i'll say it's both


Emma & Audrey + being compared to canon couples [👀]

Quick question but: why is there hardly any stuff on ADD by itself? Or anything that tells you straight out how ADD is different than ADHD? It’s always ADHD or ADHD/ADD, but never just ADD—and even with ADHD/ADD things, the ADD is kind of just melted into ADHD. Am I just missing the resources and blogs that are just for ADD or something? I’ve had to pick through articles and things labeled as being for both, but they never really clearly define the difference between the two. In my opinion, the two are just different enough that there should be a clear definition.


In this place, in this universe, we are together for eternity


I’ll act on my love, like Pontius Pilate. I’ll give you my love, like I was Brutus. I’ll prove you my love, like I was Judas. (x)


[►] Anthony getting hit in the nuts by accident scaring Ian at first, but then laughing when he sees that Anthony’s okay. Then Anthony gets his revenge by throwing the football at Ian anyway even though the scene was already ruined. Flirting at its finest!

You and your birdcage are the damn thorn in my side…

You’re the one that’s going to disappear Doflamingo!


a battle mix for the otp [listen here]

Dis boi could have a conversation with his eye hahah
It can form shapes and words hahaha
Who knows who is talking to the side therre
Let your imagination flooow hah
And the same with what they’re saying
Soul!sans @amber-acrylic

Inspired by the last part of this greatness, I introduce to you: DJ Chiccup

HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!! °˖ ✧◝(> ヮ <)◜✧˖ ° I LOVE YOU ALL ♥

A fan asked Junhong if he would write something full of hope and love to cheer her on since it’s her last year of high school, and he wrote, “Hi Go 3 don’t study too hard because then I’ll want to hug you.”
—  trans. cr; yasuis @ tumblr | source cr; b.a.p’s fancafe