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college-sized headcanons

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  • kuroo never misses a class
  • he probably sits at the front too, what a nerd
  • kenma prefers to sit at the back, with his laptop out and maybe probably with a game open
  • yamamoto organizes all the goukons
  • yaku has mastered the art of speedwalking so he can get his morning coffee and slide into class just as the professor begins the lecture
  • shibayama takes the cutest notes, all colour-coded and everything
  • everyone is afraid of lev because he somehow manages to make it to every single one of his 8 am classes
  • inuoka is the type to be the first name the professor memorizes
  • no one can remember fukunaga, but if he’s put in your group for any project, you are guaranteed high scores
  • kai is the one at the booths welcoming the freshmen and offering them tea
  • yamamoto’s the most popular RA because he has every console in his room and regularly invites the kids over for a round during midterms to de-stress
  • shibayama is the type to be trapped by people with flyers
  • when he has an essay due, kuroo ends up doing his laundry, cleaning his room, getting the mail, calling his mother, everything except writing his essay
  • he ends up chugging coffee at 3 am trying to reach word count
  • kenma’s favourite place is the stacks in the library, where he more often than not ends up taking naps
  • kuroo finds him there and agrees, it is a Good Napping Spot
  • yaku is still being mistaken as a freshman during his graduate year
  • yaku is also the type to do all the extra credit and end up as TA 
  • kuroo is, too
  • inuoka is the type to go back home during the summer and surprise everyone because he actually learned cooking skills
  • lev sets off fire alarms at 3 am and everyone hates him
  • but he also offers to take out the garbage so everyone loves him
  • kai probably volunteers at the tutoring corners
  • fukunaga is every study group’s best kept secret because his notes are neat as hell and so much more clear than the prof’s ppt slides
  • fukunaga also joins the stand-up comedy club and turns out to be a big hit
  • yaku adopts little freshmen and shows them the best places to study on campus
  • kenma is the reigning champion and pride of the gaming club (prizes include apple pie and discounts at the video game store)

“Since we never got a chance at Halamshiral… might I impose upon you for a dance tonight, Lady Adaar?”

“If you really want to. I’m not as graceful as the pretty Fereldan ladies you’re used to, but … it’s weird. When I’m wearing this furry thing, I feel like I could do anything. …Maybe that’s actually the drinks talking. Either way, worth a try.”

“I’m never getting that back, am I?”

“Not a chance. <3”


Been itching to draw these two again all week. I wanted to draw them dancing but not like… in a dramatic way? Started off referencing the Norman Rockwell “Merrie Christmas Couple Dancing Under Mistletoe” painting and then could never decide what to do with Cullen’s legs, so I changed it completely and made it infinitely less interesting. oh well orz

So if Padme is knocked into Obi-Wan’s body, Obi-Wan into Anakin’s and Anakin into Padme’s - we all know that:

A. Padme now knows the benefits of being Force-sensitive and finally understands what’s it all about.

B. Obi-Wan has to deal with a gazillionth amount of Force-sensitivity due to Anakin’s super midichlorian-count.

C. Anakin is left completely Force-blinded, which is a total shock to a guy who used to have the highest Force-sensitivity from every other Jedi.


Based on this conversation with cadesama and skygawker .
Star Wars fandom, ladies and gentlemen. 

Ancient underwater forest found off SE English coast

Nature experts have discovered a remarkable submerged forest thousands of years old under the sea close to the Norfolk coast.

The trees were part of an area known as ‘Doggerland’ which formed part of a much bigger area before it was flooded by the North Sea.

It was once so vast that hunter-gatherers who lived in the vicinity could have walked to Germany across its land mass.

ALL THE INTACT PRESERVED ARCHAEOLOGY WAITING TO BE FOUND. Fishing boats have dredged up handaxes and all sorts over the years, I would probably give a limb to be able to go on an archaeology-seeking mission over Doggerland… Ugh.