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Recent side-project featuring Mega Banette in an attempt to learn brushed-in pastel. I have a few more of these that’ll be posted soon enough, and they don’t actually use cheap crayola paintset brushes!

After some soul-searching, I think this coming semester I’m going to lean more on my passions in art, namely pastels and sketching, and see how that goes for a year. So expect more of this type of thing I guess?


The next morning, it was time for Danny to go back to San Myshuno. He had to leave as soon as he could to make it for a meeting.


Roma: Okay, so. Let’s go over this again. You visit every other weekend and I’ll visit once a month. Otherwise, we’ll both grow broke. Still sound good?

Danny, sighing: No, but it’ll have to do. I wish your brother chose the city and not the desert…

Smiling wide, Roma pulled her boyfriend in for a deep kiss. Her boyfriend. Kiss. Man, those words would never grow old.

Roma: Long-distance relationships do work, Danny. We’ll prove people wrong, you and I.


trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

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