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Percy/Annabeth Swap
  • Ok so I was thinking about what it would be like if Percy was the one who went to Camp when he was seven
  • So imagine an AU where Annabeth’s stepmom was actually nice and Annabeth never ran away
  • In this AU, Percy’s the one who ran away when he was young
  • Sally died when Percy was only six (I know, I’m so so sorry), and Gabe wasn’t exactly willing to look after him
  • Gabe knows someone who runs a care home in Virginia, so he takes him there
  • But Percy isn’t willing to go to it because anyone who is a friend of Gabe is not someone he wants looking after him
  • So he runs away in Virginia, and decides to look for his real dad
  • It’s only been a few days when he meets his first monster, a hellhound
  • Percy’s next to a river when he sees it, and desperately he jumps into it
  • Despite the current, he manages to swim to the other side pretty easily, but his clothes are wet (at this point he doesn’t know he’s a demigod, so he hasn’t learnt how to use his powers properly)
  • Shivering, he ends up in an empty alley, when another monster shows up
  • This time, it’s a sphinx, and Percy would’ve been killed for sure if a blond boy hadn’t come out of nowhere and stabbed it with his sword
  • At first Percy’s scared by this boy and the dark haired girl with him, but they soon convince him it’s alright, they’re like him, there’s no reason to be scared
  • They tell him they’re called Luke and Thalia, and they explain that he’s a demigod
  • “What’s your name, kid?” Thalia asks
  • “My name’s Percy,” he responds, “Percy Jackson.”
  • From then on, Percy’s life becomes a bit easier
  • Sure, they’re still on the run, and they still have to face monsters, but Percy has friends now
  • He admires Luke completely, and pretty soon he’s his role model. Percy will do anything to try and impress Luke.
  • Thalia’s like the big sister Percy never had, and always knows what to say to cheer him up. In the aftermath of Percy’s mom’s death, she’s a massive help
  • Of course, Thalia adapts to the big sister role pretty quickly. It’s almost like she’s had practise
  • Percy starts to get better at facing monsters
  • He starts training with the dagger Luke gave him, determined to do well
  • After a while, Grover finds them, and leads them to camp
  • Like in canon, Thalia is turned into a tree as she sacrifices herself
  • That hits Percy hard
  • Luke’s changed too
  • Luke still looks out for Percy, and helps him through that stage, but he’s more emotionally detached
  • In the beginning, Percy stays in the Hermes cabin, because he’s unclaimed
  • Every night, when he offers food, he prays his parent will claim him
  • Chiron takes sympathy on Percy, having developed a liking for the boy
  • Finally, two years later, Percy’s wish is granted in a game of Capture the Flag
  • When Percy moves into the Poseidon cabin, he’s lonely at first
  • He misses his friends from the Hermes’ cabin, like Travis and Connor, but he remains friends with them
  • He soon gets used to it, but he misses being in the same cabin as Luke
  • Luke’s training harder and harder these days, and it’s almost like he’s shutting Percy out
  • Later, Luke goes on his quest, and when he comes back with the scar, Percy can see he’s more angry, but when anyone brings it up with Percy, he denies it vehemently
  • By the time Percy’s 11, he’s well settled in camp, it’s his home
  • He has friends (Grover’s his best friend), and he’s become really good with a dagger, since he trains with Luke’s dagger all the time
  • He knows there’s a prophecy, and it’s got something to do with when he turns sixteen, but he doesn’t know exactly what it says. He does know that Chiron won’t let him go on a quest because of it
  • One day, Chiron says there’s a gifted demigod at the school he’s been teaching in
  • Grover brings her to Camp, but not easily: they suffer from a minotaur attack on the way, and apparently the girl’s father was taken to the underworld
  • The girl’s knocked out, and Percy volunteers to look after her, and the first thing he notices is her blonde princess curls
  • (Update: Part 2 can be found here)

Requested: Your such a talented writer and I was just wondering if I could request an imagine where y/n gets in a car accident where like she breaks her hip/ back and has to be in a wheelchair and just like fluffy Shawn taking care of her thank you so much ! Ps: never stop writing your so good

Requested: This is probably a little bit of a different request than usual; but could you possibly do one where Shawn’s girlfriend is disabled/in a wheelchair and he’s caring for her?


