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"Men want objects. Women want PEOPLE." You REALLY need to stop hanging out within your confirmation bias bubble man. It's starting to like seriously fuck with your objectivity. If you can't see how sexist generalizing all men as being assholes while saying all women are decent and morally superior, you've seriously lost yourself. You need to take some time to think (I'm legitimately worried here, this is not trolling, I'm seriously concerned for your mental well being).

You do realize that I’m a cis man, right? And that I reblogged that post from another cis man?
Why is it that we can read something like that and fully comprehend that this wasn’t about us and you can’t?

That being said: my mental well-being is not at stake, fear not.

Duder, if you honestly believe that I’m of the mindset that ANY particular brand of person is better than another you probably have not actually held a conversation with me.
We can change that, though! My askbox is open if you’d like to something other than put me on blast!
Feel free to hit me up! or if you really feel threatened the “Unfollow” button is but a point-and-click away!

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Can you just imagine all of the painful emotions Sasuke was feeling when he was laying with Naruto at their final fight? So much so that he cried?? I was listening to a song called Moon by a band Drive Like I Do (check it out) and I feel like Sasuke must have been in a million pieces in that scene. All of his barriers were torn down BECAUSE of Naruto. Thats real love right there.

After spending years running away from his emotions and constantly telling himself that solitude and isolation was the only way? And after hearing Naruto feels that same pain for him? I couldn’t begin to fathom the extent of what he was feeling in those moments. Like?? I swear, if they weren’t on the brink of death… something would’ve happened. Something that signifies that they both understood that neither of them considered their relationship as ‘just friends’. 

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wontaek and the things you said when i was dead


Wonsik cooed at the little boy in the car seat who laughed back at him.

“Suntaek, are you ready to see daddy?” he asked, making a face with puffy cheeks at him. The boy raised his arms and mimicked Wonsik’s round cheeks, chanting excitedly. “Me too.”

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[i have ascended to a whole new level of disbelief and gratitude jgueaihnj

thank you so much!! I’m just. stunned. There’ll be a special event soon- I’ll get it set up as soon as I can so stick around and idk. just. thank you all <3]

Before skam ends I’d just like to say:

I was in a really really dark and terrible place 6 months ago when I stumbled upon Skam. It’s still been up and down since then but I can’t even put into words how much watching these raw, intimate, and nuanced characters and stories helped me. Not only by seeing myself mirrored in them and their struggles, but also leading me to a community–a family composed of people from all over the world-when it didn’t feel like I had one.

These characters and stories were so beautifully real. It’s what made their impact so powerful and profound. I will never forget them.

To Julie Andem and the entire cast and crew, if it’s worth anything at all, you saved the life of a little depressed 17 year old girl in Canada

Thank you so much

Mennesker trenger mennesker

Alt er love

Du er ikke alene

Livet er nå

In the process of cleaning up my AO3 a bit. Mostly just deleting shorter (less than 1k words) prompt fills and consolidating them all in one place. But I did just delete a few things outright that were making my cringe lmao. I know it’s important to keep old work around to see how you’ve ~grown and all that, which is why I’m keeping most of the older stuff up, but there were a few things that just… yikes…


Ya know what man? I really think I love him. Wanna know how? He’s in everything I see. Everything I hear, smell, think about, touch. He’s embedded into me like the rock that always seems to stick in your shoe, no matter how hard you try and shake it out, and that’s okay. I live for the pain that rock brings me. It lets me know I’m still alive
—  4:52 and all I think about is you

“I’m just surprised to see you cry.”

i still see you in my dreams but i think they turn out more like nightmares because all i see are the versions of us that could’ve happened but never did.
—  they still haunt me.

The greatest illusion of this world is the illusion of separation. Things you think are separate and different, are actually one and the same. Like the four nations! Yes. We are all one people, but we live as if divided. We’re all connected. Everything is connected. That’s right. Even the separation of the four elements is an illusion. If you open your mind, you will see that all the elements are one. Four parts of the same whole.
Even metal is just a part of earth that has been purified and refined. 

Once you graduate high school, you see who your real friends are. People change. Someone who you thought was your best friend will cut you off completely. Some of us enter high school with plenty of friends and end with only a few close ones. Others of us enter high school with only a few close friends and end with no friends at all. It’s just how life is. It’s like that sometimes. It sucks but it happens to almost everyone.
—  real friends // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #14

All Forbidden Art goes into the Box™ to be hidden forever

100daysofsurvivorvictim: Day 4 

Just two boyfriends having a little watercooler talk before killing Ohm and Brycey. Yep.

