i'll spend less time on the others

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: will made eye contact with mr. whispers and will probably have to either be killed or kept in a drug-induced coma in order to protect the other members of his cluster

"I just don’t think too much that’s it is tiring. Since It's what I dreamt of ever since I was young, I always think it’s fun even though it’s tiring."

                       05/06 HAPPY BIRTHDAY 변백현 

Happy Birthday to fearless Baekhyun. It’s been two years with you as your fan, and I couldn't be happier of have you in my life. Thank you for always be present, and for never give up even in the most difficult moments, those moments that the only thing you could do was cry of frustation. Please keep going, you’ve been through a lot but that has made you the person that you are today. Thanks for taking care of each member, thank you for make them feel good or make them laugh when they are all tired. Thanks for leave aside the thought that you aren’t good as the others, just because you have less practice. Thank you for letting us see your personality in many and varied forms. Each way more perfect than the other. I feel that each passing day, each passing hour, I like you again and you catch my attention as the first time. Thank you, it’s all I can say, thank you for this and for much more(i cry) 

'legally blonde: the musical' starters
  • "I'm doing this for love, and that's how I'll survive."
  • "I grew up in the [city] slums, with my mom and a series of bums."
  • "You know why cheerleaders always get the guy and keep the guy?"
  • "A girl sweet as you has a future."
  • "That's a good school!"
  • "He's a lucky guy."
  • "Mazel tov!"
  • "I think he should be shot."
  • "Three words - spring break cabana!"
  • "It'll wreck your senior spring."
  • "You're breaking up with me?"
  • "How is this helping?"
  • "Is he gay or European?"
  • "This wouldn't work if I tried all day."
  • "Just try it once, and he'll buy you a drink!"
  • "Happy people don't just shoot their husbands! They just don't!"
  • "Whoever said tangerine was the new pink was seriously disturbed."
  • "I thought you were proposing!"
  • "Each time [name] walks in the door, your IQ goes down to forty... maybe less."
  • "Bring that ring back and show it to me!"
  • "It's 99.99% effective on straight men."
  • "I'd never sleep with a man in a thong!"
  • "Sure, I broke his nose, but I got to spend 4 and a half hours with him in the ER and in the ambulance! It was the most romantic time of my life!"
  • "Look, do it, and I'll go away."
  • "It was a move designed by cheerleaders to break the will of the other team."
  • "I see the problem here, and it's not physical. It's spiritual."
  • "Don't forget, I got into this school, too."
  • "Now, you may have heard the same rumors I did. '[Name] is ruthless, s/he bathes in the blood of sheep!' Well, rest assured, those rumors are only partially true."
  • "My word means something."
  • "Check, please."
  • "Keep it positive!"
  • "Fine, I'll pay your way if you get in."
  • "Back the hell out of her way!"
  • "When I'm wrong, then I say I'm wrong, and I was wrong about you."
  • "I think I'm here to stay."
  • "I crash and burn ten times a day."
  • "Cheerleaders scare me."
  • "He's gay! Totally gay!"
  • "We'll never look good trying to make each other look bad..."
  • "I may be in love, but I'm not stupid."
  • "I bought a new salon. We also feature dog grooming!"
  • "Now we have two kids - and one more on the way!"
  • "I'm not quite sure where this metaphor's going."
  • "Maybe [name] saw someone who was sleeping her way to the top, but I see a woman that doesn't have to."
  • "The answer could take weeks..."
  • "It has not worked out well. I wish that I were dead."
  • "Love led you here?"
  • "How many yachts can one man own?"
  • "I got through law school by busting my ass."
  • "[Name] quit. Said s/he makes more modelling anyhow."
  • "Omigod, you guys!"
  • "I need to marry someone serious - less of a Marilyn, more of a Jackie."
  • "I hoped that you'd understand..."
  • "Depending on the time of day, the French go either way."
  • "Hey, don't look at me."
  • "I've got a package."
  • "[Name] scares the crap out of me."
  • "Oh, so I'm not good enough for you?"
  • "What rich, romantic planet are you from?"
  • "I'm from [city]! I'm not exactly trailer trash!"
  • "No man/woman should be denied his/her dog!"
  • "You stalked some guy to an Ivy League school?"
  • "You're a perfect match, 'cause you both got such great taste in clothes."
  • "Pull her hair and call her 'whore'!"
  • "That's so sweet!"
  • "I haven't slept since [year]."
  • "You're fired."
  • "They're just like that couple from Titanic - only no one dies."
  • "Two jobs plus law school?!"
  • "That's it! I'm not covering for you anymore!"
  • "You can laugh, but she's made tons off her DVD and book."
  • "See if you can place a little sense in the space between her ears."
  • "This isn't some little sorority thing!"
  • "[Name] has trouble trusting me."
  • "There s/he is! Intern of the year!"
  • "I don't speak MTV."
  • "I don't go to parties a lot."
  • "Could it be the real thing in your way is the very guy you're trying to impress?"
  • "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to judge a book by its cover?"
  • "People have judged me my whole life."
  • "You know I'm right."
  • "I'm not about to celebrate."
  • "I gotta go get my asthma spray."
  • "If there ever was a perfect couple, this one qualifies!"
  • "We love you guys!"

madxmat13  asked:

Hi Dyrus! I know you probably get a lot of asks from fans but I had a bit of a question for you. I finished this season at Bronze 3 where I was B2 least season even though I did better during my placement games. I've got friends that have a lot less play time than I do that are just all around better at the game than me. In going from B2 to B3 (I spent all season trying to get to promos to B2) does that mean I've gotten worse? It just feels sometimes like I'll never improve and meet my goals.

either people got better, meta changed so other people got better, meta changed and you got worse, you aren’t spending enough time efficiently such as watching your own replays or you aren’t copying someone else who is doing well.

it’s hard for me to understand and teach those things because the things I could teach bronze players, gold players could teach them. and I smash platinum to diamond 2 players like they’re bronze.

so it’s stuff I could never really understand other then telling you what you’re already doing.

I suggest warwick