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The great thing about what we do, any art, is anybody can read into it what they want to take from it. - Katie McGrath

Me: I probably won’t write that Sha Ka Ree sequel. It’s just a nice happy thought to keep my brain working!

Also me: *thinks about it in the shower, while driving, while at work, while doing the dishes, while falling asleep.*

Also me: *keeps copious notes on every flash of inspiration*

Also me: *makes a fucking goddamned playlist*

YNWA: Yes or No? Well, Always; ❤️

(^ the question before this answer is: “do i love you?”)

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Why does the BIGBANG community feel so dead here on tumblr nowadays? Where’d you run off to, fam? I miss my dash being flooded with lots and lots of BB goodness…

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the signs sleep-deprived
  • aries: "i swear to god if one more person has the nerve to look at me one more time..,., oNE MORE TIME.,.,,..,.., SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN"
  • taurus: "ah yes how i love to Suffer"
  • gemini: never sleeps anyways so what's the point
  • cancer: "today is a good day to eject myself into the sun! :)"
  • leo: hisses at people that make eye contact with them
  • virgo: runs on 2.7382 hours of sleep a night anyways and has developed an immunity to sleepiness
  • libra: doesn't care when it is, where they are, who they're with; they will pass out on the spot and not even the force of god could wake them up
  • scorpio: "fuck you, fuck this, fuck that, fuck her, fuck him, fuck them, fuck it, fuck EVERYTHING"
  • sagittarius: throws shit and pushes people that manage to get in their "way" and wreaks havoc upon those who cross them
  • capricorn: "i'll pay you big money if you murder me here right now immediately"
  • aquarius: sleep is but a Concept™ for the Weak™
  • pisces: they're really only ever half awake anyways so what's the point