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“I think me and Fame are probably the closest. She just has an amazing heart, a heart of gold. She talks a lot, but when you need someone to talk to, she’s right there. She’s a great listener. We both have similar experiences. We have a similar aesthetic. It really meant a lot to me at the time. I see her as such a beautiful individual inside and out.”

     i ponder of something great ,
          my lungs will FILL & then DEFLATE ,
                                 they fill with FIRE ,
                                                                                                                  exhale desire ,

                      I KNOW IT’S DIRE ,  MY TIME TODAY .                                                                                                                     banner cred. // art cred.

Hey guys look, I made myself a new header

So, it turns out theY HAVE TSUM TSUM DISPLAY CASES AT TARGET! And they were in a comic book style, so of course I had to buy TWO and fulfill my dream of displaying my children for all the world to see! *SOBS*

I wanted to add the full version of Kii deeply thinking. For a parasite, he turned out super cute in this–


Here are the adoptables, finally! Every adoptable is free, and it’s first come first serve! Message me if you want one!

Names are placeholder and there are no cutie marks for them, you can change them in almost any way you like. But I would appreciate it if they are kept at least similar to the current design/theme. If you’d like me to design a cutie mark for you, just let me know and we can work something out!

Gloom Wisp - TAKEN

Harvest Dream- TAKEN

Bed Head- TAKEN

Valentine- TAKEN

Pop Rock- TAKEN

Raging River- TAKEN

Lullaby Whisper- TAKEN

Kindled Candle- TAKEN

How To Study

Step 1)  Open multiple tabs of various homework and course notes

Step 2)  Open Tumblr in new tab because you have already become overwhelmed with how behind you are

Step 3)  Swear to browse Tumblr for 5 minutes

Step 4)  Realize you’ve been tumbling for the past 40 minutes

Step 5)  Decide to create a reward system for studying- for every section of notes you complete or review, you get 5 m&m’s

Step 6)  Eat entire bag of m&m’s while still browsing Tumblr

Step 7)  Exit out of studying tabs and swear you’ll start the next hour

Step 8)  Continue to tumble while stressing out. 

iwaoi-ish headcanons pt.2 

  • Iwaizumi is that person who can just roll out of bed and walk out of the house 5 minutes later and still look amazing 
  • Oikawa always wins at monopoly. No one plays with him anymore
  • Iwa gets really tanned and freckled in the summer and Oikawa thinks it’s the cutest thing ever
  • They always use each other’s first names when they’re alone
  • Sometimes they slip up and use it in front of other people and die of embarrassment
  • Oikawa likes to wear ridiculously short shorts around the house when it’s hot out (he also does it because he knows it drives Iwa insane)
  • Iwaizumi retaliates by walking around shirtless
  • Oikawa takes hundreds of selfies using Iwaizumi’s phone. Iwa can’t bring himself to delete any of them no matter how horrible they are
  • Due to his insecurities, Oikawa’s a huge people pleaser and gets upset when he can’t please everyone 
  • Iwaizumi can get really romantic and cheesy and Oikawa absolutely loves it
  • Iwaizumi and Takeru are the best of bros and like to team up and tease poor Oikawa
  • Oikawa is great at mental math
  • He’s also really good at remembering names and faces and is the master of small talk
  • Okay but imagine them swapping clothes. Like since Oikawa’s a bit taller his shirts are a little long on Iwa but they’re tight around his shoulders and arms. Iwa’s shirts are just a little bit to short for Oikawa so whenever he raises his arms it rides up a little and shows a small sliver of skin. Iwaizumi cant handle it.
  • Oikawa calls Iwaizumi at 2 in the morning when he’s worrying so much he can’t sleep because hearing Iwa’s voice calms him down
  • Iwaizumi loves playing with Oikawa’s hair and running his fingers throught it, especially when they’re cuddling. It’s so soft it’s ridiculous
  •  Oikawa is a fashion disaster and it makes Iwaizumi cringe. Iwa refuses to be seen in public with him until he changes into more normal clothes
  • Oikawa likes to place things juuust slightly out Iwaizumi reach just to piss him off
  • It works

I don’t need to be guilt tripped for being upset with Rick and his shitty behavior tonight. I don’t need to be guilt tripped for feeling heartbroken by my favorite character and show. That I’ve invested 3 years of my life in. I don’t need to feel guilt about critiquing Rick. About thinking he’s not the same, not the Rick I have grown to love and adore. I have a right to be pissed. I have a right to be upset. Not everyone can just think of this as nbd because Jessie will be dead soon or he’s projecting Lori onto Jessie or whatever else people are saying. It’s not that simple for all of us. I am allowed to think the kiss and the rest of Rick’s behavior was bullshit and character assassination. This does not make me any less of a fan for not blindly accepting and excusing my favorite character’s behavior. If I can even call him that anymore. The reason I am so upset is because of how much I love Rick Grimes in the first place. It’s not easy seeing your fave become something far from what you thought they were. Call me dramatic, whatever you will. When you grow attached to a character/show and feel strongly about them/it and use this fictional world you love so much as an escape and a happy place away from real life stress, it’s not easy to just get over it and move on and accept it when a character/world has been completely shit on, because oh it’ll get better eventually, whatever… Maybe I’m naive for investing so much in this. Maybe I’m pathetic, whatever, atm I don’t care. I’m gonna be upset and I’m gonna be angry and I’m gonna voice it. My feelings are real and valid. This is painful and this is not easy. Don’t you dare invalidate that.