i'll spend forever

i love mark ❤️💓💘💞💛💘☀️🌹💓💕💫💓✨💞💖🌟⭐️💐💫💛💕✨💖❤️💞💓💫💕💐❣️💘❣️💖💛💘💓💞❤️☀️🌟🌟💕💞💞⭐️💖💫💐✨💖💖✨✨💘💗❤️💕💛💘💝💐❣️🌹🌹

So, Noll @minotaurtears and me are going to be in New York very soon and we’re all sorted out with accommodations etc EXCEPT for the first night, on the 20th of April. Our flight arrives in the evening at Newark and we just need a couch/bed/floor/cupboard under the stairs to crash until the next day when we can check into our airbnb place. I dare say we’re nice and quiet people and we have tons of people here on tumblr & facebook that can vouch for us not being serial killers etc. So if you live in the area or know someone who could host two desperate, broke travelers for one night, please message one of us or shoot me an email @ hm.reinhardt@web.de – and if you can’t help out personally, you can help us out by reblogging this and spreading it around! Thank you so much in advance!