i'll probably make prints of this

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Allura + Day By Day

*HUGS* THANK YOU FOR REQUESTING I HAD A LOT OF FUN DOING THIS. I included this and a slightly color tweaked one cause I like both haha. 

Allura’s based loosely off of this: https://yongjae37.tumblr.com/post/160744597812/k-ayo-%EA%B1%B8%EC%A6%88-%EB%B0%94%EB%9E%8C%EB%A7%89%EC%9D%B4-%EC%88%8F%EC%B8%A0-%EC%84%B8%ED%8A%B8-73000-won

You give me a feeling that I never felt before
And I deserve it, I think I deserve it
It’s becoming something that’s impossible to ignore

I wasn’t expecting this anime to take over my life. Make sure to bury me with a copy of episode 7 lmao

My pose reference for this is an old painting by Frederic Leighton titled, The Fisherman and The Siren.

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I would be interested to see your take on Mr. Freeze. I have a few images in my head, but I cannot get it right for the life of me.

Boy, what a challenge! The Mr Freeze from the animated series is kinda my main idea for him (along with a lot of the rouges). But I’m terrible at designing armor/suits so I did my best. And I think everyone can agree that Victor is an absolute sweetie! (although he kinda scares me a little bit).

Idk where this came from but here it is. I guess this is what happens after days of not drawing anything.

Surpreme gay otp award goes to SanUso because this is the longest I’ve ever been majorly and deeply attached to a pairing. Usually after a year or so, I get a little bored…move on maybe if something else grabs my attention. But no, here I am in my otp clan. Otp clan here we stand.

WIP of some badges I’m working on ! :3

I will try to make all the Overwatch characters before the con as well as the RED/BLU team from TF2 + Miss Pauling. :’) 

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Drabble game - uhh ALL OF THEM but specifically #83, "Stay there. I'm coming to get you." Silverflint.


so yeah. everyone who has forgotten by now that they sent me one of these, be prepared to suddenly get a notification like “wtf is this” over the next…..i don’t even fucking know. i don’t know. 

i also got an anonymous prompt with just the number and listen, friend, i don’t even know where the original list is so i have no idea what your prompt was but if someone sees the list flying around, let me know.

so many of these prompts were also more aligned to a modern AU but i’m not capable of doing a regular modern AU so here it is, the first 1920s gangster AU no one (or, like, four people, retroactively) asked for

although this is more like Black Sails: Prohibition-Era Gay Chicken AU

#83, “Stay there. I’m coming to get you.”

Flint lights a cigarette. The metal clink of his lighter flicking shut is the only sound trickling across the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Other than the crush of waves, of course. Everything glows a hazy orange in the steam of the summer air. Fuck, it’s hot, even with the breeze pushing off the sea. It’s barely a breeze, really, the waves twitching only as much as an accomplished sinner in church. They’re moving, sure, but they aren’t exactly calling attention to themselves.

He sticks the cigarette in his mouth and takes off his jacket, throwing it over the railing. He smokes with his lips pursed, rolling up his sleeves, never taking his eyes off the horizon. He’d get a good breeze if he was on a boat, even in this fucking July swelter. He lets loose the top button his waistcoat, then takes off his hat to wipe at his brow with his forearm. The only way to get a good goddamn breeze is at sea.

The boat still isn’t in sight.

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The Joker finally has Batman’s attention, but he doesn’t know what to do with it. His excuse for the kiss/bite is that a few wires got crossed in his excitement. That excuse will feel a lot more flimsy the second time it happens.

Batman’s excuse is that he didn’t expect to need his anti-kiss defenses around the Joker. That excuse will also feel a lot more flimsy the second time.

Ivy has never been greener. Joker makes a point to rub it in every time they cross paths.

Sonic Fanzine?

Hey guys, I’m kinda interested in organising a Sonic the Hedgehog fanzine/fanart anthology between a few artists, is this something that anyone would be interested in?
It probably won’t be printed IRL, and will probably just be posted on itch.io to be downloaded, but I think it would be nice to collaborate with other artists to make a little book. ^^
If anyone has any suggestions of themes for the zine, please leave a reply or anon, and any other info is appreciated!

I’ve been watching Gurren Lagann in my free time~ I thought it was gonna be a fun little series full of brothers and robots and happiness and boy was I wrong.

Here’s a Yoko ‘cause I don’t have enough awesome girls on my blog~ :D

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how about doodling some cute succulents and or cacti if you want to? :3

it’s funny you mention succulents & cacti anon because one of my future print ideas is a set of mix & match mini 4″ plant prints (probably squares) that you can put together to make a whole pot, basically

i’m considering the option of solid prints (say, 11x4in) where you still get to choose what plants you want

magnets would also be fun

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hi sorry, how does one start selling shirts with their art printed? i would like to, but i have no idea how and how much money i'll need to start ?

there are a couple ways to start - if you have the resources, you can screen print your own shirts, that’s probably the cheapest way and good if you’re only making a few. you can also look for screen printing shops in your area to print them for you. there are some online manufacturers that you can explore that screen print, sublimation print, or do other kinds of printing, so just research and see what you’d like!

i started printing a very small amount at the beginning, sold it on my online shop and at a convention. i made a profit, so i slowly made a few more shirts in each run, etc. if you want to go for it, then i say put the time in and do it! it’s a lot of fun, and if nothing else a really cool life experience ~


4 hours of work later….

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Judgement - Judgement, Inner Calling, Rebirth.

*sees something not about space* *makes it about space*


Still have to clean the lineart for tsuna’s plate but wanted to make a quick post ‘cause I’ll be out for the rest of the day. These are probably the last things I’ll be working on for AN… cutting it close as usual but I need to have my precious pineapple child somewhere on my table!