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Things I learned during my first weekend at college
  • Your parents will hover like crazy and try to help you unpack when you move in. They mean well, but if you’re overwhelmed don’t be afraid to kick them out for a bit. 
  • Don’t ask your RA what bars to hit up in town (like one girl from my floor actually did)
  • Check your e-mail five times a day, your professors might be sending out syllabi or other helpful/important stuff ahead of time. 
  • You will cry at least once while buying textbooks from the campus bookstore that you couldn’t find used on Chegg (sidenote: use Chegg) 
  • Your dining hall probably has pizza available for every meal. Don’t eat pizza for every meal. 
  • Even if you hated salads your entire life, you will learn to love them so that, you know, you don’t eat pizza for every meal. 
  • Check your dining hall hours online. Some of them close between meals. 
  • Leave your door open or do random Internet browsing in the floor lounge if you want to meet more people. 
  • At least one of your posters will constantly fall down no matter how many 3M command strips you use.
  • A lot of campus events are lame. A lot of them are not. Go to as many of them as you can anyways to meet more people.
  • If you need time to yourself, take it. You’ll make friends eventually without having to hang out with them constantly. 
  • Don’t expect to become BFFs with everyone you meet, and don’t expect to become best friends over your first weekend. 
  • If you’re standing if a long period of time, bend/relax your knees every so often. If you keep them locked, you might trigger a nerve in your body that causes you to pass out (this may or may not have happened to me on my second day, oops) 
  • Drink water.
  • Carry an umbrella if there is the slightest chance of rain. Carry one even if there isn’t, just in case. 
  • Carry a sweater or hoodie always. 
  • Pokemon Go is lit on college campuses; every single building is a gym or pokestop and there are lures everywhere. Plus, your eggs hatch in no time because you’re walking everywhere. 
  • It’s okay to eat alone in a dining hall; either no one will care or someone will sit at your table and strike up a conversation.
  • If you really, really don’t want to eat alone, literally just knock on someone’s door in your hall. If they don’t want to go with you, try someone else. Chances are, someone else might be hungry, too or at least willing to walk over with you. 
  • Come up with a roommate agreement. Decide when you’re cleaning, sharing policy, guest policy, light and noise preferences, etc. 
  • If there is a massive involvement fair on campus, research some clubs online so you know what to look for. Otherwise you’ll be overwhelmed in two seconds. 
  • Join a group chat with people on your floor or in the same area of study as you, it’s super helpful for general information.
  • Ask everyone you talk to to add you on Snapchat. 
  • Simple things like taking out the trash or doing laundry will suddenly feel very overwhelming. 
  • You learn a lot of stuff from being in college for only three days and not even taking any classes. 
  • Aries: TRASH COMPLETE TRASH. He used to be really sweet and was pretty much the king of cute guys two years ago, but now he thinks being a jerk that only talks about having sex with his girlfriend is cool. IT'S NOT FYI
  • Taurus: Really chill and funny, but he gets randomly depressed at times and it makes me sad because this dude deserves to be happy.
  • Gemini: Great fashion sense and he always keeps it 100 percent, nothing more and nothing less. He's honestly one of my favorite people, but we don't hang out much these days. Hmm... sad.
  • Cancer: ALSO TRASH. Passive-aggressive and annoying. He doesn't like to look at himself as the problem and just blaming everything on other people. [Micheal Jordan voice] Stop it, get some help.
  • Leo: ANNOYING AND LOUD. Breaks up friendships too because some people (me) become super petty and annoyed when this person is around that they (me) have to stop talking to one of their best friends for a whole year.
  • Virgo: Comes across as really strange and probably has some weird fetishes, but he's nice so yeah.
  • Libra: Pretentious and douchey. Everyone seems to like this dude for some reason though. I can see why people do sometimes, but then he just does something and I HATE HIM AGAIN. He might be really successful in the future though.
  • Scorpio: Video game nerd, but not smart nerd, ya know? He gets a new crush every other week and has probably liked all my friends at some point in time. But he's super nice and gave me candy once so I'm not a hater.
  • Sagittarius: SUPER FUNNY AND SMART. But always seems to have a crush on someone and it's just sad seeing him try to flirt. I cringe as I type.
  • Capricorn: I LOVE HIM SO MUCH, HE'S THE LOVE OF MY LIFE (even though he doesn't know I exist oops). HE'S SO TALENTED AND SEXY I COULD DIE. But he seems to not think before he speaks (or tweets in this case) and it makes me sad. (Me: Doesn't know any Capricorn guys, so I write about my celebrity crush lolol)
  • Aquarius: He's probably always high or drunk. BUT still pretty cool... in small doses. If I had to spend more than an hour with this dude I'd probably die.
  • Pisces: Innocent and sweet. He is an innocent child, I will personally fight anyone who tries to corrupt this innocent baby. Ok? Ok.

