i'll queue the heart out of you

Hannibal is what happens when you take a step back, see where your show wants to go, and embrace it wholeheartedly. Sherlock is what happens when you see where your show wants to go, and you fight it tooth and nail until you tear it apart.

p.s.: fml it’s missing a ‘r’ on shortcut, i cant even do a gif right….

Dear dALEk,

today it’s your 15th birthday, so we all know you are becoming an enchanted princess not that you weren’t one before. You are probably the best thing that ever happened to humanity, and I love you so fucking much.

You deserve to have everything that is precious in the world, and that includes a TARDIS, because you are one of the most amazing girl dalek I’ve ever met. I don’t know if anything I could put up on photoshop would be enough, because you deserve so much more. You deserve your own planet, where you woud rule, and everything would be perfect. 

You make me laugh, you make me cry because of the laughter, you make me smile and seriously, you are the best fucking friend in the entire world. I wish my TARDIS wasn’t broken so I could visit you and hug the hell out of you. And even though you are Peter Pan, and you don’t grow up, thank god we had another year of you, and we will have many others.

So, even thought I can’t write a decent message, and I can’t give you a Helena Bonham Carter,I love you very very very very much, from the bottom of my two hearts fuckyeahtimelady.

  • And I wrote a little poem:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Go wish Ale a happy birthday

Because that’s what people DO!.


I woke up today with news that I need emergency surgery. And doctors are worried because I don’t have a good heart. So there’s a chance for complications. I’m heading to the hospital now, kinda scared. I’m sure I’ll be fine. It’s the second time this has happened to me and it really can’t be helped.

But if I pass, I love you all? I lived an okay life I guess.

Just honor me with brotp fanart of Inuyasha and Rin hanging out and im sure I’ll rest in peace.

*makes jokes to hide fear*

  • Interviewer: Tear in my heart- can you give us a bit of a wrap up on this song?
  • Tyler: Um, in the video, is- ah- there's a girl in it who is my wife, and anytime that we play that song live and she's not there it's surprisingly easy for me to just swap her out with Josh. So in a way, I always imagine playing this song to Josh

to the girls who are afraid to come out:

you write poems but all of the pronouns are “he,” “his,” and “him.” in your heart, you know they should be “she,” “hers,” and “her,” or maybe even both. I REMEMBER WHEN I WAS YOU.

you’d love to have a family of your own one day. but you’re not straight and people don’t like that. so you convince yourself that you’ll just be one of those people who never get married or have children but still live a seemingly happy life. I REMEMBER WHEN I WAS YOU.

when the people you secretly identify with—your family—are killed in mass numbers and you see it on the news while watching with your family, you can’t cry. you can’t be upset. you can’t hate the world for a few days or weeks. because you’re straight and it shouldn’t affect you. I REMEMBER WHEN I WAS YOU.

you walk down the hallways of your school and come across a group of boys yelling at someone. “you’re a faggot! you gay piece of shit. no will ever want you!” you want to intervene. you want to stop this and help them. but you’re scared to show your true colors and if you stop it they’ll say, “what, are you gay too?! that’s gross!” I REMEMBER WHEN I WAS YOU.

your uncle, grandmother, cousin, niece asks you, “hey, do you have a boyfriend?” or “are you going to get a boyfriend at school this year?” all the signs in your mind point to no but they can’t know so instead you smile and say “if the right boy comes along, i might.” on the inside it crushed you. I REMEMBER WHEN I WAS YOU.

you’re six years old, walking in a store with your older cousin by your side. you look over and see a heterosexual couple walking hand in hand. you’re not sure if that’ll be you one day or not. and that scares you. I REMEMBER WHEN I WAS YOU.

one day you’ll know which description feels like home. tomorrow, next week, next year, thirty years from now. if you’re scared, that’s okay. if you’re eager, that’s okay. if you’re out, that’s okay. if you’re in the closet, that’s okay. i can’t remember a day when i wasn’t confused; so if you’re confused, that’s okay.

some day you’ll be able to look in the mirror and very confidently say—"hey, i’m bisexual.“ “hey, i’m asexual.” “hey, i’m pansexual.” “hey, i’m gay.” “hey, i’m demisexual.” “hey i’m polysexual.”

// if you can’t choose a description right now, look in the mirror and say, “hey, i’m me.”
- rachel. @rainydaysandinkstains. august 16th, 2016.