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This doesn’t necessarily have to do with McHanzo, but I guess it sort of does? You’d think my mom would catch onto McHanzo since I talk about it so often, but no, that’s not the case. Instead, she’s latched onto Genyatta. Because every time I play Overwatch, she’s like, “Are you playing Genyatta?” and I have to explain that Genji and Zenyatta are separate characters, but she winds up forgetting right after I explain it. So, no point in that. 

One time, she was telling me how she told a friend of hers I play Overwatch and she mentioned to this friend, “I don’t know what she does on that game. It has to do with this Genyatta thing,” which made me scream, “MOM, YOU CAN’T JUST TELL PEOPLE ABOUT GENYATTA. THAT’S NOT A THING NORMAL PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT.” Somewhere in the world, a woman thinks Overwatch heavily focuses on something called Genyatta, and it is because of my mother.

She and my sister are on a lil’ road trip right now and headed back home, so they called to check up on me ‘cause I’m here all alone. My sister is trying to explain where they’re at, okay? She’s trying to talk to me like a normal person, when my mom suddenly shouts, “GENYATTA!” and I stopped talking to process the fact that as soon as my sister called me, my mother’s mind instantly went to Genyatta.

Apparently that’s how we’re greeting each other now, by shouting Genyatta. I help run a McHanzo blog with 10,000 followers and frequently talk about McHanzo, but all she brings up is Genyatta. Every time she sees me playing Overwatch, she brings up Genyatta. She doesn’t even know who Genji or Zenyatta are, she just knows that Genyatta is a thing. 

(In her defense, she’s brought up McHanzo once or twice, but that’s usually when she asks me if I’m “playing McHanzo or Genyatta” in the game.)

So, I’m a kazakh girl and I want to say a few words about YOI and Otabek Altin

I’ve seen so many russian characters in a foreign movies, TV shows, some anime series since childhood. And I ALWAYS rooted for them because in Kazakhstan you have a lot of russian channels on TV, you know russian musians, you buy russian books…So you really just feel that you are somehow connected with them and you can identify yourself with these characters. Our life in some countries of past USSR one way or another linked to Russia. Even though there are a few people who don’t know about our nations or sometimes can be mean to us (NOT all of them, of course, but I studied in Saint Petersburg, so I had my cases). Even though USSR no longer exists, Russia is still a huge, HUGE part of our lives.

But now I see a kazakh character in a freaking anime and he is cool and nice and he wants to be friends with this amazing Russian skater (who wants that too!) and I’m just…I’m so glad, guys.
I can finally say “representation matters” and can finally feel the whole power of this sentence.
Representation matters.

not to be dramatic but if the halcyon doesn’t get another series i’m gonna jump on a plane down to itv’s headquarters and kick someone’s ass. i have already suffered through the extremely unjust cancellation of home fires. at the time, i swore i’d never watch another itv drama again but when i heard about this show i decided to get invested. against my better judgement, i gave itv another chance not to let me down again and if they behave like money-grabbing assholes who value shitty reality shows and fucking piers morgan’s fucking stupid interview series over good dramas centring on women, queer people and people of colour i will be down at itv studios fucking committing murder

yoongi starved selling his tracks. 

namjoon threw away a secure future (with his iq, universities would have been eating out of the palm of his hand to enroll him).

don’t ever tell me bts is just idol rappers. when i see people in the khiphop scene especially refuse to acknowledge them, rage boils inside of me. because they give a shit. about the culture. about the actual art. and it fucking hurts from them. (since they’re hyungs and they respect them and struggled with what they’d become (awakening - rm) until they finally reached acceptance of their path out of love for their other members.) they’re not where they are just because they wanted fame and couldn’t sing. they live and breathe rap, and wanted to do it ever since they left high-school. 

they’ve struggled. and were so fucking brave. don’t ever have the audacity to disrespect that.

So I changed my template again, and actually really like it this time :) (I hope it doesn’t glitch hehe)

A question to you:

Can you tell me if my blog looks fine on your monitor? For all I know, my browser displays websites 1350 by 635 pixels, which looks accpetable:

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Thank you!! :) Have a great day!

i think what i really love about yuri on ice is that
it’s seemed to instil such creativity in the fan base??

like i’ve seen so many artists and edit makers and video editors and writers (myself included) start doing what they like doing again creatively by way of the yoi fandom and it’s just so nice to see that people have a spark of inspiration back after weeks or months or maybe years of not really being inclined to do anything creative. and not to mention the fandom is generally really supportive and active in terms of supporting peoples creativity so there’s a really great give and take vibe

this show has blessed us jfc


it  might  not  seem  like  it ,   but  I’ve  actually  deleted  a  bunch  of  replies .   I  deleted  some  memes  as  well .   I’m  sorry  but  it  was  stressing  me  out  to  the  point  of  me  not  even  wanting  to  write  in  this  blog  &  I  can’t  stand  it .   this  night  is  one  of  those  where  I’m  feeling  very  inspired  so  hopefully  I’ll  reply  to  some  of  these  &  queue  them .

Do you ever just stare at the clock and realize how much time you’re wasting but have zero motivation to do the things you’re supposed to be doing so you just kinda sit there feeling like you’re failing at life because yeah same

Soo….umm….happy Valentine’s Day guys  ❤ 
I don’t really post photos of myself, confidence lvl 0. 
But this is a special, kinda, ocassion. 

Hope you have a nice day and I love you all 
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

(oh and the look is based on Ulzzangs)

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