i'll probably redo it later


Based on this lovely poem written by Mary Stuart about her first husband, Francois II

no one’s gonna love you like i do | mindy/danny (the mindy project) | listen

i when i go (slow club) . she’s got you high (mumm-ra) . out loud (dispatch) . electric twist (a fine frenzy) . i need my girl (the national) . no one’s gonna love you (band of horses) . fuck was i (jenny owen youngs) . hey ho (the lumineers) . anything could happen (ellie goulding)


um so I recorded my Hello Seattle Remix cover? 

Lookie at what I’m working on.
I can already tell it’s not going to look how I want it to when I erase it. I just wanted to brush up on my depth perception ability…which is next to none. Actually I really just wanted to draw that face. Scientists like Twilight Sparkle always make funny faces they’re not really aware of when they focus on something really important.
Yeah, no I’m probably done with this I won’t continue on the path that it’s already on.