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Okay so I’m like super in love with Clarke griffin and like super in love with Bellamy Blake and like super in love with Eliza Taylor and like super in love with Bob Morley and like super in love with their relationship (?????) AND DO YOU SEE MY PROBLEM


Needless to say, the latest episode of Steven Universe destroyed me. This song in particular. Of course my Hamada Brother feels had to kick in shortly after. 

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Lay loves you 😙

You know what really bugs me? If Magnus gets a love interest that’s a girl, the fandom is either going to immediately hate her, or they won’t ship her with Magnus because he is ‘supposed to be gay.’ But it’s really sexist. If he falls in love with a girl, Magnus is going to be deemed as trash and apparently the series will suck.

Or, if Magnus’ love interest is white. Again, they will be deemed as trash because they aren’t diverse enough. Shoutout to Annabeth Chase for being a white female love interest who the whole fandom adores.

Or, if Magnus gets no love interest at all, half the Fandom is going to pull apart Canon couples like Jason and Piper or Annabeth and Percy so that they can ship Magnus/Jason or Magnus/Percy. Gahhh…

Why can’t you guys be happy with what you get? Why does Magnus have to have a male love interest? Why can’t you just love the books for what they are and not have such high expectations? We have Nico di Angelo, a queer child in a Children’s book, and you’re complaining because Magnus may not be gay? I didn’t see anyone hating on Jason for being straight!

Please stop hating on Magnus after two chapters. And further more, stop hating on Rick Riordan. You are supposed to be his fans, not his haters! You got Annabeth, for Christ sake! Please just let Magnus be Magnus and not hate on him because it’s possible he may get a female love interest.

Just wanted to post something for all the people who say Max is disgusted by Warren’s affections and constantly use it as one of their reasons to hate on Grahamfield/Warren

She only feels that way if you reject his invitation and go out of your way to be mean to him

I picked the nice dialogue options, accepted his invitation to the movies, helped him with his science stuff, didn’t kiss Chloe, etc and not once did Max complain about Warren’s feelings for her. I read each page of her journal thoroughly at the end of episode 4 and did not see one complaint.

So please stop using it as an end-all reason to not ship Grahamfield and/or hate Warren. Max’s feelings on the subject depend on the player’s choices and your choices aren’t the same as everyone else’s. She doesn’t hate Warren, they’re friends and it’s clear that she trusts him to some extent. If she doesn’t have feelings for him, that’s fine, but that may not be the case in each individual game. 

Be kind, rewind


“Not once in this century of terror has mankind risen above the Titans. Their every craven, bloodthirsty advance has left a wake of inestimable loss for us. Lives taken, territory abandoned. However, should we succeed, we’ll make history! Today is the day; lands taken by our greatest enemy will be reclaimed! For the first time, we will know what it means not to run, but to meet the Titans head-on and win! Now it may seem an insignificant lot of land compared to the vast tracts of former glory long abandoned. But as a symbol, as an idea, Trost’s regain shall stand as a reclamation of pride and hope beyond measure! A leap greater than we have ever taken!”

Matt and I have developed such a strong on-screen and off-screen relationship. He is one of my best mates and we work together every day. But also, having experienced something crazy with someone at the same time creates quite a strong connection, I think. That’s going to be one of the weirdest things about leaving the show.
—  Karen Gillan during “Asylum of the Daleks,” Doctor Who Magazine #470