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heyyy i'd really love it if you drew manuel and emmanuel eating ice cream at the beach and/or enjoying an ice cream flavoured snog

Hey anon#20 :D Here’s your request ^^

(It continues under the cut ^^)

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Begin!AU - Reflection Series : Snowdrop

Snowdrop | Lilac

// o2.18 Happy Birthday J-Hope!


Saturday Photo shoot!! It was amazing.

If you see yourself let me know and I’ll tag you!!

Nabstabot: @ethereal-ghostie

Chara in the third picture flipping Sans off: @frankpanioncube

AfterTale Sans: @melliifluuous

Amazing Underswap Sans with the giant hammer: @buttercupsticksntricks

Cute af Flowerfell Frisk with the dark and light blue stripped shirt: @x-applefrost-x

The lovely doctor Alphys: @kagaskorner

One True Love Mettaton looking gorgeous as heck : @keyozee

The very dashing One True Love Papyrus: @mylcreates

I’m missing you now more than ever,
I just want to hear your voice.
Your voice is my magical cure
It gets me through the days
I can hardly find bareable.
I just want to see you, your smile.
Your smile is so calming.
I’m missing you now more than ever,
My heart is breaking piece by piece
I Can no longer bare this lonliness,
You’re gone, I am left with emptiness.
—  Tenari Ioapo // I miss you…
Game On│01

Spy!AU Jungkook x Rivals!OC 
Length: 6.8K 
Type: Mindless Fluff aka my specialty hehe
Warnings: May have angst in later parts; ments of weapons and violence, etc. 
Recommended OST: (x
(a/n): this wasn’t supposed to see the light of day until I finished all my other things but I figured I might as well post it because it’ll give me motivation to finish it T^T also… how long has it been since my pure pure fluff days? this part is realllyyyy just fluff hahah next part may have angst and action so stayed tuned bebs. As always comments and feedback is always appreciated. I must give credit where credit is due and say that this is loosely inspired by the Gallagher Girls academy, but mainly the concept of the academy and the mother as a headmistress, but other aspects are birthed from my fluffy ass imagination.

→Summary: “As the daughter of the headmistress, you’re not particularly impressed by the age old history of the academy, the stories turned bland since you spent most of your childhood hearing the tales as your bedtime story. In fact, you remain unfazed by most circumstances, but as luck would have it, these circumstances happened to exclude a certain golden boy named Jeon Jungkook.” 

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Aha, got him.

Trailing your eyes to from the receding figure to your cellphone, you can’t help but feel the corners of your lips tug themselves upwards.

Yes, this is how it should be. You had no reason to worry, even if it is a mission against his school today.

Rhythmic tapping of your fingers against the screen and your sneakers scratching against the pavement is all that is heard as you drift away from the scene, almost but not quite letting your guard down. You never let your guard down. Subtle vibration of the phone alerts you to the next step of the mission and you swipe your finger across the glass surface, expectant. A familiar robotic voice greets you,

“Hello, welcome to the final stage of your practical. Enclosed in locker 080604 between the intersection of 5th and 7th street you will find a package. Retrieve it. A carrier will arrive at exactly 12:00a.m. on Platform 4 from a train heading South. Deliver the package safely by 1:07a.m. and return to campus by the curfew of dawn. Best of luck.” by the time the voice is done speaking you’ve already thrown the device a few meters away from you where a tiny explosion can be heard. 


Sighing slightly, because you’re going to have to run this one, you’re sprinting towards the underground tunnels and away from the crowded streets of downtown, too preoccupied to notice the man in all black on your trail.

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I have a problem, I have a weird discomfort when I see trans! Headcannons of any character. Like, I'd never force them to change their HCs or anything, and if I don't like smth I'll just keep scrolling, but as a trans guy I just makes me sad and uncomfortable and I'm not sure why? and sometimes I feel like people glorify having dysphoria when it feels like actual hell and idk man I just wanted to know if anyone shared my view

i actually have a friend who feels the same way as u! and im sure there are more ppl who do as well :0 if u want i can tag posts w trans hcs so u can blacklist them

Tryin’ out gouaches :’)

Aro-spec Awareness Week 2017

Hey everyone :)

As you might (or might not) know, Aro-spec Awareness Week will be from 19th till 25th February this year - less than a week from now!

I really wanted to do something for Aro-spec week this year, but sadly it’s still exam season here, so I barely have any time for tumblr. Since Aro-spec Week is only once a year I didn’t want to miss it completely, though - and this is where you come in.