Felix needs to be on the roof because he’s about to get his medal. Well, how about we just take that medal and give it to Ralph for once. Would that be the end of the world?


Random BIGBANG sketches [1/?] - Daesung

Since I’m not drawing as much recently as I used to do, I decided to challenge myself and start this series. I’ll try to draw every few days or whenever something inspires me to do so. The sketches will probably be all over the place, but I’ll make sure to include all members equally. Starting off with my bias of course.

totalannihilationx4  asked:

How do you start a headcannon blog?

Lol I was just thinking about making a How to Start a Headcanon Blog Guide. 

I’ll give you the gist though. 

So first, you want to establish your boundaries and what you’re comfortable with writing like characters, types of scenarios, your limits. Once you’ve done that, create a tumblr and make a post about your rules. 

The best way to get your blog out there is to ask for shoutouts from other headcanon bloggers! With the shoutouts, you’ll get a couple of requests and these first asks are very important because it’s basically people’s first impression of your blog, so make them good! 

I hope this helps and good luck! 

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I still can't believe Tobin with a broken back flew to Chicago to watch her girl play & score w her head and then flew all the back home. If she can do that she better be ready for Boston on the 27th. Just saying 😂 I'll be really sad if she isn't

She’s not gonna be playing for 2 more weeks last i heard so she’s not gonna make it probably. They’ll chill for her birthday

Waterfall (Piano + Cello)
Blossom the Cellist
Waterfall (Piano + Cello)

Waterfall: Now with piano and cello!!! This song is so relaxing tbh…and i thought it would sound nice with those two instruments and also im a cellist so yeah!!! Hope you enjoy!!!

anonymous asked:

Since youre very active on tumblr i was wondering how do you avoid art blocks? Or pressure from your public? And how do you make time for your art while being in college? Like i have a super small art account with like 200 followers but 1. i get frustrated when i go weeks without posting and i just keep losing followers 2. I get the worst art blocks bc sometimes i can be a perfectionist 3. College is draining me. I bet you have a ton more than 200 followers so i was wonderin how do u keep up

When I started this blog I didn’t post on a daily basis AT ALL but after some time I just kinda conditioned myself to draw enough to post on a daily basis. And I just have this weird drive to draw the whole time, and usually I draw enough to cover the days when I don’t draw. Also some of the things I do for uni, I also consider personal works. I have this one project where I can do whatever I want for example so that gives lots of freedom.

I only fear my own pressure & my teachers’.

Art blocks, I don’t even know those anymore because I can’t afford to have art blocks because uni requires me to deliver lots of new sketches and finished drawings on multiple days a week. And yeah most of the times I am not satisfied with those.. but I cannot not draw. Or else you’ll fail and/ or leave a bad impression lol. Anyway, I guess to beat an art block: buy a cheap sketchbook and draw things you see / like / find interesting in it and focus on enjoying it instead of focusing on that it has to be “good”. 

I hope this somehow answers your question(s)?

I swear I wanted to make something sweet and funny before I leave for a week, but I ended up scanning the alternate sketches from yesterday. Great, because that’s what people wanted. More crackshipping. (I’m not that sorry, to be honest, I just wanted to get some more of this out of my system before my vacation.)

Also, did you know that I actually really like a dominant Bumblebee in this relationship? No? Can’t blame you, I haven’t really drawn that yet. I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m sorry.


Wow this is like the first time i actually enjoyed drawing myself. I also made a gif of it, and i know it looks kind of really dumb but it just to make the background more interesting.

And yes i do own a panda hoodie and no I am not ashamed.


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Juniper: “Well, here they are! What do you think? You won’t find cuties like these in Hoenn, ahaha~”

???: “I-I’m sorry… Could I just have a moment…?”

Juniper: “Hm? Ah, of course! Silly me, just because you’ve done this before doesn’t make this moment any less special. It’s probably more special than usual because this will be your first pokemon as a Unovan citizen, how exciting! Anyways, there’s no rush, hon.”


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The Booklr Creation Guide

If you were looking for a sign to start your own bookish tumblr, this is it! The book blogging community on this strange blue site is hundreds strong, but there’s always room for YOU. So here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your book-tumblr (booklr, if you will) and jumping into the community.

1. The Name

Your url should ideally have something to do with books so that people looking to follow booklrs will click through to check it out. Consider the following words: book, words, pages, read, tome, fiction, story, library, bibliophile… you get the idea. Two common options are including your name (e.g. @immzies-adventures-through-books) which has the added bonus of people remembering what to call you, or pairing books with something you like (e.g. @books-and-cookies). Be as creative as you like but don’t get too stressed over finding the perfect url. You can change it or grow into it in time.