It has been three months since the car accident that damaged your spinal cord and altered your entire life in a split second. Because of medical issues, you had to return home and take time off from University. Since the damage to your spinal cord made you lose the use of your legs, you have to depend on your parents to take care of you, which has been a huge and difficult adjustment from what you were used to. Before the accident, you had lived in your own apartment near your University, so coming home and no longer being independent has been difficult on top of the fact that you can’t even go to the bathroom alone anymore. The doctors are hopeful that you’ll be able to walk again, but the progress has been so slow and frustrating. These three months have been long and so difficult for you. The light at the end of the tunnel can barely be seen. You have to relearn to walk, something that you never thought you would have to do.

Shawn is finally coming home. He had been away for a month because of work, but he’s finally on his way, and you can’t wait to see him again. That has been the only thing you’ve had to look forward to for a while now.

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At the Threshold: A collection of stories to haunt your doorstep NOW AVAILABLE

My first book is now available on amazon! It consists of 13 original stories, a few classics, and many brand new! It’s available in print and electronic editions! If you’re interested in giving them a read or running those lovely pages between your fingers, go check it out!

AT THE THRESHOLD: A collection of stories to haunt your doorstep

'Law and Order: SVU' Showrunner Rick Eid Takes Top Job at 'Chicago P.D.'
The 'Law & Order' vet will replace co-creator and longtime showrunner Matt Olmstead, who left for an overall deal at ABC Studios.

Monsta X Pacific Rim ! AU >> Shownu x Kihyun [Showki]

    RangersJaeger: Trespass Queen ♛ Years Active: ~2 ♛ Kills: 10 (+3 shared)

[Jooheon] [Minhyuk] [Hyungwon] [Wonho] [Changkyun] [BONUS RAP LINE]

READ the full chapter here: AO3 | FF.Net
Chapters: 1/??
Pairings: KarLena(Supercorp), SaLara(S.S. Endurance)
SUMMARY: “Are you happy?” Sam asks it’s sudden.

“I am,” Lena smiles, much brighter than she had before.

“Damn you’re in deep, LeeLoo,” Sam slaps her shoulder, Lena frowns, “you’re looking at her like I look at Lara. You’re a goner.”

She looks pensive for a moment, Sam continues with a smile.

“So is she,” She gestures to where Kara and Lara sit talking, Kara’s eyes flicker over and she waves with a grin, “she’s been unable to keep her eyes off of you for more than fifteen seconds. I counted.”

“I kind of guessed,” Lara informed, “you’re entitled to your privacy about it. You owe me nothing. Why would it blindside us?”

“Because she’s been spending the night at my place for the past month,” she blinked again, “it’s become a comfort I’d rather not lose with how things have been lately. I…asked her to stay again tonight when she’s off work.”

Lara nodded and considered the information.

“I won’t mind, nor will Sam, I’m certain she’ll enjoy it more than I will. Embarrassing you, I mean, in front of a romantic Partner,” the words brought a smile to Lena’s face again. It felt like a normal friendship for the small moment, a part of Lena’s past she finally got back that wasn’t tainted by the Luthor name.

“Alright, thank you for understanding,” Lara just shrugged, “shall we go finally?”

“Yes. I’d like to get home.”

Lena stopped only to inform Jess of her plans, asking her to notify her instantly the moment something came up. If it was important. After jess confirmed her plans, she led Lara through the building. Once in the elevator, she let herself fully breathe in relief. Lara elbowed her with a reassuring smile. Tonight would be fine, they’d get through it, tomorrow would be the real challenge, wouldn’t it?

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A concept: you and Shawn are sitting in a hotel room, he's strumming on his guitar creating minor melodies, you make a joke of a song lyric to fit into the little tune he's singing, he likes your little lyric, and puts it into the song

Yes yes yes, and then every time you hear that song on the radio, you know that one part was yours. You and Shawn are the only people who know where that one lyric came from and about that night in the hotel room that sparked it.


- And what is this fair beauty’s name?
- She’s sort of named after you, Doctor.
- I beg your pardon?
- Say hello to Victoria Elizabeth Palmer.

