i'll probably look at this tomorrow and throw up

home alone


Alyssa didn’t set up the alarm thinking that she didn’t really have anything to do and if Daena wasnted, she could wake her up. When she did wake up, she went looking for her friend but she wasn’t in her room or at any other part of the appartment s she picked up her phone. The blonde had abandoned her last night aand apparently she had done it again. “Hello?”

“Hey. Uhm, where are you exactly? I just woke up and there’s no one here.” Alyssa said trying to sound calm and not let her irritation show. “Oh, I’m at the airport.”

“Wait, what?” That made no sense. Their flight back home was tomorrow so why was her friend at the airport now? “Why are you at the airport?”

“Ed and I are heading off for a small trip. Isn’t it amazing? We just cae to the airport and picked a flight. To the Bahamas!” Alyssa couldn’t believe her ears. She was fucking leaving her in New York with a guy she knew for less than a week! “Are you fucking serious?” She asked her voice higher this time, “We’re leaving tomorrow. when are you going to get back?”

“Aly, I have to go we’re about to take off and the stewardess is giving me nasty looks. Don’t worry I’ll change our tickets to Tuesday probably.” She said before hanging up.

Alyssa balled her fists and tried really hard not to throw her phone at the wall. “Unbelievable! What the fuck is wrong with you? What am I? Fucking luggage?” Alyssa yelled at her phone even though her friend had hung up already. “Jesus f-” She stopped when she saw Galahad emerge from the hall.