i'll quit this job

Make Theories, not Lemonade.

I was at work literally putting some slices of lemons into a container and came up with a theory about Vanitas because that is literally what my life has been for the last nine months.

So we all keep freaking out about Vanitas’s death and what will causes it/did cause it.  But I started wondering about this panel, RIGHT before we found out that he dies/is dead:

All right…so you can’t die?

Or somehow you exist in this world after you are dead?

Hmmmmm how might that happen….


And where have we seen this before:

Yep, that’s right.  I’m proposing that Vanitas of the Blue Moon is behind the curse bearers.  So either, Bloom Vanitas is Charlatan, or, Bloom Vanitas is the one responsible, not Charlatan.

To be honest it also just occurred to me looking at that photo of Louis - the hands.  One hand is bare, the other has claws added to it.  And who else does that?

And yes, it was confirmed by Jun Mochizuki that the “claws” are part of the gloves Vanitas wears, not his hand.  So there’s a mcfreaking link.

I’ve discussed in another half-baked theory post how Vanitas might be getting his revenge on Bloom Vanitas - by saving the vampires rather than destroying them, as Bloom Vanitas wanted.  So, I dare think that Bloom Vanitas’s destruction of Vampires is by possessing them, cursing them, making them lose control to the point where vampire is killing vampire in an attempt to keep themselves safe.

However, there’s still definitely a link between Vanitas and Bloom Vanitas.  Their connection could run very, very deep - to the point where Vanitas has become linked to the curse bearers, and after death will still exist in them as Bloom Vanitas does.

As stated earlier this idea came to me while I was spooning sliced lemons into a container for people to put in their tea so who fucking knows what state of mind I was in.  Still, when life gives you lemons, make theory posts about Vanitas.

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Customer or not. DON'T TELL ME TO SMILE. You can sit here and tell me to be happy for whatever bullshit reason but you know when I'll be happy? When I can quit this fucking job and do what I actually enjoy. Until then suck several dicks if you've ever told anyone "to smile...." seriously fuck you.

"If it's automated, what do you do here?"
  • Poppy: It wasn't always like this. When I came to work at the Echo River Central Exchange, there were twelve of us: Loretta, Edna, Meg, Cara, Marie, Lois, Liz, Hester, Angie, Wilma, Connie. I was number twelve; Connie and I were hired on the same day, but she showed up early. Marie finished college, and Hester was fired for snapping at a rude caller - but he had it coming, and I hear she did just fine on her own - so they hired Beryl, Jana, and Sachiko, which brought us up to thirteen, and that was as many operators as we ever had here at one time. Edna, Meg, Cara, and Lois left one Friday evening, and were asked not to come back on Monday morning. Beryl saw the writing on the wall and quickly found employment at a private PBX. They had Jana and Liz stop routing calls, and write up some kind of "best practices" document instead. It was their final task as Exchange employees. Some of the girls were reassigned to other divisions. Connie, I think, was checking residential meters. Sachiko and Wilma were moved to energy sales, cold-calling businesses to see if they needed to upgrade their electricity plan. At least they were still on the phone. Then it was just Loretta, Angie, and me. We were swamped. The hours were hell, and hard on the throat. The "voice with a smile" became a croak. I was gargling warm salt water in the break room, sipping on a thermos full of hot honey broth stashed under my chair. Oh, I brought a lot of "extended technique" to the switchboard in those days. So, after a few months, it was just me. A new automation strategy was announced, and this place was re-christened "Consolidated Auxiliary Switch Number 30."
  • Shannon: If it's automated, what do you do here?
  • Poppy: It's not fully automated. There are still gaps in functionality that need a human touch... And, you know, it really is all about touch, here. Sound is a vibration, a touch you feel in your ear, so my voice is my touch. When we're talking, we're touching, even on the phone - that's an electric touch, an intimate little shock that makes your tiny hairs tremble. But that's what I mean, when I say it's all about touch here. When the power company first tried automating this old exchange with fancy new transistor arrays, the switchboard caught fire. It was just too much, too fast. So, they tried using some clunky old mechanical relays, but then the calls were getting mismatched and out-of-sync. It was a nightmare. Their technicians determined that the phone system down here had been designed ad hoc over decades around the specific tempo of its human operators. So, short of replacing the whole thing, not to mention all the wiring, they'd have to work out the exact timing of every little human gesture that goes into routing a phone call. And that, officially, is my role here. I run the switchboard for the whole exchange - once the work of twelve, I'd like to remind you! They have some kind of machine somewhere that tracks how long it takes me to do each little thing. The caller never hears my voice now; they dial, my little indicator lights switch on, and I make the connection.
  • Shannon: Do you miss talking to the callers?
  • Poppy: You know... there's something that bothers me about the process, besides the fact that I'm training my replacement, who isn't even human... Here's what I mean: how long do you think it should take to time my every move and recreate that timing in an automated switchboard? Rough estimate.
  • Shannon: A couple days?
  • Poppy: That's what I said, but this has been going on for over a year! And a very dark thought has started to nag at me... What if there is no cheap machine that's going to replace me? What if it's cheaper just to keep me here, filling in for the rhythm of the operators... What if I'm the cheap machine?
  • Shannon: Why don't you just quit?
  • Poppy: In this economy? No, you're probably right. Working in silence for peanut shells, waiting to be replaced by a robot... It doesn't sound very dignified, does it? The reality is that I've been working here my whole adult life. I came here as a girl, and I'll leave as a middle-aged woman... I don't know if I'm ready to be her yet.
Kiss it Better

it’s been hmmmmm maybe five months since I actually did some solid writing, I’m finally getting the urge to do some more, maybe

at this point I’ve just accepted that everything I accomplish will be painfully slow and that’s okay

I’ll write properly for a month then take half a year to recover

it’s whatever


((Ahhhhh! The next dds vid from Nyxrising Industries dropped and i cant watch it for four hours cause im at work! Damn it!))