If you want to celebrate Aro-spec Week 2017 on this blog, share your ideas/thoughts/art/puns/… with me!

I’ve drawn up a quick plan for posts (though this isn’t written in stone, so if you have any suggestions for other themes or have a post that doesn’t fit the theme of the day, please submit anyway):

Sunday, 19th February: Aro-spec headcanons!
You know that one character who is totally aro-spec? The one you could relate to immediately or read that one fanfic of and headcanoned them as aro-spec ever since? Whether you have drawings, stories or just write the character’s name (and series/movie/book) in my submission box, it will be highly appreciated!

Monday, 20th February: Aro-spec Art Day
Quick aro doodles and art of your favourite character or the aro flag or whatever you can think of! Or do you have a favourite piece of aro-spec art on tumblr? Tag me and I’ll reblog it!

Tuesday, 21st February: How did you find out you were aro-spec?
Whether there was one specific event you can recall perfectly or many small moments that still sometimes make you realize that you’re way too aro-spec for this sh*t - share them here!

Wednesday, 22nd February: What I like about the a-spec community
What is says in the title - what do you like about the aro-spec community? The chatrooms, the puns, this very blog? ;) (Okay, I was just kidding with that last one, but really - submit away:D)

Thursday, 23rd February: Intersectionality
Aro-spec and asexual, bisexual, heterosexual, homosexual, pansexual…? Tell me about your struggles or experiences, share art, jokes, whatever!

Friday: 24th February: Aro-spec recommendations
A book/tv show/movie with an aro-spec character? Your favourite aro fanfic? A cool playlist? Share your recommendations here!

Saturday, 25th February: Aro Jokes and Puns
Everyone knows we have the best jokes - of course this had to be part of aro-spec week!

I’ll try to fill my queue with posts related to these topics, but it would be super awesome if you could share your own ideas etc. - either by submitting something to this blog (whether it’s a page-long rant or two words - I’ll happily take it) or tagging me in your posts so I can reblog them!

The earlier you submit, the more time I have to sort out my queue, so submissions start right now - but if you find/make something on the last day of Aro-spec Week, please submit anyway :) I’ll use the hashtags ‘#arospec17′ and ‘#arospec awareness week’

When You Have Forever

Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender

Pairing: Klance

Summary: Lance is immortal and is determined to find Keith in every one of his lifetimes. (Based on this post).

Words: 433

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve attended this funeral. The guests change, the face in the portrait (once a painted miniature, now a photograph) changes, the name on the headstone changes but, to me, it’s always the same funeral. To me, he’s ‘Keith’ in every lifetime.

And, in every lifetime, he leaves too soon.

Afterwards, when we’re all milling around cloaked in muttered small talk and waiting for the food to arrive, his mother comes to find me. I like his mother. I’m grateful for her and her wild brown hair and too warm hugs and the crows feet at the corners of her understanding eyes. Not all of Keith’s mothers have been so good.

She puts one rough hand on my shoulder and says, “I’m sorry if we’ve made you uncomfortable, Lance. I know you weren’t together for very long.”

“Three weeks on Saturday,” I say and try not to let my voice crack.

Three weeks. That’s all I had him for. And it took me twenty years to find him this time. Then: two months of knowing him, three weeks dating him and he’s gone again. Drowned while trying to reach a child trapped in a tidal cave. Just plucked off the rocks by a wave right in front of the kid and swept out to sea.

I don’t know why I still bother to remember the reasons – the causes. It doesn’t matter now. He’s gone again and the ‘how’ of it is superfluous.

“But I know,” Keith’s mother is still saying, “Arun would want you here. He really…” here she pauses to press the back of her hand to her quivering lips for a moment. “He really though you were something special. So I guess I’m just saying: thank you for being with my boy and making him happy. Even if it only was for three weeks.”

I want to tell her the truth. I want to pull her into my arms and tell her, ‘Give me some time. I’ll find him again. I always do. The longest I’ve ever taken is thirty-two years. Just hold on that long. I’ll find him. He’s not lost forever.”

But thirty-two years is a long time when you don’t have forever.

So, instead, I just squeeze her hand tightly and nod.

“Thank you,” I say, “For letting me be here.”

And she smiles. This is the end of it for her. For her, Keith – Arun is dead and never coming back. For me, the second I step out that door I’ll be on the hunt again.

My record is sixteen years.


