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I feel like maybe one of the reasons Noct x Luna doesn’t get more love is because maybe people are at some base level rejecting the idea that the arranged marriage could have played a part in their developing emotions.

From the time they first meet, they love each other, but obviously not in a romantic way. They’re children. He’s 8, she’s 12, they’re *both* children. And it’s the only confirmed face-to-face time we know about them having before the game.

But they love each other so much from that time on. They both admire each other deeply and the other becomes a driving force for them. Noctis wants to fulfill his childhood promises to her. Luna as Oracle wants to support her King on his road.

They both know the other is capable of amazing things. And those abilities awe and inspire them to be an even better version of themselves.

These children are never given the luxury of thinking of things in short-term, either. Everything they do, they have to think of in long term. They have to think of effects down the years. They both mature so quickly in a lot of ways. They’re pragmatic by necessity, and their adoration of each other is the only selfish thing they hold onto. Because it’s safe. Because it can only help them in their duties. Because they are the only ones who can relate on an equal field to each other.

That love and adoration grows through the years. As they further mature, as they take on more and more tasks… They have no time to think of things like romance, they have no time to FIND love.

And then they’re promised to each other.

What a relief that must have been, circumstances aside.

As rulers and as those carrying a specific kind of magic, they need to continue their bloodlines. It’s part of their duty, and they both are bound by and PROUD of their duties.

To know that you’ll be with your best friend… Someone who you admire so completely, someone who makes you feel calm when you think their name, someone you know you can rely on, who knows your weaknesses and who supports you, who completes you, who makes you better….

Oh, what a relief.

And then to know it’s coming, their thoughts can shift. They’re allowed. They have that freedom, it’s been given to them, promised to them as they were promised to each other. And so when they think of each other, they can think of a future together. One where they can actually see each other freely, which they had been unable to do with no freedom in sight.

And feelings change and develop into something more.

Pixel Art Tree Tutorial

When I first started out doing pixel art I couldn’t find a good tutorial on how to make trees. So now that I’m a bit better, I’ve decided to make my own! 

For this tutorial, you’ll need some sort of digital art program. You probably shouldn’t be looking at digital art tutorials if you don’t have a digital art program. I use Pro Motion, but I’m pretty sure that Gimp and Photoshop work too. 

For space-saving reasons, I’ll put the rest beneath the read more

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I make 40 posts about it a day. I know, I’m sorry.

Anakin Skywalker was hella neurodivergent and was doing his best and the council lifted him up and then beat him down and ignored his fairly obvious condition. Not to mention took him from SLAVERY and immediately told him to be a WARRIOR OF PEACE, the whole galaxy’s savior. But that he was too old to be the savior. They taught him he was bad to feel emotion even in the event of his MOTHER’S DEATH which happened in his arms. And then while that was happening they gave him a padawan and then took her, one of his favorite people, away from him. It’s pretty obvious he depends on his favorite people for everything. They mean everything to him. Ahsoka was essentially his adopted daughter. And then she was gone, and it wasn’t fair.

AND THEN- when his paranoia was starting to get out control, Palpatine, who had been hovering and waiting for years, swooped in and told him he was good for something, and that he could prevent the nightmares and visions he had of Padme’s (a person extremely close to him) death from happening. (His children might also be involved in this death, don’t forget.)

And at this point Anakin was in an extremely unstable mental and emotional state and because of the years of hovering, he trusted Paplatine without a second thought. He convinced Anakin easily that if he listened to him, his very overwhelming anxiety and fear of the deaths of his loved ones wouldn’t happen. The events that transpired after that are horrific but they didn’t come out of nowhere. He wasn’t born evil.

I mean watch ROTS. Watch the Mustafar scene. Compare that scene to any from the Clone Wars. He loved both of them so much- and suddenly he thinks BOTH of them are out to get him???? Even though the atrocities he’d just committed was an attempt to save Padme???? That doesn’t seem very neurotypical to me. His mentality and perception of them switches completely. He tries to murder his best friend. His best friend who tells him he loved him before cutting of his limbs and fleeing. His wife dies. It was all for nothing.

Anakin Skywalker is a god damn tragedy and it makes me so sad.

today in my creative writing class, we were writing about the three Gorgon sisters from Greek mythology and I found something that is quite interesting in comparison to the three Holmes siblings. The Gorgon’s names are: Stheno, Euryale and Medusa. The same first initial as the 3 Holmes.

What’s even more fascinating is this:

- Stheno means strength (Sherlock)
- Euryale means far-roaming (Eurus)
- Medusa means rule or queen (Mycroft).

It’s probably pure coincidence but I found it quite interesting that the 3 mythical sisters describe our Holmes quite perfectly. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I might not be on tumblr much for a while guys. I know I haven’t interacted on this blog very often recently anyway, but now I’m thinking about actually going on full hiatus. I’m just not in a good place right now sorry.