2. The Theme

Browse through themes and think about what to go for. While you’re a new blog you might not want a lot of links and additional boxes, but if you’re planning to post reviews, promote your other social media/projects and generally have a more complex blog, a more complex theme may suit you. @theme-hunter reblogs all kinds of themes for you to choose from. At the very least I recommend having a theme that shows captions on image posts and shows text posts and asks in a readable font. You can change your theme whenever you like to better fit your blog. Add an avatar featuring yourself and/or books and you’re ready to blog.

3. The Community

Follow some book blogs. Only follow blogs you like & don’t follow with the expectation that they’ll follow you back. @bookblognetwork has a decent (if dated) list to get you started. I would recommend that every time you follow a new blog, send them a message! Tell them you love their blog and talk about a book you see you’ve both read or ask them an interesting question. Mention your book blog url in asks if it’s not your main account. Reblog posts you like. Keep reblogging, keep socialising, don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t reply. You’ll get the most out of booklr if you keep trying to make friends and have some good conversations.

4. The Content

Now you’ve reblogged and chatted, hopefully you have a few followers! Welcome to booklr, friend! It’s time to think about the kind of stuff you want to throw into this world. Photos and funny/cute text posts tend to get the most notes. Reviews get less attention but can be more personally rewarding, and you’ll need them if you’re hoping to get free books for review. It’s completely okay to not create your own content at all, but a lot of bloggers find it more rewarding to do so and it will help you gain followers. You can also make graphics, post poetry and stories, do themed book recs, liveblog what you’re reading, add videos or audio - do whatever you want!

See you around, bookworm. x

occasionally-arts  asked:

henlo i am mild noob at fr. I'm more just playin for the fun of it and making pretty dergs so do you have any advice on picking out apparel and such? Maybe writing lore? I dunno, just, hit me with whatever beginner advice u got. (Joined last welcome week so not TOO noob lol)

Ayy firstly welcome to fr and sorry for the late response so many things are happening that I didn’t have time to make a nice response to this until now

Lore and dressing dragons appropriately goes hand-in-hand in my opinion so lets tackle both at the same time. Writing lore and worldbuilding is an entire lengthy post itself so lets simplify things and focus on one dragon instead of a community of dragons that lairs usually are. For me personally, I usually decide on lore first and then dress the dragon to match their lore, that way its easier for viewers to visualize the character you are writing and really sell it. 

After the dragon’s character is decided, I will determine if the dragon is mostly gonna be dressed for lore (like a courier dragon having journeyman satchels) or aesthetics (like a warrior having a daisy flowerfall just because its pretty) and then I will plan the rest of the outfit around that, usually starting with a skin/accent since skins and accents are the most unique thing about a dragon. I like to match accents with either the tert of the dragon, or their eyes if their element has some sorta significance to their character. From the skin or accent then I choose apparel pieces that compliment the dragon’s colours and the skin/accent. There’s a lotta words so have some visuals:

(fullsize on imgur here)

Virya is my clan leader so she’s my best example for a lore-dressed dragon. In my lore, pearlcatcher pearls have a connection to the moon and the moon has a connection to the Shadowbinder which makes pearlcatchers the true offspring of the Shadowbinder. In this case, Virya has two moon relating items, her accent and her Cloudy Wings which are also made of moonlight in my lore. Both her accent and apparel are white so they match her tert which goes well visually and for lore. 

So in conclusion: Determine the character of a dragon before dressing them so it is easier make the character come alive through customization like apparel and accents. Don’t overthink apparel too much, choose one thing on the dragon (i.e. the tert or eyes) and use apparel and skins/accents to draw the viewers attention


CS AU Week

Day 06 >> Modern Trope (High School Teachers)

“Killian, we’re in the teacher’s lounge. Someone’s going to walk in on us.”

“No one’s gonna come in, love. Don’t worry so much.”

“I can’t help it, especially since we’re not doing a very good job at hiding this. You need to stop with the PDA. Mary Margaret has been asking questions.”

“You English teachers are such gossips.”

“Like the science department is any better. I heard Victor saying–”

“Mr. Jones? Ms. Swan?”

“Bloody hell!”

“Henry! Why aren’t you in class?”

“Mrs. Blanchard asked me to get… What are you doing?”

“Just discussing how the science department is far superior to the English. What do you need, lad?”

“Just some whiteboard markers… Are you guys dat–?”

“Here are the markers. Now, run on back before anyone has to give you detention for lingering in the hallway…”

“Uh… Thanks for these. I’ll just be… Bye, Mr. Jones, bye Ms. Swan.”

“Great. Now a student knows, and the whole school is going to be buzzing about it by the end of the day. I told you someone would catch us!”

“Lighten up, Swan. Just because a student knows doesn’t mean– No! Lass! Don’t leave!”

“I’ll see you after school, Killian. Come by at 5:00, alright?”

“Aye. I’ll be there.”

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