Em finally joined Exire and his leader is Pulchrit  ! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) HELLO ALOID ! Thanks @localserialkiller​ for helping me ! *3* (i hope it’s fine ?? i still can change anything)

Say hi while i’m drawing more reference of him (or not)

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hi! i saw you called concrete's design transphobic, but i've only seen posts that call it racist (which are totally correct and crewniverse really fucked up). do you mind explaining why you called it transphobic? because i'm not entirely sure why and i'd like to know to help be informed about these kinds of things

hello hi, anon! 

i’m sorry for not being more clear but i wasn’t referring to Concrete when i said that. i should’ve specified, but in the artbook there’s another design that is trasnphobic- this one in particular:

here’s the post that i found the design. multiple trans users are very fucking upset over this, and i can honestly fucking see why.

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If you think Lance can pilot all the lions why don't you think the same about Keith? They can both pilot two lions, one of them being Red who's the most tempermental. I feel like everyone is ignoring how awesome it is that even though everyone said he's be a horrible leader, Black accepted to pilot her.

Oh, my post wasn’t about leadership ability, it was about a little theory I have about the paladins’ color coding.

Because like: Keith wears red and black and can pilot Red and Black, Hunk wears yellow and can pilot Yellow, Pidge wears green and can pilot Green, etc. Allura’s color coded blue and we’re gonna see her pilot Blue next season. The color coding’s held up pretty well so far, with characters piloting lions based on their outfits. 

But Lance has no red at all in his wardrobe and we see him piloting Red, which doesn’t match the pattern. However, what’s really cool is that Lance’s shirt is white, and white light is a combination of all colors of light. So maybe Lance has white quintessence– ie a little bit of every color of quintessence in him.

Basically I’m thinking that Lance might not have a particular affinity for anyone lion– he doesn’t have a “thing,” so to speak, because his thing is that he can fill whatever position needs filling.

As for Keith piloting Black, I don’t think he’d be a horrible leader at all!! I’m interested in seeing how him being in Black will be handled (especially considering his impulsiveness lmao) and I really want to see the shift in team dynamics it’ll cause (plus I’m thinking he and Lance might co-leader so I can’t wait to see what happens!!!). But I don’t think that he can pilot all of the lions, considering Blue doesn’t let her forcefield down for him in the first episode. He might be able to pilot Yellow though, if this color coding theory isn’t bullshit!!

