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E. Aster Bunnymund is an ancient creature known as a “Pooka”, though to humans he is most widely known as the “Easter Bunny”. He is immeasurably old, and has borne witness to many ages and eras, both before and after the dawn of humanity. But of all eras, none are quite as fabled, glorious, or inspiring as the Golden Age, where magnificent ships sailed the stars, and the most beautiful of dreams were only a hair’s breadth from reality.

To this day, he paints masterpieces reflecting the Golden Age on, appropriately, golden eggs. There can be no better canvas for his masterful artworks, as the egg is considered the holiest and most beautiful of shapes to his people, representing new life, restoration, growth, and rebirth.

His people have also perfected the art of chocolate making, and he creates many sweet wonders- which he shares with the children of the world, once per year.. As well as those who are children at heart.

His greatest golden masterpieces he carefully hides in the secret places of the world- he is extremely clever, but you may find them any day of the year in secret, magical places, if you only look hard enough..

I was going to draw this last night when in bed… when my intuos pro decided to act out and have its usb connector die on me =_=;<

now it only works wireless and my macbook kind of hates it, let alone trying to use Parallels (the program I use to run Windows and SAI while on MacOSX)… So I spent all day and half of the afternoon trying to fix things without avail and I had to resort to use my boyfriend’s unused laptop (he has a newer gaming desktop).
Poor macbook has been relegated to reference holder and online/social media hub for the time being ):

And because I was upset about it, fist thing I sketched on the laptop was this >:T

Hey @the universe i find it highly ironic that i finally force myself to draw and paint and it’s going really well and then the 3 yr old snaps the stylus

It’s been cracked but working for almost a year, I’ve dropped it numerous times, the 3 and 5 yr old have taken the phone numerous times

But i dose off next to the 3 yr old, and she breaks it