When I saw that Prop Hunt video with Delirious, Vanoss, Ohm and Bryce (the one with the wheelchairs business, lol XD),I really wanted to do some of the scenes, but now with the view of Delirious I NEEDED THAT WATERCOOLER SCENE. So here’s Delirious and Vanoss as a guest for this project :D

Excuse my fangirling thinking about an AU of these two in a company, because SUITS and COLORS. AND YES, *//A//*

To whomever loves her next, here’s some things that you should know:

Her favorite color is black. She hates lipstick. She likes to call you when she’s driving somewhere, it’s one of her favorite times to talk. She loves going out at night. She loves her alcohol even more. She’s emotional when she’s drunk, it’s okay though, she’ll be okay. She might call you up when she’s drank too much, and crying, just listen to her, just softly tell her things to soothe her from whatever’s wrong that night. That’s truly all she needs from you. It’s all she wants from you. She’ll eventually tire herself out and fall asleep. Your flaws will be her favorite parts about you. She’ll constantly touch the parts you hate most about yourself. This is her way of pulling the shame from these things. Because how could you hate a part about you that she loves? She likes for you to read to her before she falls asleep. Her arms will be the safest place for you to rest your head at night, but please don’t get too comfortable, you won’t be there for long. Sometimes she’ll curl into you and pull at your arms to wrap around her, and that same night she may throw them off. Take it with a grain of salt. You’ll need thick skin to be with her because she can be the sweetest person in the world or more cruel than you ever thought possible. She jokes a lot, but they’ll sting still. One minute you feel like the most important person, and the next it’s like she wants nothing to do with you. She’ll tell you what you want to hear, and I beg you please don’t believe it till you see it, and even then be careful. Falling for her will be easy. It won’t even feel like falling. And before you even know it, you’re in deep. She’ll tell you she’s ready to settle down, she’s not. She’ll tell you that all she wants is you, you’re not. She will kiss every inch of you and fuck some random girl in a bathroom stall the next night. And you’ll stay. You’ll pretend it doesn’t bother you and maybe it won’t, because you know who she is, you know how she is. You’ll let her win every argument. Until you don’t. And fighting with her will be one of the most painful things you’ll do. You’ll do it with tears streaming down your cheeks and she’ll do it with venom in her words. It really will crush you because all you’ll want is for her to just try to see it your way, but she won’t. And then you’ll never hear from her again. But you’ll never forget her. Never. She’s stubborn, she’s smart, she’s funny, she’s reckless, she’s selfish, she feels like home, she’s driven, she’s passionate, and she’s confusing. She’s a lot of things, but she’s never boring. And god, she’s so fucking extraordinary.

—  you’ll go into this knowing that she is a storm, and all she’ll do is break you, but let me tell you this, you’ll do it anyways.
and there i lay in your arms wondering what you think about when you kiss me, wondering if you think about an ex lover or the chocolate ice cream you taste on my lips. wondering what you see when you close your eyes and your lips touch mine. wondering if you like the choas you see in my eyes. because all i kept wondering about in that moment was how i got so lucky that the guy i like is kissing me back.
—  w o n d e r i n g//nikitagupta
I like to hear all your stories being told, not once, not twice but many times. Not because I don’t remember what you said but because I enjoy hearing about who you were before you met me. I like to see the little sparkle in your eye when you tell me about the memories you are most fond of. I love learning new things about you, I love seeing how shy you get when your mum talks about childhood stories of you. You don’t need to feel embarrassed at all about anything, you interest me in every way and I love you for you.
  • Coco @ bams new dog: alright pup since you're new around here I'll give you all the info you'll need. You'll only see them a few times a year, my dad is quiet but he also randomly screams and I can only understand half of what he says but he's a nice pillow, Jaebum still cries about his cat but he's soft and nice, Jacksons never here, Jinyoung is evil, stay away from my mom he's mine, your dad will choke the shit outta you and yugyeom aka your new mom is just like us but big?
Second Chances

Words: 10.1k

Genre: Fluff / Soulmate AU

Warnings: slight description of a panic attack, swearing

Description:  Soulmate AU in which you get to see colours when you kiss your soulmate. Dan has a particularity.

Read on AO3 / @florallylester made a moodboard for this and I’m crying

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There’s an old saying which reads “You will fall in love with someone who does not love you, for not loving someone who did.”
Maybe there is a law after all, a law of nature. Like gravity. An unwritten axiom that governs our emotional dealings. What you do to people comes back to you with twice the force. You see, perhaps we are not punished for our sins, but by them.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write