  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: ok so how did Brian Jones's death become so wrongfully depicted in the media? It's reported that he died under the influence of drink and drugs and became "just another sad rockstar that died drugged and drunk" but first of all the postmortem found little to no evidence of drugs in his system and his blood alcohol level represented the equivalent of just three and a half pints of beer, and people that knew him, Keith Richards included, noted that it was indeed very strange that he drowned in such a short period of time in his own swimming pool while broadly sober, because Brian was a very strong swimmer and very acrobatic in water. Anna Wohlin, his girlfriend of three months and a key witness, maintains that Brian had stopped taking drugs (except for sleeping pills, which he did NOT abuse) when they met in April of '69 and also maintains that Brian was NOT sad, devastated or felt any sort of betrayal against the Stones members for sacking him, he was actually quite relieved (also verified by Keith Richards) and that he and Anna actually had planned to go to the Hyde Park gig so Brian could publicly show he had no hard feelings about leaving the Rolling Stones. He had wanted to get out of the band for some time and wanted to get together a new band, Bill Wyman remembers that Brian was phoning people up about creating a new band before he died and that he called Bill being very excited about it. Anyway, back to what i was saying earlier. Also present that night was Frank Thorogood, a minder aggravated after being fired by Brian on the day of his death because he wasn't doing the building work on Brian's house properly. Brian had expressed guilt over having fired him to Anna and worried he had sounded too harsh on Frank so he invited him back for dinner that night (steak and kidney pie). They later took a midnight swim in which Frank ultimately were left alone with Brian after Anna went inside to take a phone call. And ok so Brian was no angel and used to tease Frank calling him "old man" and while in the swimming pool that night he had teased Frank a little and grabbed his ankles dragging him down. Anna says that she left them to answer a call (that turned out to be from a friend of hers in London) and that Brian was in good shape and spirit when she went inside, and that she believes she was inside for a maximum of 10-15 minutes. Also present was Frank's friend (and rumored lover) Janet Lawson that went inside to find Brian's asthma inhalator that he asked her to get. She looked around the house for it and eventually went to the kitchen where she was met by Frank, she described him shaking to the point he hardly being able to light his cigarette and she sensed something was wrong and rushed out to the pool where she saw Brian laying still at the bottom face down. She (unable to swim) started to shout at Frank to help her but he ignored her cries for help and Anna who was upstairs heard Janet scream "something has happened with Brian" and ran down the stairs where she saw Frank standing there "shaking like a leaf" trying to light his cigarette, she then continued running out, jumping in the pool retrieving him from the bottom and trying to get Brian up on the pool edge, which she wasn't strong enough to do, so she screamed at Frank to help her, in which she said in a (swedish) radio documentary in 2008; "I screamed at Frank to come help me, and then after a while he came dawdling, he didn't seem very interested to come and help me.". She and Janet tried to massage Brian's heart and do CPR and Anna didn't want to believe that he was dead so she just kept on trying but when the ambulance showed up he was declared dead. Anna has always maintained that she didn't think Frank killed him intentionally and that it was horseplay in the pool that went wrong. Terribly wrong. This is also supported by Thorogood’s alleged death bed confession to Tom Keylock, the Rolling Stones driver, in 1993. Tom Keylock repeated his friends confession on Crimewatch in 1994 and told Classic Rock magazine; "In 1993 I went to see Frank in hospital and he said: 'It was me that done Brian.' He was very tired. I said: 'I'll come back tomorrow, and [you can] tell me more.' But he died during the night. I never found out the specifics." AND THEN MY FRIENDS at the inquiry both Janet Lawson and Anna Wohlin (separately at different times and occasions) have claimed that the inquiries were under unfair conditions and Janet Lawson broke her 40 year silence and said in sworn testimony to investigative journalist Scott Jones (in which all information in this post from Janet is taken from), shortly before she died of cancer in 2008, about the inquiry; "A pack of lies, the policeman suggested most of what I said. It was a load of rubbish." The inquiries were held at 3-4 am., she was nervous, confused, and mentally and physically exhausted and were told that she were able to give another statement later on when she was in better shape, which was untrue and she never got to give another statement, so she eventually just said "yes" to the suggestions of the police. PC Albert Evans, who was the first officer on the scene, sensed something was wrong upon arriving and later said about Frank; "There was nothing at the time to connect Thorogood with any more. Just feelings." Evans was NOT asked to attend the inquest. A Sussex officer who can't be named but who knows the case very well made claims about how Anna's statement had been produced and said "Wohlin had been given sedatives by the doctor and had to be actually woken up during the interview. The WDC who wrote that statement was told what to write by Bob Marshall (the chief investigation officer). Bob Marshall was controlling it, the evidence that was written down. He was pushing the buttons." Anna herself has also said that she was under sedation and shock. THE WHOLE HANDLING OF THE CASE IS JUST SO STRANGE AND FLAWED.
  • And after the inquiries Anna was given 5 minutes by the Rolling Stones management to gather some stuff from her and Brian's home so they could send her home on a plane back to Sweden, as she said, "I was just a nuisance, I was just a problem. They had to think about the Stones upcoming U.S. tour and they didn't know what I was capable of." She managed to grab some of Brian's clothes and a couple of his hats and then had nothing else but that and the clothes she was wearing and was quickly smuggled out of the house. She has still kept his clothes after all these years, they hang in her closet. It's the only things she has left of Brian, when she a couple of weeks later went back to England and Cotchford Farm to retrieve her and Brian's possessions everything was cleared and gone. She also keeps a portrait of Brian on her windowsill. After returning home in '69 she also discovered that she was pregnant with Brian's child. But had a miscarriage. She has blamed herself for his death, "No.. I should have never gone inside to answer the phone. You know, when it was me swimming in the pool Brian would always make sure to go outside to check on me every 10 minutes to see that I was ok. I should have stayed. It's just a fact, if I had not gone inside, I would have been there and around him, and it would never have happened. I will always blame myself for it." She couldn't even attend Brian's funeral, something she deeply regrets today.
  • How Brian Jones's death has been portrayed in media is so flawed and wrong and it's been 46 years, HE DID NOT DIE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL AND DRUGS AND I DEMAND JUSTICE FOR BRIAN, HE DESERVES IT. (and if anyone would like me to translate the whole radio documentary with Anna Wohlin let me know)

Has the Ocean Lost Its Way by anon    <- click the link and read it please


@hlsummerexchange2017 i hope you guys can pass this post on to the author of this story since it’s still anon so they see how happy they’ve made me. (hint hint).