Adorable Quotes about the Glimmer Twins

“I got to see the relationship between Mick and Keith in action. Mick’s so much like the long-suffering, tolerant wife who occasionally loses her cool with his sailor husband. ‘Oh yes, darlin’, are we going to go off and be pirates today, then?’ Keith is the man, the pirate naughty boy who speaks in a language that only Mick can understand.” - Bebe Buell

“Mick loves Keith, you know. They’re like a married couple” - Jerry Hall

What I think is that the two of them, Mick and Keith, are going to have to face each other eventually. They should get married - Anita Pallenberg

It’s funny though, after all this time, there’s never really any friction in the band. Although, actually, you never want to get in the middle of Mick and Keith! They’re like brothers, so they get seriously stroppy with each other! But they will turn around and be in love again - Charlie Watts

They’re like brothers: always opposite, always agreeing. But you better not get between them. Because they’ll agree with each other, and you’ll be left on your own (laughs) - Charlie Watts

Of all of Mick’s relationships, the only one that really means anything to him is with Keith. - Marianne Faithfull

The chemistry between Mick Jagger and Keith Richards was like that between siblings, yet Mick had a lot of respect for Keith. Sometimes Keith would just nod off and fall asleep on the couch, and Mick always said, “Just leave him alone. Let him be” Mick had accepted Keith for who he was- Bebe Buell

At the Muscle Shoals airport there was a small terminal building with a large window through which, it seemed, most of the local population and the people from the surrounding cities of Florence, Sheffield, and Tuscumbia were looking out at the landing field. Keith was slouching against a post in front of the window, wearing an antique Hungarian gypsy jacket, and just to start things off right in Alabama, Mick walked up in full view of the watching rednecks and kissed Keith sweetly on the cheek. How are you, babe? All right, Keith said. We been driving around looking at the woods this morning, it’s beautiful around here. - Stanley Booth

I never saw Mick lose his temper with Keith. I noticed that Keith sometimes lost his patience with Mick. Mick would say something and Keith would interrupt him. “Oh gawd! Please, dear.” It was as if they were married: Mick was the woman and Keith was the man. - Bebe Buell

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whats this about sharing your writing??????? id love to read it even if its unfinished bc i feel deep down in my soul its great seriously tho

oh the last two weeks i’ve been getting more into writing fics and such

usually by spamming ely or mica with an idea for two hours

so far i’ve got like 25 tangible ideas for bap fics and out of those i’ve written fic outlines for about 12 of them - outline meaning a basic runthrough of a fic but probably lacking some scenes or detail, or it’s poorly paced, so it’s not fit for being published.

i’ll share some with you if you want, ana, but only about 5 of those 12 outlines are rated G-T (ergo ones i’d link you), and only one is explicitly romantic in nature (two of them revolve around aromanticism)

hmu if you want a link to any of those 5, there’s a bangdae, banghim, daejae, daelo, and an ot6 one focused on aroace jongup


“For Mom.”

“For Callie”

“For everyone who believed in me.”

“I’m gonna reach for the stars!”

Otonokizaka Private Academy

Chapter 7 - Magnetic Heart
Previous Chapters [1][2][3][4][5][6]
Next Chapters [8]

Words: 10k+

Summary: Nozomi learns that sometimes giving up is the right way to go. Of course it’s Maki who teaches her that

Tags: #Private_Academy_AU   

Note: Character appearences in order: Nozomi, Maki, Umi, Kotori, Nico, Eli, Nozomi, Nico, Maki, Nico Maki, NicoMaki…oh and with the occasional guest appearance of Drama™  

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sormik: “feathers in his hair”
1214 words

just some silly fluff that takes place after sorey wakes up. i’ve been thinking about long-haired sorey for the past few days and this is the result. also fire seraph!sorey because yes. 

Ow, ow, ow!

Without moving from his place on the floor where he was reading, Mikleo sighed at the sound of that tell-tale exclaim that had been going on in Sorey’s house lately. He waited, not lifting his eyes from the text even as he stopped reading the words.

Five seconds later came a groan, then a feeble, “Mikleo, help me.”

There it was, his cue. Mikleo put the book down and got up to make his way over to the little alcove where Sorey’s bed sat. Sorey was plopped at the edge, clearly in the middle of getting himself dressed, but only his trousers were successfully on. His shirt was unbuttoned and open, and distress was plain on his face as he gave Mikleo a helpless look.

“What, did you get stuck again ?” Mikleo crossed his arms, searching for what the culprit could be this time.

Offering a small smile, Sorey tentatively raised his wrist, but immediately winced at the action. “Aha… Yeah,” he said. “Can you help me? I got my hair caught on the button on my cuff.”

“Honestly. You sleep for how many centuries and still come back as hopeless as ever?” All behold the Great Shepherd Sorey, Savior of Glenwood! Shaking his head, Mikleo took Sorey’s wrist by the shirt cuff and set to work trying to unwind the strand of silver hair from its trap.

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