i'll probably talk to myself

I am reluctant to watch Supergirl as I feel I will fall into that trap where I am given a perfectly good wlw ship and I throw it all away on the off chance for the Big Ship to become canon. Which is to say, I may end up shipping the fuck out of Supercorp over Sanvers like my gay ass shipped Faberry over Brittana when I could stand watching Glee. And darling, I cannot go THROUGH THAT again.

I can’t be trusted not to make Bad Shipping Choices. lol

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I got the results for my first year of university back today! I did better than i expected, maybe i underestimated my academic abilities a little.

Short hiatus mention

To any Shifting Perspectives readers: I’m going to be without good internet access for most of July, and while I’d hoped to finish Chapter 4 before I leave, that’s now looking like it won’t happen. SO just letting y’all know there will be a short ~3-week hiatus both from posts here and for the fic starting next week.  

things i have thought about breathe of the wind while browsing legend of zelda fan blogs though i will never be able to play the game (probably)

(stuck it under a readmore when i realized not everyone shares my lassez-faire attitude towards spoilers)

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Looks like I’m out again. I’m not too sure but I think Oli got triggered back in. Either that or he got too overwhelmed and decided to slip back in. Whatever happened I’m here. Not really feeling the best. Don’t wanna talk about why cause it’s pretty personal but It’s fine. I’ll get over it. Plan to scroll through Tumblr and probably smoke then wallow in self pity for a bit 😂 anyway hope you’re all doing alright. Try not to get too stressed w/ life.

also i didn’t get to hang out w all the emo kids but i wish i did :/ they all looked so cool and they all kinda hung out together and i wanted to be like “hey! i, too, live up pete wentz’s ass” but i was too nervous since i has already made some ‘friends’ and uhhh i looked like a prep all 3 days :/ like.. a YELLOW cardigan with a floral dress and they’re over there w their dyed hair and like ripped jeans and their band shirts 😩 there’s always time when school actually starts so 🤷🏾‍♀️

Me on a date..
  • me: so, what do you think of Draco Malfoy?
  • them: Oh, that snooty blonde kid in Harry Potter? Yeah, I hate him. He's a disgusting little-
  • me, shoving breadsticks into their mouth therefore choking them: Shush, child, go to sleep.

Man, they have a midnight showing of Star Trek + Star Trek into Darkness on Wednesday AND Thursday next week at my theater, but no one wants to go with me at midnight and, though I have no problem going alone, I don’t want to go alone at midnight because it’s in a creepy part of the city.

I’ll probably go alone and see it at 11 in the morning, because rl people won’t want to see my insanity and I want to enjoy this fucker, you know?