i'll smoke to that


“Who the fuck are you?” Gabe snarled.

Ghost tilted their head slightly to the side. A moment passed when they both just stared at each other.

“Why don’t you tell me that?”

The Jaws of White Death by @ratpenatu for the Reaper76 Week’s Day 2:  “in his shoes” - role/body swapping. The fic is amazing! Gabriel has absolutely no chill when his little mission goes south, and Jack makes just as a terrifying non-dead adversary and ex as Reaper does. Go and read it! Go!

“Take a deep breath.” 

My little brother is scolding me for smoking cigarettes again
Little does he know it’s a cheap band-aid on a day old wound
Little does he know I’m drinking stolen liquor in the bathtub on weeknights
Little does he know I know he blows the smoke out the window
High and praying the neighbors don’t call the cops

This is how it goes

Funny how we never saw it coming

—  We’re all hypocrites

He leaned against my car with a lit cigarette in his mouth and I hated people who smoked, but for some reason with him it didn’t matter how much second-hand smoke I breathed in as long as I got to spend time with him. 

I spent time with him at work, outside of work when we went to dinner and hung out with our friends. I cherished every moment we spent together because I didn’t know how long it was going to be before my mom said I couldn’t see him anymore.

But here’s the thing about this boy, he was a total badass with deep brown eyes that overcame me and made me want to be with him.

I was the cigarette and he was the lighter we fit together perfectly, but had the power to kill. I didn’t kill though. He attempted to burn me down to nothing, but a cigarette butt.

—  excerpts from a story i’ll never write #14 

Drew Roy in the Sugar Mountain trailer  

I fill my liver up with alcohol and my lungs up with smoke.
I miss you day by day, usually when I take my toke.
—  S/W// but I’ll live off hallucinations of you being by me.
Now I understand why people smoke the life out of their lungs or drink until their blood is replaced by alcohol; life’s not all it’s pegged out to be and a few minutes of not being able to feel anything, just might be the one thing that’s keeping you sane.
—  c.f. // “life can be a shit-hole”

Casual Jam-Session with the one and only Lulu 😂😂 

Mr. Red came over to proof that he’s a better Guitar player then I am… Let’s say I expected worse and I have to admit for a self-taught he’s not that bad (yes I actually complimented you, must be the Jack)..buuuuut ☝..I had lessons for 10 years and I’m not even sure if you can read music or if you just play what comes to your mind..anyways thanks for coming over even tho you are not a good replacement for my fav Ginger! 

Maybe heartbreak works the same as smoking. You know, the first time it happens, when you smoke your first cigarette, it hurts like hell, it makes you cough, tears fill your eyes, it feels like your chest is on fire and your lungs are burning. Then, you try again later, and it still hurts but you knew how it would feel so it’s more bearable. You try again, and again, and time after time, you get used to the burning feeling when you inhale the smoke. And eventually, it stops. The pain stops, you’re so used to it it doesn’t hurt anymore, and you can swallow the smoke without feeling anything. So maybe heartbreak works just the same. Maybe you get used to it, maybe it hurts less and less as the days go by, maybe you end up feeling nothing at all.
—  But right now, it feels like my first cigarette

“If we are strong enough in our souls we can rip away the veil and look that naked, terrible beauty right in the face; let God consume us, devour us, unstring our bones. Then spit us out reborn.” 

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: uh julia and kady didn't even smoke in epi 4 because they don't need the nicotine to ease off their stress...I'm so happy... by just being near each other they feel more relaxed and even helped them smile a little bit :') also none of my faves are dying of lung cancer!!!