i'll probably never write this

The day my heart beats out of my chest is the moment I know I’m in love.
—  V.B.//a little fazed, somewhat dazed

Queer As Folk!AU

When Credence decided to go to Babylon, the most famous gay nightclub in New York, he had only planned for it to be his one and only act of rebellion against his Ma. He had not planned to get picked up by an older, devastatingly handsome man before he even had a chance to enter the club. He definitely had not planned to lose both his virginity, and his heart, to said man in the course of a single night.

When Percival picked up a sad looking twink outside Babylon, he had only intended for the boy to be just another, fully consenting, perfectly legal, one night stand. He had not expected the boy to confess to being underage, and a fucking virgin, as they laid panting on the bed. He definitely had not expected the boy to also declare his undying love and start following him around like a lovesick puppy.

Falling in love just isn’t for me anymore.
—  V.B.//but darling, you’ll love again. Whether you like it, or not.
It hurts to look at her. It hurts to exist every day and know that she doesn’t need me, and more than anything I just wish I could see her and not feel a thing, but at the same time, I don’t, because that would mean letting go.
—  from an unfinished story #656
Darling, we are all made from magic, but I think you were made with a little bit of extra stardust.

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Victor doesn’t know why this is what sets him off.

It’s not like he’s never seen Yuuri naked. He had seen him almost naked at he last GPF banquet and with all the times they bathed together at the onsen Victor should be used to it, but here he is, getting the most turned on of his life zipping up Yuuri’s ‘Eros’ costume.

It’s the first time Yuuri has ever asked him help for dressing up and Victor just can’t keep his eyes from following the back muscles and the pale skin on display as he slowly moves the zip up.

Yuuri is talking but Victor can’t make out any words. He just can’t focus on anything he says, can’t hear anything except his own short breath. His fingers feel numb and his shoulders stiff. Mouth dry hanging slightly open, he swallows and licks his lips, trying to get back some grip when he finally catches what’s been nagging at the back of his brain since the day Yuuri chose this outfit. 

Yuuri is wearing his costume. 

The thought hits him full force.

Victor is not prepared to the wave of pure want and possessiveness rushing through his body at the sight of Yuuri in his own clothes and he has to close his eyes and take a deep breath or he’s going to totally lose his mind and do something inappropriate. 

He finally zips the costume up to Yuuri’s neck but can’t stop his hands from hovering a few inches over his body, following the sinful curves in a ghost caress down his back and has to use the last bits of self-control he can manage to not reach. He can’t stop his hands though, from slightly squeezing the air in a desperate need to settle in the small of Yuuri’s back when Yuuri turns around with a look of concern on his face.

Victor shakes himself back to present. Now is not the time to get lost in his own head.

But as he’s watching Yuuri taking off on the ice, costume hugging his body like a glove, Victor has never been more thankful for having to stay behind the fence because this season is going to be hard.


Stories I’ll (Probably) Never write: 1/??

“follow the maidens. if you want to find him, follow the one’s who’s souls burn brighter than any star. who carry their hearts in jars and lanterns. they know this land…trust them.”

I understand that you’re just human, and that’s why I can never hate you. For you? Love is all that I can give. I can never despise your mistakes, no matter how big or small, no matter how much they hurt me, no matter how much I have to silently suffer because of them. You gave me the hate, baby, so I decided to pass it on to the world instead. We both know the rules say no touchbacks, and you know I never break the rules.
—  Love is a game, but so is hate.
Can we just freeze time and stay here?”
“For as long as you want.”
“I wish…”
“Why not?”
“Because the world waits for no one. And time goes on whether or not we’re ready to go with it. But you know what? I’ll always try to find my way back here, to this moment, and it’ll be like nothing changed, no matter how much time has passed.”
“I promise.
You picked up the pieces of my broken heart,
And proceeded to shatter them further,
With an intent to heal,
But fingers accustomed to chaos.
—  V.B.//you didn’t mean to break my heart


I can bear it no longer! Goblin King! Goblin King! Wherever you may be, take this child of mine far away from me!

After yet another brutal beating at the hands of his stepmother for a mistake he did not make, Credence lashes out and wishes away his younger sister. Feeling responsible and guilty about the abduction he begs the Goblin King for the chance to win his sister back.

He is given thirteen hours to solve the magical Labyrinth and make his way to the Goblin King’s Castle, before Modesty is turned into a Goblin and cursed to spend her life in the Underworld.

Nothing is really as it seems in the land of the fae, and as Credence makes his way through the enchanted maze he must solve the place’s endless riddles and resist the tempting promises of the Goblin King.


A mermaid AU!!

Okay, so let my imagination run wild, but this is what I imagine:

Mika is a young “merboy" who sometimes hangs out on the surface of a secluded shore. Incidentally, Yuu finds Mika’s spot purely by accident because he needed a quiet place to read and be by himself, until Mika unexpectedly pokes his head out of the water only to find this weird, adorable human thing sitting on HIS rock–clearly his territory–. Eventually, they kind of get to know each other; at first, Yuu’s kind of freaked out that there’s a kid living in water, but they bond anyway.

Mika doesn’t know how to read, so Yuu brings books and other junk to show him, and Mika is just BLOWN away at how fascinating the surface world is. Yuu can’t swim, so Mika takes it as his responsibility to teach him and show him the wonders of the sea!! At one point, Mika gets too excited and almost drowns his Yuu-chan. They are so attached to each other.

Inspired by sophia-loves-mikayuu’s  post !

My heart is slightly used to being away from yours.
—  V.B.//numbed affection