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Common Ground

“I can’t live without you,” she tells him in a broken whisper.

He’s still reeling, but in that moment the notion strikes him as ridiculous. “Yes, you can.”

“But—I—don’t—want—to,” she grinds out, shaking him by his collar with every word. “Bellamy.”

Her blue eyes are searching his soul and they look so bright that she against all reason must have found something beautiful there; and again that surge of want goes through him. A want to go with Clarke. To go to salvation with the rest of them. To go see what a future could be like with her. He wants that, so badly, and he suddenly thinks he doesn’t have the power to resist.

Or: Earth is the Titanic, and there aren’t enough lifeboats. Bellamy doesn’t think he deserves to be on one. (Season 4 speculative fic)

(Read below or on AO3) Rated T. WC: 4137.

inspired by @merdok1993​ … this was supposed to be a tiny little drabble but instead *laughs maniacally* anyways,,, this is a bit different than what you wanted probably, but I hope you still like it.

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