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Do you still draw fanart for Hamilton?

MY HOPE IS TO STILL DRAW FANART FOR HAMILTON FOREVER I AM NOT GONE FROM IT NOR WILL IT EVER LEAVE MY HEART but unfortunately my heart has also discovered other things it loves because my heart is a fickle, two-timing, cheating scumbag who never learns so please allow patience while my heart figures its shit out and sifts through 5 different current loves and also a full time job that’s kicking my heart’s ass. 

This is a long way to say yes, I absolutely still have planned fanart for Ham (among other things)!! But also ALSO I’m having a difficult time doing art in general right now so when I get the spare second to draw, I gotta do my heart’s bidding at that exact moment and seize on that energy. Sometimes lately that hasn’t been Hamilton, even though my love for it burns fiercely. I beg patience and forgiveness!!

Okay, so sometime in the next two weeks either “Steve” is going to be fired or I am going to quit. I don’t have another job lined up right now, though I have a good sum put away and I know of at least three places that are currently hiring that I could get on part time almost immediately. But. It’s a mess and nervewracking so yaaaaaaaay.

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Is age important for being a vet? I'm 22 and I studied another career, but I really want to be a vet (think I sent you another ask about it) but there's something eating my mind right now, if I want to have a full time job and study I'll graduate quite old, I'm planing on graduating at 28-30. How could that affect my career or my job opportunities as a vet?

28-30 isn’t ‘quite old’ for general practice. Your personality is going to count for more than your age with most employers and it helps avoid that phase of “But you look too young to be a vet!”

I’ve been told my mature age students that I’ve graduated with, that while they’ve had no trouble getting employed out of vet school, they might be discriminated against when it comes to further education (internships with a view to become specialists), but that’s not supposed to happen.

It’s not been an issue with all the local specialists though. Like most humans they will vary in terms of how much bias they have when accepting interns.

If being a vet is something you really, really want to pursue, then go do it.

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URGENT: I'm having really bad anxiety because I got an interview for a job that is in my career goals but I already have a job in retail and I don't know if I will be able to quit my other job and I'll feel bad cause I like everyone but I don't know if they'll cut my hours down if I ask and I don't know how much this new one makes or what the hours are but it's full time UHG

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Is it better to leave a job even though you haven't gotten another lined up yet or is it better to find one first? I've been working this job (my first one) for just under 6 months, but taking time off (which I did for the last week) just isn't helping with my burnout. My parents would be pissed if I quit and didn't find another job but I'm worried I'll explode if I don't get a gap period to de-stress from the current one before looking again.

Cheers to Autumn.
If it means to decay, let it.
If the roots are strong, it’ll be present when Spring rolls back around.

Report from today’s Nazi demonstration in Sweden.

There was a big Nazi demonstration in Gothenburg, close to the city where I live. The Nazis described that the event was going to be the biggest national-socialist march since the thirties.

Of course this also resulted in a huge counterdemostration. To this counterdemostration I was going.

The counterdemostration started off two hours before the Nazi demonstration at Hedern, an area located along the way where the Nazis was supposed to walk in their marsh.

The counterdemostration offered a lot of different activities, such as speeches and music and a lot more, and it ended about half an hour before the Nazis were supposed to start their marsh. People who wanted to stay and protest when the Nazis marched by could stay, but at this the counterdemostration “officially” ended. As most other people, I stayed. Tightly packed behind the fences the police sat up we waited.

And waited.

When the clock was about 01:30 pm, half an hour after the Nazi march was supposed to start, me and my friends started to wonder where the Nazis were, cuz according to the timetable, they should have passed Hedern long ago.

Some research (asking the people around us) shown that the Nazis march had been stopped by the police.

Apparently the Nazis was trying to walk another route than the one they were permited to, so the police was like “no guys, this is not okay anywhere” and surrounded the Nazis with police cars.

Some of the Nazis protested thirties by attacking the police. Some nazis, for example the leader of their organisation, were arrested. Apparently the Nazis that was not arrested refused to move until the arrested Nazis were free. It didn’t work.

After a while, the fences that surrounded the Nazis march route was opened, and thousands and thousands of us anti-nazis were filling the streets with our own demonstration, taking up the space that was reservatied for the nazis, and yelling anti-nazi slogans and rhymes (while at least some of the polices was smiling and waving at us). We completely outnumbered the Nazis (We were about 10000-20000, I think, and I didn’t see the Nazis, but I heard they were about 300) and there was almost no violence, I think a few people was throwing stones at the Nazis, and the Nazis acted violent against the police, but that was all. And the police handled everything REALLY well.

When the time the Nazis demostration permission run out, they haven’t even managed to reach the starting point of their march.

The counterdemostration slowly calmed down after a while, and me and my friends were going for some hamburgers.

But yeah, dear Nordfront. I’ll hope you now understand that your shitty Nazi views are not welcome here. We do outnumber you, and you have no chance. Ever.