your art style in general. Like, whenever anxiety hits me I'll just look at your art and I'll slowly calm down. 3) Do yoy have a tutorial on wing anatomy? I'm having trouble on making Michael's wings for a sketch. That is all. Sorry if I was creepy. I'll stop now. Bye!

Thank you for all the sweet compliments! If you’re ever feeling low you can also talk to me.

I don’t really do tutorials at all but I will give you these quick sketches

Okay so above is just a simple example of how I would quick draw wings if the viewer is looking from behind, below is if its a front image and the wings are open.

Below here is how I would quickly sketch closed wings from behind and its the same way from the front but most of the wings are hidden by the character. I draw two lung-shapes on the back, then two bigger slightly above, then again and then i keep adding them, becoming bigger, thinner or longer where needed until Im happy. This is just for the shape though, I tend to add the detailed feathers after.

If the image Im drawing is at an odd angle I look for parrot photographs (usually stock photos) and I use their wings as a reference.

So I finally watched Full Metal Alchemist.
  • Me: *stumbles out my room at 11 in the morning*
  • Someone: "Hey sweetie, haven't seen you in a while! How's it goi- what are you doing to the wall???"
  • Me: "Isn't it obvious?"
  • Me: "I'm using alchemy to take back the time that I spent watching anime that destroys me inside."
  • Them: *starts pulling me away from my failed transmutation circle*
  • Me: *slumps to the floor*
  • Me: "Why didn't I learn my lesson from Tokyo Ghoul? Why couldn't I stop myself?"
  • Me: *stares deeply at my own hands*
  • Me: "Look at what you've done to yourself. You've thrown away your life! LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE BECOME!!"
  • Them: "Maybe you should take a break from that stuff?"
  • Me: "... no, I must embrace who I am now. This is goodbye friend, I wish you all the luck in the world."
  • Me: *places my hand on their shoulder and smiles*
  • Me: "Don't make the same mistakes I did. And tell my family I love them, I don't think i'll ever be calm enough to tell them again."
  • Them: *watches me as I enter my room*
  • Them: "what a weeb."