i'll stop for today

Percy Weasley

why is life made only for to end?

why do I do all this waiting, then?

does it ever fuck you up that the one who’s portrayed as some “homophobic asshole” is the one credited as writer of the 1d songs that are about accepting who you are and it being alright to love whoever you want to love and about “it” being alright and that you can call out for somebody to hold tonight when youre lost he’ll find the way he’ll be your light you’ll never feel like you’re alone he’ll make this feel like home?????

For @potato-fan-girl [loud whispers] ily!

Victory tastes sweet along Peter’s tongue. His muscles relax as he stares on at his handiwork where he’s tied up five jail escapees who were in the middle of robbing a convenience store. All he has to do is contact the police, and he gets to swing home along the high of another win for the heroes. 

He’s just pulling his phone out, still vibrating from excitement, when he feels it, something sharp and cold pushing into his side. His mind is slow to catch on for the pain is delayed, but then he feels it all at once, a knife being driven into his side by a sixth jail escapee who’s sudden appearance is a mystery to Peter’s wavering mind. 

His knees buckle, and he collapses to the floor with a pained gasp. “That wasn’t,” he starts around panting breaths, “nice.” The second the words leave his lips, he’s falling forward and crumpling in on himself while paralyzed by pain. 

The free criminal smiles down at him, and Peter can only watch on with darkening vision. 

He’s going to die. 

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